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"Children are our greatest asset and our future. Their opportunity to reach their full potential relies heavily on the role of the parent, school and its community. Trust, transparency, respect, and accountability go hand in hand with the education process. The governing board should be a catalyst for ensuring a positive environment for our children to thrive.”

My Priorities and Commitments!

  • Parents are concerned about what is being taught and discussed in the classroom. Let’s open things up and create trust and transparency.

  • School Safety is on the mind of every parent in light of recent school tragedies. Making sure safety is a top priority must be taken seriously.

  • Parents are concerned about medical mandates and the negative consequences of the past 2+ years.

  • We’re losing good, quality teachers due to substantially lower pay the neighboring districts.

  • Falling academic achievement in Cave Creek Unified School District is alarming. I commit to working with teachers, administrators and parents to determine WHY and to implement changes to turn things around.


About Jackie Ulmer, for Cave Creek Unified School District

I’m Jackie Ulmer; wife, mom, business owner and community member.

My husband and I have been married for over 30 years. I have always been actively involved in my children's education. From parent volunteer in the classroom; PTA/PTO member; School Site Council member; and activity driver from Hockey to Tennis, I believe that parental involvement makes for stronger families and stronger schools.

And, a proud USMC Mom!

Parents Have the Ultimate Say

Today, education is a national news and kitchen table topic, and has become more about adults and politics than children.

This doesn't mean every district or teacher in the country is "guilty". Let’s open things up, with full transparency, ease those concerns and restore trust.

Let's set boundaries around what is taught at home, and what is taught in schools. Let's refocus on ACADEMICS. 

Keeping and Rewarding Our Teachers

Cave Creek Unified School District is losing good quality teachers due to substantially lower pay than surrounding districts. Let’s find out where money is available, or where we can procure it and fix this. High turnover rates have a negative impact on quality education (our children.)

School Safety

In light of recent events, school safety is a constant nagging worry. Do we have School Resource Officers? Are they well trained, with a strategic plan? Armed and ready? What’s the Cave Creek Unified School District discipline policy for ongoing offenders?

No Mandates

Studies have shown how Mask Mandates had a very detrimental effect on our children. Let parents decide what's best for their children.

Let's Focus on Academic Excellence

The purpose of Cave Creek schools is to academically prepare our children to become competent, responsible adults ready for the real world. Falling academic achievement in Cave Creek Unified School District is alarming. Let's determine what we must implement to turn things around. 

That's why I'm running. That's why I am asking for YOUR VOTE, November 8th, 2022!

Do you have a Question or Comment? Want to schedule a Meet and Greet?  Let's have a conversation.

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