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Killer Content, Copy and Sales Formula Vault

By this time next month, you'll be in Social Selling bliss! 

In the program, we cover:

  • Mind Drama, Comparanoia and Other People's Opinions (fear of judgement) that can keep you feeling stuck and playing small; and how to overcome it

  • We'll create your "Personal Manifesto", writing your stories and then add the sizzle that sells the steak - my exercise to accomplish this makes it so simple. It's practically fill in the blank, even if you think you can't write!

  • How to use your story of struggle to sell; your Mess is Your Message

  • We'll identify your Ideal Client Avatar and Identities, which make it much easier for you to speak to them

  • We'll fine tune your first writing draft and insert Emotional Language, Power Verbs and Action Words for putting the SIZZLE in your story and content

  • I'll share my vault of Headlines that create interest and sell

  • You'll get my 9 part email series - the exact one I used to create millions of dollars in product and program sales and sponsor a winning team AND, we will go through this, point by point so you “get” the psychology behind it

  • How to pull all of this content into a file to use over and over and over again on Social Media, in email and direct messages, on a blog and even face to face.

  • You'll have Lifetime access to the program, with updates and future live calls; and all calls are recorded and accessible to you

It's GO Time!

I'm so excited to assist you in creating your ticket to freedom through Social Selling. What I am sharing with you in this mentoring program is the exact formula, emails, and strategy that I used to create my multi million dollar business, AND sell products and programs in over 40 countries without leaving my home.

Learning to write good copy is the key to ongoing sales and freedom. And, notice I said LEARNED. It's not a skill most of us are born with but following this simple format, anyone can learn.

Heck, I did, and you can, too!

Good copywriting is just good communication, and good communication is what LEADS to good, ongoing sales.

It's what creates interest and engages your audience. Creates a tribe; a bond; and raving fans.

You will learn power verbs and words; we will transform your story into a masterpiece; you will start conversations via social media and see your following grow and thrive.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get you started!