The 3 People YOU ARE In Your Network Marketing Biz

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3 People You Are In Network Marketing

You Have Three People With You in Your Network Marketing Business

When you launch a network marketing business, you bring 3 of yourself into the business - the past you; the current you; and the future you.


The good news is the future you can be anyone you want, if you create you!


The bad news is, your past you is running the show, now and into the future if you aren’t careful. Here’s how to shift your thoughts and actions and show up as who you need to be to get where you want to go.


Here’s what’s up with you, you’ve launched your network marketing business, and you’re so excited. You can’t wait to drive the big fancy car, live in the big exciting home. Before that even, you’re excited about having money to pay for kids braces, gymnastics and karate and not have to ask permission to do certain things and take money out of the family budget.


The problem is, now that you’ve launched the business, you’re staring at your phone, you’re staring at your computer screen, you’re staring at that list of names that you’ve written down, and you’re not entirely sure what to do with it.


You’re excited, but now you’re worried about what other people are going to say, what they’re going to think, what their opinions are.


And, it has you feeling stuck.


Here’s where the challenge is:


When you start your network marketing business, and honestly in anything you do in life, there are three people that enter into the room, or situation.


There’s the past you.


There’s the current you.


And there’s the future you, the person you most want to become.


The biggest challenge lies in the fact that it’s the past you that’s running the show right now. Everything you’ve experienced up until now is running on old Scripts in your mind. 


And if you don’t focus on managing your mind, managing your thoughts, getting in touch with your feelings and emotions, then choosing the more positive thoughts and feelings you want to have, chances are you’re going to stay stuck in your old story.


When you’re stuck in old stories from the past, there is a tendency to think things over and over and over again. We think them, we come up with a negative thought, which creates a negative feeling. 


We don’t like the idea of experiencing that negative feeling. We have a tendency to think, run a negative story from the past, over and over and over again, reaffirming to ourselves what we believe the outcome is going to be; re-creating fears, anxieties, and assuming that the result will be negative.


Here is what must happen:


You must begin to find self acceptance. Self acceptance of the past you, self acceptance of the current you, so that you can move yourself to become the person you want to be and your future self. And, find acceptance there.


Life is 50/50 and will never be 100%. You will work on acceptance every day of your life. We all do.


We look at other people who have the success that we want, and we look at what it is that they’re “doing.”


So we put up a blog, we create blog post, we shoot videos, we post on social media, we follow and follow and follow people, engaging and commenting on their post. 


But, nothing really seems to change. Our results are stagnant. We don’t seem to grow our business.


We ask - “What’s wrong with me?”


It typically comes back to that old story of the past and limiting beliefs that you’re carrying with you, affecting the current you, and then the future you; who you want to become.


The past you consists of everything that you’ve experienced, both good and bad. All of us have this. The good and bad of the past. 


Every top income earner, every person who has the type of success that we want, has experiences both negative and positive, just as you’ve had. 


They’re different experiences, but they’ve had negative experiences, and they have intentionally chosen to work through it and leave the past where it belongs, not carrying it into the present, or the future.


Let’s do a “story shift” for the current you. Let’s begin to work on that self acceptance.


Get out a piece of paper, or your Thought Download Journal, and begin to write about your past. Set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes, and just free flow write about everything you remember from your past both good and bad. 


We’ll start with the good.


We have a tendency to always default to the negative, and it can often overwhelm us and prevent us from ever getting to the good. 


Think back to every good experience you can remember.


Maybe it was something from early childhood, your first day at school, going to a dance, getting elected in student council, scoring a touchdown that won the game, you know what those great experiences are.


Think about your wedding day, the birth of your first child, second child.


A new job that you loved, a promotion that you got, a kind word that somebody said to you; a teacher who made a difference.


Just free flow write all the good stuff.


Now, let’s look back on the past and begin to write our feelings about those positive experiences. How did you feel?


Repeat this with negative memories and experiences. Just write your thoughts.


Now, review the list, and write out your feelings; emotions. How you felt about what happened.


Then we’re going to spend some time analyzing each one of the positive experiences and the negative experiences.


You may be thinking at this point, this is taking too long. Just give me the right script to say to people that’s going to bring them into my business. Or, get them to buy from me.


I’m sorry, but I know from over 26 years in the network marketing profession, and owning my own business, it doesn’t work that way. 


I can give 100 people the same names list, and the same script, and they’re all going to have vastly different results.


It comes down to mindset.


We have to spend some time to create self acceptance of the past you, accepting both the positive and negative that you’ve experienced. Then, you can stop bringing those old stories and those limiting beliefs into present day.


Once you’ve done that for the past you, you can begin to look at thoughts that you’re having around your current situation. Maybe it’s starting a conversation with people about your business.


You’re stumped by what to say to start the conversation about your business. You read over the company Scripts, but they just don’t really resonate with you the way you feel that they should.


When you look at that list of who you have to call, look at the script, focus on how you feel. What feeling do you have and where do you feel it in your body. Describe that feeling and put an emotion to it, put a name to it.


Now think about something from your past and does it relate are you somehow are leading the current situation to a negative experience that you had in the past. Maybe it was when you spoke up about something and everybody looked at you like you were crazy, and you felt ashamed and humiliated.


Whatever it is if you spend enough time with this your brain is going to give you those Thought Downloads on what it is you’ve stored in your subconscious mind and it’s still there, affecting the current you.


Your current you is who will take you to your future self.


Who must you become to achieve what it is that you want to achieve? I want you to think about that on purpose.


Again begin to do a new thought download on who that person is that you have to become.


What do they look like? Not their personal physical characteristics, but how do they come across. Do they appear to be confident; well spoken; sure of themselves, in control, and in charge?  A leader?


What are the action steps that they do on a daily basis? How does their day run, both personal and business. 


What type of morning routine do they engage in.


What does their work day look like? How do they balance and spend time with their family? How do they manage to get it all done, and have the success that you’re after?


Remember, you probably have no real clue what their life is like, but they have mastered a few things to get where they are. We are focused there. 


Write all of this down. You must get clear on who you need to become.


Straight talk - our thoughts don’t shift overnight. 



Have you ever had a situation where you truly created a breakthrough in your life? Perhaps it was around health and fitness. 


You’ve heard me share my story of my 10,000 steps commitment on a daily basis, and how that literally changed my life. It allowed me to create focus, commitment, and consistency in a whole lot of other areas of my life. 


After about three months of 10,000 steps daily, I looked in the mirror and said I want to tone my body better. I want to get back to my 30, 40-year-old body and how it used to look and feel. And I truly believed it was possible. By just simply making daily shifts.


I committed to a daily work out with weights, yoga, or stretching along with my walking for 10 to 15 minutes. I figured that 10 to 15 minutes was going to go by anyway, I might as well force myself to do the thing that I really was avoiding and didn’t want to do. 


It was nothing more than procrastination, boredom, just Plain ole resistance to wanting to do what I knew needed to be done to achieve the goal.


I committed to it, and didn’t look in the mirror for two months. And, two months into it I was amazed at the shift that was beginning to happen in my body, I started getting comments, first by my husband, then by my neighbors, and then other people who could see the obvious shift that was happening.


The interesting thing is I didn’t change up anything other than that I did begin to make better choices in terms of eating. I’ve been mostly a clean eater, but I’m like anyone and can dive into a plate of nachos with no hesitation.


So I started getting very intentional with my day, and disciplined myself to eat sloppy only occasionally. And then clean it back up.


What I realized is that it was about intentional thinking, analyzing my thoughts when I really wanted to reach for that bag of chips, versus the cucumbers and hummus. I knew that if I could analyze my thoughts, pay attention to the temptation and urge that I was having, I could work myself through the negative emotion of thinking “ I don’t want to make a healthy choice, I just want to eat chips and salsa.”


It’s a choice, every single day, and the story from the past typically tells us “oh do what makes you feel good.”


But when you get intentional with your thinking, and you learn to hesitate before you just react and make a choice that’s not truly the one that you want, you can work yourself through any feelings of urge, or emotion that leads you down the path to want to make the wrong choice.


Now imagine this in your business. You have that list in front of you, you have your goals and vision, and now you’re going to reach out and start talking to people. 


You want to make sure that you’re using good success language, and all of the tools and training that I teach in the Street Smart Wealth Academy. Know who your ideal client is, what their challenges and obstacles are, and how to word and position that in a way that gets them to lean in and allows you to share in a way that doesn’t feel overly sales oriented, or hype filled or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.


We ask “what’s the worst that could possibly happen to me? What’s the worst feeling that I could get after I make this phone call? And finally can I survive that emotion?"


The trick is to turn around that negative thought about what’s the worst that could happen, and ask yourself what’s the best possible outcome that I could experience through this?


When you shift your thought process in that way, it creates a whole new vibrational level within your body. And you show up more confident, more in control, more in charge and and have more authority to be listened to.


Tiny shifts, done over and over and over again. Daily thought downloads, done over and over and over again.


Analytical processing of the thoughts that we have on a daily basis.


There is nothing wrong with setting a goal and not achieving that goal. It’s the testing and training that you do that helps define that business muscle, that work ethic, that commitment to the consistency of going after your goals.


So remember it’s 100% in your control to shape your business muscle. It’s challenging work; the thinking intentionally… And that’s OK. We know it’s what takes us to our goals.


Be willing to give yourself the time, meaning go slow at first, pause, be purposeful, and get rid of the urge to go fast and just do, produce, and not experience the shift that you really want.


In real time, process your thoughts. Allow them, except them, analyze, process them. And then ask yourself "what do I believe is possible? Are these stories from the past true? What does it mean about me if they are true? What action does it cause me to do or not do when I think these thoughts? And who would I be if I let go of that thought, that feeling, and that belief?”


When you spend time either meditating, or just having a few moments of silence to think about and visualize where you want to go in your business just start specifically with the words “I am.”


I am.


Just think that to yourself and allow whatever words to follow it to come in. Avoid labels, label serve no one, I am. And just feel the essence in just being a person


I am human.


I am in this moment.


I am growing, learning, and expanding.


We have a tendency to want to cram our affirmations full of things that in our mind we don’t truly believe yet.


I am a millionaire. 

I am wealthy.

I am at my ideal weight.

I am a star fleet commander, top income level earner with my company.


The jump that we would have to make to believe that thought, keeps us stuck and ultimately experiencing negative emotion around it. Because the reality of it is we just don’t believe it.


I am growing, learning, and expanding to become my best self.


Start by thinking on purpose, start with thoughts about you.


When you don’t believe a thought, the brain shifts and the body tightens.


Try it for yourself. Think of thought that you don’t really believe about yourself. What goes on in your brain, how does your body begin to shift and how does it tighten and feel?


Remember to always remind yourself this “there’s no feeling or emotion I can’t survive.”


Remember the three of you that you bring into any situation, including your network marketing business.


There’s a past you. Develop some self acceptance around your past, and create some self love too. 


You aren’t responsible for everything that happened to you, but you are responsible for how you allow it to dictate your future. 


You control your thoughts, you control your feelings moving forward into the future. 


It’s important to allow yourself to process and feel those feelings from the past if you haven’t ever fully done that. You can survive anything. You can survive revisiting that if nothing more than just to allow that feeling to enter your body and pass. Most feelings pass within 90 seconds, but we have a tendency to try to push them away and we never get past them. 


So that feeling, that negative emotion, gets stuck in our brain, and it gets stuck in our body and it creates all types of negativity over time as it remains there.


Your past self needs some love from you; some acceptance and some encouragement to move forward to the current you.


So let’s talk about the current you. In that thought download who are you showing up as now you don’t wanna be? Work on those thoughts, work on those feelings and begin to shift that.


And then there’s the future you, who you are becoming, and who you want to become. Write out those characteristics of who that person needs to be, who you need to become to achieve what it is that you want. Always ask yourself WWFSD - what would future self do?


At some point you’ll be able to merge all three people together into ultimately who you are currently and that’s who you will step into in the future, and then remember your future self is always growing and being worked on as well.


I hope that helps, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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