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Jackie Ulmer, Online WAHM CoachFrom: Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing WAHM Coach and Online MLM Trainer, Lake Arrowhead, California


You've heard the buzz about people sponsoring others into their Network Marketing business with Facebook; Twitter; YouTube and other Social Media Marketing Tools, right? And you want to do it, too!


Here is what you want:


  • Qualified leads for your business
  • People who already "get" Network Marketing
  • Prospects who are expecting your call because they've been to your site
  • A method for generating leads 24/7

Here is what I teach:


  • How to get all of the above!


Do you have some questions you want answered?


Are you looking for more out of life? You know there is more to life than slaving away at a job you don't like; for a paycheck that barely covers the bills; for a boss you may not respect.


What is important to you in a business of your own? Are you skeptical about Network Marketing? Heard some things about someone who got involved in something and lost a ton of money?

We should talk, I was skeptical, too. It took me years to finally join my first MLM Business, and that was after a lot of research and education. You may find the answers you need here.



Since you are here, I am guessing you are searching for something. Perhaps you are looking for a business for the very first time. Or, maybe you have tried one or two, maybe more, and have not found that perfect fit yet. Possibly, you have tried many things, been promised the moon, and have come away empty handed and with a lighter checkbook?


Does this sound like you?


If you have ever wondered if it is possible to build a successful MLM / Network Marketing business online, read on. Relax, I am going to present some fresh, new ideas.



This is NOT your father's Network Marketing business.





Tell me if this has happened to you -

You've been excited by the possibilities of an MLM Business, maybe even been involved before, only to find that the promise of how simple it is to make a fortune in this type of business was nothing but hype

You've signed up, started to build a team and quickly found that the $180-300 auto-ship requirements don't leave most people with enough money left over to actually market the business, and so most people quit within the first 2 months

Your sponsor makes great promises before you sign up, and then you never hear from him/her again

The company changes the compensation plan and the bonus requirements on you after you get started

What if you could find a Network Marketing - MLM business that really works and someone willing to teach you how to build it? What if you could learn to build it using the tools of the internet along with some powerful ways offline that work? You know it works, you just haven't figured it out yet! What if I would teach you?


Jackie Ulmer, Online MLM Business Training ExpertIn January 1994
, I began my home based, network marketing business. Today, using this powerful tool called the Internet, I have taken my business online. I build a large part of my business from home, using the Internet and my telephone.  Click here to read my story.


Would you like to do the same?


By the time you go through my site completely you will - understand what MLM is (and isn't); know more about the tools, resources and coaching I use and offer; and know enough about my experience and my background to know that I am being honest and upfront with you, and willing to teach you what I know. Whether you want MLM Training or are looking to join me in a MLM Business Opportunity, you'll find what you need here.




“Jackie Ulmer is the best of the best. She is not a ‘one-hit wonder.’ I worked side by side with Jackie at her first network marketing company as she grew a team of thousands. She went on to become a top leader our profession. She doesn’t just teach it—she’s a doer. She practices what she preaches!

 Her ideas will inspire you to take action. I highly recommend this one. Five Stars!!”

Jordan Adler, Beach Money Author

"Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of listening to Jackie Ulmer do a presentation knows why top trainers call her one of the most dynamic stars in the entire network marketing industry! She continually WOWS everyone with her dynamic Internet marketing, a system that is not only super-duplicable but enables her to grow a SIX figure income from home in her "spare time!"

Imagine this: Working from home, relaxing in your blue jeans, making great money, being your own boss and no rush hour traffic. You are the CEO of your own online, home MLM business and you make money online from home.

So, how do you do this, and where do you fit in?

You may be asking if working from home and having a successful Network Marketing or Direct Sales business means bugging all of your family and friends, going to boring, weekly hotel meetings and repeated coffee-shop no-shows!

Many people will show you how to sign on the dotted line, and start your own business. Others will use hype and unrealistic claims to draw you in. Not here.


"THANK YOU SO MUCH for the OUTSTANDING internet training you emailed over a few days ago "Profit in Your PJs." It was so EXCELLENT; I am so excited. Finally, a great teacher to learn from! You make everything so clear. I appreciate your training's so much - I can really understand them and learn from them. "

Kathy A.

This system will teach you exactly what you need to do to be successful. Doesn't it make sense that you should be coached and trained by a team that has already made millions both offline and through the Internet?

And, my credentials are documented. Learn more about this when you read my story!

So, the next question is why are you here? What are you looking for? Are you looking for a business? Already have a business but need some support, resources and guidance?

Choose where you want to start (See Navigation Bar at Left or below) and let me know if you have questions -

Let me ask you a question. Honestly, do you enjoy the work that you do and are you satisfied financially?

Are you committed to working from home and changing your life?


If you could build a business, from home, without bugging all of your family and friends, and tap into the power of the internet, would it be worth a few minutes of your time to find out the details?

If you want more, I invite you to explore your options with this system to create what you really want from life.....

Your next step is to find out more about how I do this and how you can, too!


Where do you want to go?


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