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Have you wondered if it's possible to build a MLM Business Online? I'll share my secrets with you.

 From: Jackie Ulmer, Lake Arrowhead, CaliforniaJackie Ulmer, MLM Trainer

Are you interested in having an understanding of how running an MLM Business Online really works? I've worked the internet exclusively in my business since October, 1999, and love this way of business building.

Many people told me it wouldn't work. I often heard – "This is a belly to belly business and you can't build a successful MLM business online."

Well, my results don't lie and neither does my bank account. If you are going to be coaching by someone claiming to know internet marketing, make sure you understand EXACTLY what they mean by that!

Here is what I do not mean by building my business online. It is not


  • Buying leads and plugging them into an auto responder. That can be done but that is not true internet marketing.

  • Expensive ads and banners all over the internet. Again, this can be done but it is not the methods I use.

  • Some downline building system built around hype and fear of loss. Again, this can be done, it's not what I do and I have personally never seen one that works for the long haul. It's a churn and burn, and that is not good for the masses.

  • Nothing more than a replicated site that looks like everyone else's.


My system of Internet Marketing includes –


  • A solid program that is affordable and has wide market appeal.

  • A personal blog/site that sells you first, company second.

  • Automated system for delivering information by email.

  • Training on many rock solid ways to attract people to you and your website. It's essentially about creating warm market in a different way – Attraction Marketing online!

  • Marketing Funnels through Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

  • One on One coaching on the personal website and steps to market online.

  • Team training site, support, coaching calls, resources.

  • One on One business planning sessions.


Watch my short video on why I took my MLM Business Online -


So, are you ready to know more about taking your business to the internet and/or a potential partnership together?

One thing that has really assisted me is that I learned and studied from some of the top marketers in both Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. You can get started with some of the basic training for free, which is what I did to get started.

Here are three or four resources I recommend -

MLM, the Internet and You - this is my detailed e-book on how I started building my business online in October, 1999, and developed a successful, multi-million dollar business. I'm here to tell you, it didn't happen for me overnight, so you won't hear me spouting off about how easy or quick it is, but it allowed me to build from home, with my children and family, and have prospects coming to me.


Or, consider Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business With Web 2.0 - This two part CD series covers the specifics of Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You'll learn to develop a Power Profile; Find People Interested in Your Business; and Develop a Strategy in 30 minutes to an hour a day, to work Social Media into your business!