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Learn the Proven Formula to Attract, Engage and SELL Without Annoying Family, Friends and Strangers

Would you like to:

  • Develop the right mindset and belief in yourself and what you offer
  • Create a Vision for your life and business that supports your time; your goals and your actions in your business
  • Know exactly who your ideal client is; what they want; and how your offer provides the solution they desire
  • Craft “Success Language” so you no longer feel “salesy” or “hypey”
  • Know what to say in every situation
  • Confidently share “what you do” when asked
  • Know how to Introduce and share your offer
  • Coach your prospects through objections and getting the sale
  • Solidify Your Business Growth Plan - how are you going to hit your goals
  • Learn, Master and get comfortable with the “Authentic Selling Process”
  • Develop a “sales cycle system” and effective follow up - you KNOW the fortune is in the follow up - now you’ll have an exact system to do this
  • Create Time and Productivity Management
  • Create an amazing client experience for more sales and referrals
  • Develop people and relationship skills
  • Move yourself to the next “comma” in your paycheck
Jordan Adler
Author “Beach Money” and 7-Figure Network Marketing Professional

Jackie Ulmer is the best of the best. She is not a ‘one hit wonder’. I worked side by side with Jackie at her first Network Marketing company as she grew a team of thousands. She went on to become a top leader our profession.She doesn’t just teach it . . . she’s a doer. She practices what she preaches! She offers one of the best ‘How To’ programs I have ever heard. It gives you the real strategies, steps and skills for succeeding as a professional network marketer. Her ideas will inspire you to take action. I highly recommend this one. Five Stars!!! 

Richard Brooke
Network Marketing Company CEO, Author of Mach II With Your Hair on Fire; The Four Year Career

The ripples of your servant leadership wave worldwide…. You are a gift to all who study you.







Margie Aliprandi

'Jackie Ulmer is an extraordinary trainer. She has created a significant network marketing income by using both online and traditional business building methods. She has a strong grasp on how to leverage social media in a very practical and implementable way. She is an excellent strategic teacher. It is said that the most inspiring people speak from the abundance of the heart. This is Jackie’s true ace in the hole. She is passion-filled and has enormous heart for this business and for people. It comes across in every word she says. I heartily recommend Jackie and her training.” 

Learn the Proven Formula to Attract, Engage and SELL Without Annoying Family, Friends and Strangers

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