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Lies We Tell Ourselves About Social Media


Social Selling Myths and Lies


There are a lot of myths out there about what sells, succeeds and gets noticed online, in the Social Platforms.

Let's dive in to the questions that most often come to me and what I really wanted to clarify for you in terms of the lies of social media.




Social Media Platforms Make My Content Available to Everyone

All of My Friends see it

They will let me know if they are interested.

I don't want to bug people.

I have to always create new content.

I don't need a blog, website or email list.


I've been a social seller since October of 1999 before social selling was even a thing before that was even known I took my network marketing business online way back then.


I had no clue what I was doing but I caught the vision of the type of leverage that can be created for me and my team.



By creating content marketing myself out in a way that would create interest with my ideal clients now here's The...

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Confused About What it Means to Give Value on Social Media

How to Give Value in Network Marketing

WE hear it over and over again - you’ve got to give value.


What does that mean, really?



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

Here is what it is NOT - it is not about sharing nothing but facts, figures and how tos!


We all know how to lose weight, basically.


Eat less and move more. There is no shortage online of recipes, menus, fad diets, workouts, shredded abs in 15 days and so on.


Value comes best through shared experiences.


Common themes and ideas.


Struggles and successes.


Being part of the tribe.


Do you know who your tribe is?


Do you know what their struggles and fears are?


What keeps them awake at night?


Do you speak that to them over and over in your content? So they know you see them.


You know them.


You get them.


You can help them.


Want to learn how to identify your tribe and write powerfully and strategically to...

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Power Words in Your Content Creation

Understand the Psychology Behind Compelling Words and SALES

There is a psychology behind sales and those who thrive at selling, converting, signing up team members and growing their business have learned it, even if they don’t realize they have.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

I was taught by a brilliant copy writer to remember that - People are bored out of their minds and looking for entertainment and things to brighten up their day. Entertain them and they will pay attention and share your content.


You may think that’s great for everyone else but you are not a great writer.


Well, that’s another learned skill. You may not ever become Shakespeare, but you can jazz up your writing.


Power words are a great way to do this.


For starters, the word YOU is always at the top of the list. Your audience doesn’t care about you first and foremost, they care about themselves. So use the word YOU more than I or me.


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Everything You Need to Know To Sell on Social

Do You Struggle With Stare, Compare and Despair on Social Media

Are you struggling to monetize your time on Social Media? To sign new clients and team partners? This show is for you!

I’m Jackie Ulmer, a top earning, award winning expert, helping Network Marketers, coaches and mentors make money, without annoying their family, friends or strangers, and build a thriving social selling business.


I’ve sold products and services, and built teams in over 40 countries without leaving my home. If this gal can do it, with no formal training to begin with, so can you.


Stop right now and grab my Content Formula - http://KillerContentFormula.com




You’ll have access to my 9 part email series that created a million dollar business, and I’ll walk you right through how to use it to create everything you need on Social Media!


Maybe you are like many, suffering from "Stare, Compare and Despair" when you try to figure out what to say...

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Are Spammy Direct Messages Killing Network Marketing


Is Social Selling Suffering From Bad Direct Message Syndrome?

You’ve probably seen them, maybe even sent them, and they may be killing network marketing and furthering the low opinion some have of our profession.


I’m talking about those spammy DMs and the system being taught by some “leaders” in our profession.




If your upline is telling you to just get more followers, that is NOT the solution.


If your upline is telling you just to copy, paste and DM everyone you know  - that IS a problem.


That’s why we are spending time today on the topic of spammy DMs, and this strategy being taught by some.


Let me start by answering the question - does it work?


The short answer - Yes, sometimes it certainly does. Most times, it does not.


It’s not a long haul best practice strategy. There is a time and place for DMs, and I’ll cover that and the how tos.


Have you ever received...

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Push Vs Pull Marketing in Social Selling


Become the Hunted Not the Hunter in Social Selling

What is the difference between Push and Pull Marketing? How do we not become that annoying person online with our friends and family and connections?


We build our brand, following and clients by attracting people to us. That is Pull Marketing, where we attract others to us through the fun, value, educational, entertaining content we share online.


Pull Marketing is Attraction Marketing, and the ideal way to grow your business, and your tribe, creating new warm market online.


Push marketing is when you are constantly pushing your marketing at people.


Offline, it is stuffing your business card into the hands of others, along with brochures and information about what you are selling. Billboard and magazine marketing is also push marketing, but we expect it in media content forms.


Online, we can get more annoyed as we don’t expect people, our family and friends to be constantly pushing their...

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Email Marketing for Your Network Marketing Business


Is Social Media Enough or Do You Need an Email List?


You've  probably heard it before - the Money is in the Follow Up.

And, Follow Up is so much easier with a list!



Are you a Social Seller? This would be anyone who is using digital tools to creates leads, team partners and make sales.

Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Party Plans, Coaches, Authors, etc.

Why NOW, more than ever, Email matters for your Direct Sales/Network Marketing Business!

I interview Jena Bagley of Aweber, covering some Tips and Tools, and why I have personally had an email list since 2000.

Jena and I met on Clubhouse and now run a regular room on Best Email Marketing Practices.

We cover:

The risks of relying ONLY on Social Media as your business platform

How to combine the two for the best results

Lead Magnets or "Freebie" as a tool

Landing Pages

Best Practices to Build Know, Like and Trust With Your Email List - the power in stories!

Calls to Action (CTA) Example of mine - ...

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Clubhouse for Network Marketers

Clubhouse NOW for Network Marketing is First Mover Advantage

Okay, I confess, I have a new addiction. Yes, it’s clubhouse.


But, it’s more than an addiction because it is already monetizing.


New clients, lots of connections and conversation and I know more conversions are coming,


Better than that - I know more win wins are coming because I know I am able to help these struggling network marketers thrive on social selling without annoying family friends or strangers.


Let’s talk about Best Practices and the BASICS for Clubhouse - for Network Marketers



First, follow me - @jackieulmer

Steps to Stay in Touch and up to date on my Rooms and Trainings


Click my photo, tap follow, tap the bell, and this will make my trainings visible to you and more accessible.


First, let’s talk about Clubhouse overall; why NOW it the sweet spot to be here and build your presence; best practices and then set up your profile...

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How to Monetize Social Media for Network Marketing


How to Monetize Social Media for Your Network Marketing Business

If you’re struggling to monetize your Social Media efforts, it could be you are missing the whole point of Social Media.


It’s not to SELL, although selling does take place.


It’s to create connection, conversations and then conversions will follow.


Tell, don’t sell.




Share who you are; why you do what you do; what your passions are and how you serve.


If you feel like your story doesn’t matter; that no one will listen; you simply need a mind shift.



Transcript (With Errors)

We're going to talk about how to monetize social media, because of course.


Especially in light of the last year living with the pandemic and quarantines and shutdowns and shelter in place.


People are asking that question, and I know that, while i'm in the US, where things are a little more open in a lot of areas.


I have clients in the UK...

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Why Does Writing Content Seem Like Such a Struggle

Creating Social Media Content Does Not Need to Be Hard

Has this ever happened to you? You stare at your screen and keyboard for an hour, spinning your wheels, trying to figure out what to write on your social media.


You keep hearing - add value…. what the heck is value, anyway?



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


You think, write, edit, delete, and repeat the process.


You know it’s gotta be done, writing content for social media. but what? What that doesn’t just fill dead space and get nothing back


It seems so overwhelming and time consuming.


Content calendars; prompts - none of that is working and it looks like everyone else’s stuff.


Boring and generic.


Copy and pasting from other company leaders feels awkward, because it doesn’t sound like you, and you feel like a fake.


Writing good content is about selling you…your story…and your value. Not your products or...

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