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Street Smart Wealth Academy

It’s one thing to decide to start a Social Selling Business…

It’s something entirely different to have success and a consistent way to keep team partners and customers flooding in the door.

Let's create "Gangsta Money"!

What we cover in 4 Pillars:

Master Your Messaging and Success Language - Know How to Position Yourself, Your Client, Your Offer


  • You will learn the secrets of language and positioning to create interest and get your audience to lean in
  • You will learn and master the Authentic Sales and Closing process, so you feel calm, confident and no longer struggle with how to ask for the decision and get the sale - no more Selling "Ick" Factor
  • You will know how to create a world class client experience, retaining more clients, so you spend less time prospecting and build more referrals


Master Your Marketing Plan - Build a Complete Online and Offline Strategy


  • We will build and develop your "brand", which is the gateway to creating the rest of your marketing plan, online and offline
  • You will know exactly who your ideal client is and how to attract them to you 
  • You will know how to build your audience; nurture them; and create killer marketing copy that speaks to the heart, all done with consistency for growth
  • You will create systems so you know each day what your marketing strategy is, and you know how to execute it
  • You will know how to pre-sell your client before your call with them
  • You will know the primary social media platforms and how to effectively market in each


Master Your Time Management and Productivity - How to Become a Professional Entrepreneur


  • You will know exactly where to focus your time and energy to get the best results
  • You will learn to release resistance and excuses that hold you back; and build the discipline needed to succeed
  • You will know where your business is going and how to predict growth and profits
  • You will have systems and plans in place for every area of your business so you know the next step with each person in the process
  • You will know how to set your goals and achieve them
  • You will have accountability to keep you focused and on track
  • You will do all of this without feeling overwhelmed 


Master Your Mindset, Fears and Limiting Beliefs


  • You will learn how to take back control over your thinking
  • You will detox from negative self talk, comparanoia, procrastination and overthinking
  • You will create better relationships with your partner, your family, friends, team and most specifically, yourself
  • You will cleanse scarcity and fear based thinking from your life
  • You will know how to solve any problem or challenge for yourself
  • You will learn how to capture your big ideas and monetize them  

Regular Interactive Group Live Calls and Hot Seat Coaching Opportunities



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What Clients Are Saying:

Jackie Ulmer is the "real deal"! In 2010, I was looking for a Network Marketing Coach who built their business using Social Media. I hired her to coach me on what to focus on to build a strong foundational business using Social Media. She told me exactly what to do and what Not to do. It did take time and effort on my part, however, she helped me to create a strong foundation using Social Media. I recently re-hired her to help my son learn how to build a strong business and for me to now become a better coach. She is teaching me how to help others learn the basics of using Social Media, to grow and sustain a network marketing business built on Solid ground. I highly recommend her coaching for those who are ready to learn, apply and build a solid network marketing business using social media.

Kellie Hosaka, Hawaii

“Jackie Ulmer =  woman on fire!!! She’s probably the hardest working woman on the internet. I stumbled upon Jackie Ulmer in a network marketing magazine. Her story resonated with me so I decided to look her up online and what I discovered completely blew me away.  I immediately signed up for her coaching program. Her programs have everything and more to run a successful business online — not just in direct sales. Jackie lays everything out. She has done all the work for you, all you need to do is fill in the blanks. She shares her blueprint for success. Everything you will ever need is in one location. Her program is a MUST!  If you don’t achieve success after taking her course it’s because you didn’t do the work!  Thank’s Jackie and keep on #crushinit”

Margaret W

Jackie, with your coaching I increased my sales by over 50%; grew my email database by over 96% and averaged roughly 50% growth on my Social Media Platforms. Your training was life changing. I would have quit without it.

Jill H

I am loving this. I have learned/relearned so much about doing better in my business!!!! Need to get a bit of time to to write stuff out that I have been thinking about! Already seeing results!

Barbara S

I just got off my first one-on-one coaching session with Jackie Ulmer! Wow, I would highly recommend her program and one-to-one coaching; and together they make the perfect package! It was amazing! She was able to pin-point and actually customized my one-on-one training session to exactly what I was struggling with so we could come up with a tailored plan-of-action so that I could accomplish my goals, overcome my biggest challenges and take my business to the next level.

Marie H