BECOME A BETTER NETWORKER and Monetize Your Message

How to Turn Those Cards You Collect Into CASH At Networking Events

Does this describe you?

  • You need more leads and prospects for your business
  • You've heard Networking events are the way to go, but how?
  • You've gone to events, come back with a stack of business cards that get tossed on the desk, and you have no clue what to do next
  • They get shuffled from place to place, and finally either shoved into a drawer or dumped in the trash can.
  • You are nervous and don't know what you'll say
  • You wonder who should you be meeting; who are the movers and shakers



It's no secret that Networking Events WORK! Heck, if they didn't, then why are there so many of them? And, if they don't work, then how did BNI become such a huge International Brand, growing daily?

You may be thinking  - Yeah, but will they work for my business?!?!

If you have a business that relies on Leads, Prospects, Customers/Clients, Referrals or Team Partners joining your business, then Networking events WILL work for you.

IF - you know how to work them CORRECTLY!

What the WHAT? This works for any business? Yes, read on.


Whatever your business or product is, the reality is -

You Can't Build a Business Solely on the Backs of Family and Friends

So, you must create NEW Warm Market. All of us must!

I worked my business 100% ONLINE for over a decade, when I lived in a small mountain community without a stop light and certainly no real offline networking.

 When I moved to a bigger city at the beach, and my children were grown, I jumped back into the offline world of networking.

 And, I sold over $17,000 in products in a few short months as a DIRECT RESULT of NETWORKING offline.

 That doesn't include online sales or team building. That's just the face to face result of meeting people.


Here was the key though -

I learned and MASTERED a few key things -

One - I learned how to create a ROCK SOLID Commercial (elevator pitch, etc!)

Second, I learned how to "sell without selling!" (What the WHAT?!?!?! Yes, this can be done!)

Third, I perfected how to get my business in front of ALMOST ANYONE with just ONE key  question.

 Fourth, I became a MASTER at follow up and building relationships BEFORE the sale.

 Fifth, AND PROBABLY THE BEST PART - I mastered how to bring social media (Facebook and LinkedIn, specifically) into the equation and build MUCH faster relationships and create interest in ME and then my business.

 That's all it is - LEARNED skills.


Are you ready to create an endless funnel of prospects, customers, team partners and referral partners for YOUR business?

You are asking -

How Do I Become a Master Networker

What if you knew how to turn those business cards you collected into Cash?

Into business?

Into referrals for your business?

What if you could build a 98% referral business, just by making connections and building relationships?

Let me teach you how to be a

Street Smart Networker!

I used to go to Networking meetings and come home frustrated, even angry!

Why isn't anyone buying from me? How come no one is calling me? Is this a waste of time?

But, I kept attending and began to align myself with those who were also regulars.

I asked questions. I studied them, and I learned from them.

I made the decision to master this skill and create an endless source of prospects and referrals for my business.

I learned what to say; who to meet; how to follow up.

And how to use social media to expand my message, my brand and my impact to thousands who never even attended the event!

That's right. When you add social media into the mix, you extend your message and your time networking to amazing levels!

I want to teach you how to do all of this.

The Street Smart Networker training program includes over 45 modules to teach you everything you need to know to be a success!

Street Smart Networker

You'll learn:

Module 1 - Your Checklist and Roadmap to Success

  • How to develop the mindset for Networking Success
  • How to overcome the fears that many have about Networking
  • How to set expectations and what those expectations should be
  • Things NOT to do at Networking Events
  • How to handle business cards - yours and those you collect
  • How to Dress for Success
  • How to develop a stunning commercial that says - YES, take my money now!
  • How to set your Calendar up for Networking Success


Module 2 - What to do BEFORE the Event

  • How to Plan Your Follow Up
  • How to Create Success with your Social Media Profiles (What? YES, this is a big part of offline networking success, too!)
  • How to Find the Movers and Shakers and connect BEFORE the event
  • Simple Ice Breakers to make YOU more comfortable and create interest by others


Module 3 - Rocking the Event

  • How to use Social Media AT the Event
  • Who and How to Connect
  • Handling Food/Drink and Spinach in your teeth (Argh!)
  • Photos/Checkins and Friend Requests
  • The power in the right questions


Module 4 - Fantastic Follow Up - Become Unforgettable

  • What to do immediately after the event
  • Creating your Top 100 List
  • Social Media to build your brand
  • One on One Meetings
  • Becoming Top of Mind with Others with ongoing Follow up
  • The 10 Key Words to Get People to Meet With You Everytime


Bonus Modules

  • Social Media Savvy
  • Direct Sales/Network Marketing Tips
  • Sample Commercials for Different Professions
  • 5 Star Relationship Marketing Keys to Success
  • And, more!

 Heck, I attended one event a few months back that has put me in front of hundreds of new people offline, and thousands online. Not only have I made sales, but I've snagged two speaking gigs, too.

All from attending an evening networking event that I nearly talked myself out of attending!

If you are ready to become known as the "Go To" person in your area for your niche and profession, you must know how to be a Street Smart Networker!

You get unlimited LIFETIME Access!