Succeeding Through Thick and Thin In Network Marketing

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succeeding through thick and thin in Network Marketing

Margie Aliprandi's  Global Empire in Network Marketing

She Built A Global Empire Through Thick and Thin


When bad times show up in a Network Marketing company, many people don’t stick it out. This woman persevered through some very challenging product failures and more, and it has really paid off.



Today, I am thrilled to be interviewing 7 figure earner and network marketing success story, Margie Aliprandi.


Margie is living proof that it pays to stay and be persistent. With over 26 years in the same company, she has weathered many storms, from product failures and mishaps, comp plan and company management changes, losing entire leadership legs in her group, and yet has gone on to be hugely successful.


Margie Aliprandi truly is a self-made multi-millionaire focused on lifting others to millionaire status.

It is her purpose, passion and joy to help people bring forth their inherent greatness and leverage it into abundance.

From a lifetime of teaching, entertaining and mentoring, she brings big ideas and evidence-based solutions to her work as entrepreneur, author, trainer and speaker on personal development, optimal health and longevity, and peak financial achievement.

She was one of my mentors early on, long before I ever met her, or shared a stage with her. Today, I am proud to call her not only my mentor, but a friend. I was thrilled to spend time with her in her home, as part of her book launch for How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want: In Six Practical, Doable, Time-Tested Steps



Once you have tasted flight you will forever walk your earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. Leonardo di Vinci



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How to Get Absolutely Anything – by Margie Aliprandi – an amazing blueprint for getting what you want!

Margie Aliprandi’s Site


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Margie Interview Transcript

Jackie: So Margie thank you so much for agreeing to be here. I know our listeners are going to get true value out of everything that you have to share from your rich background experience.

Margie: Thank you Jackie it’s always wonderful to work with you. I love doing these talks with you.

Jackie: what I love it as well. So before we go into your background , do you have a favorite success quote to share with the listeners?

Margie: I have so many favorite quotes, one that is especially I guess touching or resonating with me right now is Leonardo da Vinci quote, and it goes like this: once you have tasted flight you will forever walk your earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. And I think what I love about that and the network marketing is that, wherever we are in our business building phase or stages of achievement, very beginning you know middle-management, or at the top of the game plan, we all have those moments when we really grasp the possibilities. And I love that I love the analogy of having tasted flight, because they’ve been and there you always long to return. When you once get a sense of the possibilities and you begin to see this business world it is so exhilarating that, you know it gives you a clarity and a perspective that will drive you forward and keeps your eyes turned skyward.

Jackie: I love that quote it’s one of my favorites too , and a lot of my reason for loving it has to do with my background in the airline industry and loving to travel and loving to fly I love how you correlated that with our profession that’s amazing. Yeah isn’t that funny. I think I just posted that quote actually like in the last couple weeks I posted that on Facebook so it’s pretty funny that you came up with that.

Margie: really oh that’s great I like it I like it.

Jackie: let’s look little bit of your background before network marketing where you career-oriented. I know your mom to us about that?

Margie: when I found network marketing or better I should state when it found me, I was single and I had three children. I had been staying home with the kids and raising them and doing, for work I was doing some part-time acting, and television commercials, voice work and so forth that could be great and paid really well but it was also sporadic. It involved auditioning and being selected. Sometimes there’s a lot of work and sometimes you get donations and sometimes he wouldn’t. But it was enabling me to stay home with the kids and then being single and wondering how I was going to make the house payment, I started weighing my options what do I do. Do I have to go back teaching junior high school music, which I did not want to do. But at some point I thought that was probably a very stable wise thing to do because it would provide me albeit with a pretty meager, it would be a consistent income. And I grew up in Utah so I was really familiar with the business model of network marketing, and had not been as strategically specifically… But for some reason you know right time, right place, right need right product really. I signed a teaching contract I was going to go back in teaching in September and about three weeks before school started I came upon this product that I was so passionate about and I said oh my gosh if there was ever anything that I can talk to anybody anywhere about it would be this product.

So I made a decision to cancel the teaching contract and to jump in with both feet into a business that I had no idea how to maximize our house even do it. And I had three little kids and I had no money and it’s interesting that now in 26 years of building a really significant global team, that I find people will use any of those three as an excuse and I had all three. Well I don’t know this business I don’t know what to do, I don’t have any money, and I’ve got kids… I can’t possibly. My kids and my desire to give them a good life and to be with them not be away from them during their growing up years was the thing that really compelled me to make the decision, and I just fell in love with the business model really fast. Like I really once I saw it, I got it. And fell in love with it so I guess you could say and the rest is history.

Jackie: Yeah isn’t it so how did you find it, did a friend call did you see a billboard

Margie: actually the way that it went down… Somebody that I didn’t even know called and left a voice message on my answering machine talking about a product, and I had just been a paid spokesperson for this very type of the product, and I loved it. I really got wrapped up in it even as I was doing all of those video work for this company was going to use my material, I thought you know if I could ever sell anything it would probably be that. And so when this voice came over and answering machine talking about this particular product and we want to find a company that want to take this product, I grabbed it like, I really need to have a conversation with this person. But we ended up doing was finding a company that wanted to bring this product in and along with it came me and a handful of another people that really want to sell that product that we found the company to take it, and I’ve been with that company now for 26 years.

Jackie: so did you did you take massive action then, did you do the typical make your list, how do you launch the business?

Margie: I did take massive action. Because I was in that situation of immediate need you know like needing to make this work yesterday, but also because I was very passionate I fully believe that this product you’re selling is going to be in every home in America and me and my team we were going to sell it. We were going to get rich know question about it. So my vision was big I saw the value in the product I think everyone would say yes and I was right. People were saying yes. I started by having a small gathering my home and the first one four people came to people joined me the next of that, I thought these are good ratios 50% that’s good that’s good and next week I could troop of my effort, invited or times as many people and no one came at all. I took myself the movie. So just kind of stumbled my way really in the beginning because the company was small, their words and really anyone to mentor me I did a tradeshow, up to the trade show meant someone that would be a superstar in our profession and was wonderful to work with. And you know just kind of started mission with me spend a lot of time on the phone, we built it sort of belly to belly. There were times and I would do 2 to 3 home presentations. They were business oriented though they had a product focus, they were very much about making money, and capitalizing on the timing of this product and its niche and creating wealth and creating passive income.

So what was product driven it was very money opportunity focused and people got it. It was a really a product more for women way more than men but I had as many men selling the product is women because the opportunity was appealing to everyone. So home presentations and yes absolutely, I have tribute so much of where I am today to the fact that I took massive action like crazy in those early days, and I’m still being paid today onward attended 26 25 24 years ago because I gave it that really intense burst of energy, and I think that it pays dividends to be able to do it that way. You know every time I share this massive action piece… A lot said about letting your first several months or first two years whatever be that massive action time, but you can declare a massive action time at any time. You can embed in your business for eight years and you hear this call or another call something happens in your life and you just say now is my time. Now is the time for me and today I make the declaration this is my time this is day one. And then you just moving the massive action, and that begins your massive action story. So that can happen at any stage in your business.

Jackie: that’s great advice, that’s such great advice. So you started off with massive action, were you a success right of off the bat, or did you just continue to have success forever. Did you have some challenges and obstacles?

Margie: oh that’s a long question. That may see second give you the quick version. I did have some immediate success but because I was putting myself out there so much it felt like I was having plenty of not to… Because you know in the beginning there ratios of yes the nose is not as strong it gets as you growing your confidence and you understand and just become more compelling as you get better and believe more. And in the beginning yet there a show was fun but later on. My you know my story is that in the beginning because I didn’t have any money I was be driving to California.

One time I was driving to Louisville I couldn’t afford hotels, I was sleeping my car, in hotel parking lots and getting dressed in the restrooms of gas stations and kind of doing whatever it took to make it happen. And driving across the country for a promised gigantic group and having it be a small group. Have a handful of people put their hands up and say yes and adjust working with those people and driving and doing all the things that were starting to become intuitive to me. And the teaching persistence and supporting the team and, within a year I was making more money in a month and I could have made in a year teaching school. There are plenty of challenges in between think of times I doubted myself etc. etc. but there was enough success along the way because I had so much action going on there was activity going on, that there was enough success to sustain me.

And after that certainly they were challenges early on. The company changed its name and they required everyone to sign a new agreement, and my teams went from 20,000 to 10,000 overnight. That kind of feels, even though it’s 10,000 obviously that’s still a lot of people I felt like I was starting from scratch in a lot of ways. And we were a young company. So there were times when it was three steps forward, five steps back for sure in those early days.

But I held onto my original vision once I had a team had felt a lot of commitment to my team and so I just whether the challenges and there you have it.

Jackie: you know there is one story that you shared that I love to have you share again about you know traveling and traveling and sometimes having nobody show up and just having one person and thinking it’s not going to go anywhere. What you had one person who showed up one time at a meeting we didn’t think was going to join who went on to do huge things. Would you share that?

Margie: yes… I have an addendum and PS to the story that is so rich. I think the story that you’re referring to is this meeting that I was doing in New York is that right… And the details around that is that. First of all I was intimidated to death to be going to New York to do a meeting like that felt like really big time, I’m from Utah. So even going to a big city like that going to do a presentation felt a little bit daunting. But further still, I’m making money now I can afford to stay in hotels , I can take cabs I still do whatever I want now, but my cab driver got lost on the way at the meeting so I arrived about 35 min. late to a really impatient and irritated crowd.

And I gave a presentation anyhow, just you know sorry for being late and here is a little bit about the company, here’s about the product, here’s about our vision and where were going. And here’s about the CO MP plan how you get paid,. So this fits with the timing in transit, and anyone wants to talk to me, please reach out to me afterwards. and my main objective I thought the meeting was a flop for sure. My main objective was to get out of there. At the end of the meeting direction just came up to me and told me that she was going to take this to Russia. And it was at this point, it was shortly after the break… And I at that point I never got excited by people’s words. I just wish it for their actions that would support… Woo hoo I am going international.
Margie: I just would tap them on the back and say, you know yeah let me know how I can help you. So within a matter of a couple of months I started noticing these names on my printout, and pretty soon there were pages and pages of them. Russian names … Anyhow on and on these names went. The lesson in my business where I learned there is a sowing season and a reaping season. And if they aren’t in the same season. You plant and you can’t have your plant and some days it looks like nothing is ever going to sprout. And you look at that garden and you just go grow, grow. And then you wonder maybe you know if you’re a bad planter or maybe the seeds are bad or what’s going on what’s wrong why isn’t it happening.

But the truth is there’s a gestation period is a sowing season there’s a time to plant. And they don’t come you Today and Expect Your Content Harvest Tonight. But the Fact Is If You Plant Enough Seats There Will Be a Harvest in the Virtual Thing Is You Never Know for Sure That’s Going to Come from. Like this random meeting that I thought in New York and all of a sudden I learned later that this guy started shipping products over in suitcases. And pretty soon there were thousands of team members over there throughout Eurasia and people in Siberia you know very very far east. And I had people in Kazakhstan and Ukraine and places… I couldn’t have found these places on a map prior to my network marketing experience.

And at one point before the Ruble Fell in 96 or 97 whenever that was, I ordered my entire downline printout. So I wanted to see how I’d grown in this region as a result of one meeting, and I ordered this thing you know the printout the big bucks on semi door, I pull out this testy printout on the green and white striped paper. Perforated edges 50 names on each side, over half 1 million names. From one freaking amazing situation, I love that about our business.

Last year I was in Bulgaria and speaking to them, to these teams were gathered throughout Eurasia, and I’m looking at this sea, these thousands of faces getting ready to speak and I just pause for a second to drink it in. And the thought crossed my mind what if I’d quit? What if in one of those defining moments. Like when my little boy ran out with whipped cream when he was three years old you know what if I quit and said I’m not doing this meeting tonight I’m exhausted, too. This business is not for me. I mean what if. Certainly I believe destiny had its way those people would’ve found opportunity somehow someway without me.

The truth is I didn’t quit I kept going. And I kept going when I felt like quitting. And I picked up the phone when I didn’t feel like it sometimes and I know I push through obstacles that other people said enough. I felt this immense gratitude as I looked into these faces. But then the real coup de grace of all of this, couple nights later when we were at our gala night and these celebrations… These are a really big deal celebrations… Towards the end of the evening 1 AM, they invited the children to the stage.
And like 250 kids from the ages of two, three, four, five to teens and people kids in their in their 20s mid-20s, went to the stage. You know as far as the eye could see they were all of these kids. And I seriously I couldn’t control myself I was literally sobbing. I said oh my gosh here I was building the business for four children because I wanted to make a difference in their life and to look at the ripple effect now. Like it can’t be stopped there’s nothing that I can do to stop what I started. And I am just immensely grateful.

Jackie: it’s pretty powerful to know that not only have you made a legacy for yourself and your own children but that you have literally done the same thing for children all around the world, that’s powerful.

Margie: I know it I know it’s really fun. There is a PS to that reaping sowing story.

Jackie: that is a great PS and I haven’t heard that so thank you for sharing. This next question is probably going to be easy for you, if you had to pick three primary skills a person needs to develop, and I would say develop cause most of us aren’t born with these skills we develop them, so anyone can develop them, what would those three skills be.

Margie: so I think persistence is King because right along is a consistency because anybody can perform at you know well for a short period of time. But if you can really continue to put 1 foot in front of the other and processed and do it consistently, if you are willing to just stay in action and begin imperfectly and pick yourself up each time you stumble. If you pick yourself up one more time when you stumble you will be successful. I think persistence and consistency, I also think humility is a really important quality because you know, things shift in our world and so their new things to learn all the time. One of the greatest experts are leveraging online and I try to relearn about that I don’t think you can get stuck in your way. I also think you need to stay open and learn from your team members and just have a general humility that you don’t know it all no matter how much.

Nobody owes you anything so when people opt out are people say no, you don’t take it personally. When people say yes they’re grateful and your humble about it. I just think humility is a really really important quality, and I think also in that open-mindedness, and open-minded. And the last thing I would say is hearts. Love grow your ability to truly love and care for people.

First of all that’s a joy and a reward in and of itself. Second of all when you really do that the business handles itself. And it’s not that you do it I don’t love people to get a really big business is just you that become a person who gives love and receives love and you communicate love… and it’s like about three or five in there.

Jackie: but we can combine them they stay well together that’s great. If you are going to recommend the book to others what book would you recommend?

Margie: all right now I would recommend a new book called the new generation network marketing traffic. And it’s by***and me. It’s called the best, worst, first, there are lots of books I can recommend but right now I would recommend this book because the feedback that were getting its ranking like number three right now in e-books it was number one in sales, and marketing e-books a couple of nights ago number three, and network marketing overall right now. And it became a bestseller on January 3… So people are loving the book.

I think the thing that’s gratifying to me is I hear the one kind of testimonials where people say you know read the book by my bedside and I open it in the morning or the night and it just invariably that short chapter that I read, gets me the inspiration that I need to feel invincible in my business for the day. And I think somebody this morning said that I took the book on the plane me and I read over a couple of chapters I read, she said I read… There was a strategy and I tried it and I got somebody interested in the business as a result reading on the plane and implementing the strategies.

We are getting so much great feedback about this book and I think it is as it is being coined the new generation network marketing classic.

Jackie: And what it is that makes it so special, give us a little bit of what it is. You mentioned people and chapters. Say a little more about that.

Margie: all right so 75 after a marketing experts and the topic I think the thing that makes it so easy to consume and to elicit actionable strategies from, is that it is set up so that each of these experts you are one Jackie, each of these experts were asked what, suppose you’re sitting across from your ideal new team member and they ask you from your sage advice what is the best thing you can do, what is the worst thing you can do, and what is the first thing you should do? And so because those are such short cut to the chase snippets and imagine you know the people in this book as you know are household names network marketers and direct sellers, and the book is just so rich with their best advice.

We also asked each interviewee each expert to answer the question, what is it about network marketing and direct sales that after all these years and after your tremendous success what is it that keeps your flame burning brightly? What keeps you fallen in love with the profession? And if so to be able to read each of their answers and then to hear their sage advice it’s fantastic. It makes it really easy to consume and we’ve got a breadth of topics, one of our friends and icon in network marketing when***and I were putting the book together, he said aren’t you going to get a lot of redundancy? And the answer is surprisingly no.

It’s amazing how much fresh material is here. And that was the goal. When we set out to write this book the best word first it was an idea that Martha used, Martha and I met a couple of years ago by the introduction of a mutual friend. Martha has 30 years experience in studying business models, she’s a business journalist, she’s got 19 published books. And she had an interest in network marketing there is a spot for a new fresh book, and the idea would be to get a sampling of people in their, in their 20s in their 40s people making five, six and even seven figure incomes. And we wanted to capture the voices of some people even began their businesses recently and are having success in this economy. So that it had a really relevant and contemporary tone.

And so mission accomplished. I mean the book is just it’s got such a oh… it’s such a great book and you get a little look into the minds and hearts, I submit that if you can learn how millionaires think as much as you can learn what they do, you will be successful. Because you could be just imitate the model, their strategies and their mindset and this book is just richer then.

Jackie: well how did it come about you and Martha and she had a background in studying businesses, how did actually book come about and how the two of you connect to do it?

Margie: so we were introduced by a mutual friend and very quickly just knew there was a connection there. And we began writing a book that was the working title was the complete guide to network marketing success. And one day as we were knee-deep into this book Martha said you know in my HR interviews I sometimes conclude them by asking people just to the chase, was the best worst first thing that they should do. Oh I love that idea. It was actually my assistant Allison who said, that should be a standalone book.

So we both fell in love that idea we kind of put the other book aside for the time being and started writing about that first. Because we just love the idea we thought it was so relevant and so much energy to it everyone we talked about it ask to be a part of it. No one said no to being a part of the book. And everyone that we talk to about it was oh I think that’s the greatest idea. And you know like in your case because you are being interviewed for part of the book. And so for this book would ask you because just expert in social media, and reaching people developing authentic relationships in the online world so that a can can send any barriers to that and become thriving members of your team. Good expert at that. So we asked you specifically was the best worst, first being you can do with regard to that. And other people would have specific areas of expertise like, some people that are like international experts. What’s the best , worst thing you could international?

Some people that blogging, like what’s the best worst, first thing you can do around that. And so it just got a lot of diversity in that regard. And then just the business building basics. I come across in every case there, for the very first time because it’s so fresh as it comes from these different voices. And I have a lot of favorite chapters and try to start picking them out you mentioned before the call that there are some that you like, when we talk about a couple of your favorite chapters.

Jackie: yeah well I like Timmy Everett’s story of been a person brand-new to network marketing and you know really taking massive action and you know in almost no time. I think it was 90 days he was basically about to launch herself full-time into network marketing. She was making enough income to be able to do that, but she took it really seriously and she was like you a single mom you know. So it’s kind of classic to what you started with in terms of, you can let the fact that you have no money, no time, and a single parent and children and all that you can either let that de-rail you, or could let it empower you. And you can keep going you know.

Margie: and in this economy right, in this economy. She didn’t do this 26 years ago. Right now and she did it quickly and so yeah how valuable are her words. Who else did you say you like?

Jackie: I loved, oh gosh there are so many, Dana Collins has a good one too hers is great. Remove the option to quit. And then her worst is get rid of saying I’ll give it a try that’s the worst thing you can do this we just go hand-in-hand. Because once you remove that option to quit you’re left with doing nothing but moving forward and picking yourself back up and becoming a success.

Margie: yes and I think you know that one way that people use the book is they come through and they find their leader, or they find their company owner and we’ve got company owners, Bateman , Brooks… And so it’s experts and high earning icons. You know people that have for years in the business, people that are poor people had starting their late 20s people that started in their 50s. It’s just got a range of demographic in that regard as well.

One that I think is a nice surprise comes from Teresa Romain, who is a very good friend of mine, she’s an abundance coach. And this is to give you an idea of the kind of diversity. So she really believes that you can be debt free even on some very simple basic profits. Even if you just make $2-$400 a month, she talks about how you can really be free you know, to use even small beginning profits to get yourself completely debt-free in a matter of years. And so she lays that out.

You know the best thing you can do this is pay off your debts with your profits. The worst that you can do is go into huge debt. The first thing you should do is open a separate bank account. I mean so what great advice is that. And then I’m just glancing through here you know, you might want to see what Tim sales had to say, and Sally who are amazing international leaders. There is also [Indistinct names] Jackie Ulmer… Coming to the last pages of the book. And so it’s just a rich comp violation of these leaders that stuff. And if you want them to give you the best of everything that they learned from their experience to help you achieve the business of your dreams too.

Some people are using it as study, study groups they are taking one expert a week and implementing their strategy and talking about it in kind of a mastermind format. There are a lot of ways that you can use this book for your own personal inspiration and teaching development in your business.

Jackie: I love that and I love that you brought up Teresa’s and one of the reasons I love that is because unfortunately sometimes, and I know you’ve seen this Margie and you are going to know exactly what I’m talking about, but sometimes there’s a tendency with network marketers to have a little bit of… Network marketers who become successful to have a little bit of that lottery mentality and they go out and they overextend themselves with buying fancy cars and big new houses and living the lifestyle kind of thing. And then a small shift their company or change in something like that and really upset the car then there can be little broke marketers out there who look good on the outside but aren’t doing so well on the inside.

So having that financial education and being a good steward of the money that you do make that would really set you up for a major success. I think that is so important.

Margie:I think you are right on, and having the wisdom and the prudence to get out of debt. At end of the day what we really preach to people is financial freedom and you don’t want to use your newfound potential even fortunes to make you in further indebtedness. That is to be financially free, and other piece I like about it Jackie is it so easy for someone to, not enough, $400 or $200. So it’s not enough you know. But you realize that if you strategically use that to pay extra and get yourself that free, old my gosh it is enough. In five years with that kind of an income you can be completely debt-free in 5 to 10 years completely debt-free including your mortgage. That’s freedom, that’s freedom.

Jackie: it is freedom and you know what it’s funny you say that because there are two words that I have really worked hard over the years to get out of my vocabulary when I’m talking to people or doing a presentation and that is, maybe you only want to make $200-$400 a month. Or maybe just 200 because those words just and only the kind of diminish… Yeah they do and once I became aware that I was using that because I had a bigger dream and a vision and I realized I was kind of diminishing what somebody else’s vision for the right now might be, I had to really get rid of that so I am glad you brought that up.

Margie: Yeah

Jackie: so tell us how do you go about selecting people to interview. Obviously you must have had some criteria tell us about that.

You Margie: well we knew with this book that we could draw on anyone that we feel has extraordinary understanding about how this works, and what this business really is at the heart of it. And so it was a really important for us to have people that we believe were in line with our fundamental values and that were good good people, and were doing the business in a respectful reputable we are proud to know you kind of way. So that was important. And then we looked for the household name type of people. Because we knew that that would help to be a draw for the book, and people who want to know what they had to say is the best or worst.

And then we also wanted the fresh voices, so we were looking for people in their 20s to 40s and people that have made a substantial income like six or seven figure whether it is as a coach or mentor. The people that we brought in that have been in the field and now they are coaching people that are active, they’re active in the business so they are not off on some mountain retired and raking it in still or disengaged. But they are really in it right now. And they have been able to monetize it in a six and seven figure type away.

Jackie: that me ask you this Margie, what did you learn in putting this book together? Because you know you’ve got 26 years in the profession and just like you said you know say humility and learn from others so what did you learn from this process in putting it together?

Margie: I learned so much. So they’re obviously there are kind of new ways, there are fundamentals, but there are also new ways of doing business today, so I felt that that was an area where I learnt a lot. I think one of the sweetest aspects for me was working with Martha. Because when I met her she came with a previously… Attitude towards the profession . But with she was opening her eyes do it and her heart and her mind and thinking that there probably was really something here. And so to experience it through her eyes and hear something that is pretty basic but to hear her go, oh you know, I guess it was falling in love with it all over again, through the eyes of her as a newbie.

And then I learned a lot just… I you know get hugely inspired by seeing our business through these tears of mine. And so many people that have achieved a lot, I am just honored truly honored that they agreed to participate in the book. And I have to say too some of the people that are the very most successful people in our profession are also the most gracious and the most humble, and approachable and I think that speaks volumes about who people become when they really fully engage and they let the business work inside of them as they work of the business.

So it was just a it was a freaking amazing experience. I learned a lot. I learned a lot about heart and what I realized was we really do have an incredible vehicle in our hands with network marketing and direct sales. It is a gift. And this book can on the that gift within you so that you can be the gift giver, and to make a difference in so many peoples lives. It contains such richness, in simple and more advanced strategies. Advanced leadership ideas, duplication how to build a team that comes and stays and the duplicates, and how to get your mind right so that you can keep even and you know not be frustration and up and down. And it really helps to get a long-term perspective and to reengage with your vision was truly possible for you. What’s truly possible for the people that you’re going to bring into this wonderful business. I just think it’s a mainstay in our profession now.

Jackie: I think you’re right and I’m certainly humbled and appreciate to be included in the book that I know for me I learned a lot from it to. I think it’s a book that is perfect for anyone whether they are just starting or like you say people are doing book studies with their group. And I think it’s also great. I mean I believe there is a lesson in every single day and how we start our day and launch our day, and the beliefs that run through our minds. So even if it is nothing more than picking it up every day at the start of your day and adjust literally you know close your eyes and open it and see what chapter fall on, and read it with the intention that there is something of value there for you for that day for the week forward, and you know take something from that, either to inspire you. And I think what will happen is you’ll find that maybe you’re having a downtime there will be something that uplifts you. If you’re looking for the answer in how to approach a situation in your business so provide that answer. It may give you some wisdom to pass on to someone or your team as well.

Margie: so good you summed it up so beautifully. One good idea right if you get one good implementable strategy and you start into your day with that you start seeing success, that changes everything. The ripple effect is just so extraordinary.

Jackie: well Margie how do we find more about this book, where do we find it?

Margie: it is available on Amazon. It is available as an e-book now. It is also available in hardcover, which I think I think you should have both. I really like the idea of being able to hold the book in your hand, but I also like one that is light and transportable you know as in a tablet or any e-reader of some sort. And it is available on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

If Amazon says it’s out of stock just ignore that because it can be installed tomorrow and they will ship almost always with a handful of days, even if it says that it is out of stock. By going ahead and ordering it anyway it kind of sends a message out you better get this book in stock. So you know after this last weekend and the weeks that preceded I think that you know that this sales around the book are going to send a message to Amazon and others that this book is a big deal and if you stay and we better make sure we keep it in even if it’s flying off the shelf.

Jackie: I love that and in the show notes for those listeners I have the links to that so we can get right into that and get it ordered. Well Margie I know you have got a busy schedule and I do want to keep you any longer I know you got a lot on your plate, but I so appreciate you taking the time to be here. Do you have any parting thoughts are strategies for the listeners?

Margie: you know I think if I, if I would close with anything it would be just do it. It is so easy to build up a mound of fear between you and the simple action. And if you boil this visit down to what it really is, it is you talking to people. And it is you from your heart sharing something that you think is valuable, without attachment without agenda just simply because, if you would like to have them be a part of your team, but coming from a caring point because you have something of value and so don’t let it get built up to a point that is such a big deal. Just talk to people that is what the business is about talking and sharing. So just start doing it. Just put 1 foot in front of the other set yourself a gold how many people you’re going to talk to a day and do it. And in no time at all you have a life that will be unrecognizable to how it is today.

Jackie: beautiful thoughts from a beautiful lady thank you so much.

Margie: thank you I adore you Jackie. Thanks for having me on and thanks for helping to get the word out about this book. And thank you for being one of our amazing experts.

Jackie: my pleasure.