How to Attract Business Professionals to Network Marketing

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Is Your Language Attracting or Repelling Business Pros About Network Marketing

To establish a better understanding and more professional business approach to network marketing, try being intentional with the language that you use to introduce and share your network marketing products and the business opportunity.



Rough Transcript:

Jackie Ulmer Is it possible for us to uplift the profession of network marketing simply by changing the language that we use the way we explain it and speak about it we're going to talk about that with my special guest in today's episode stay tuned.

Jackie Ulmer Welcome and like I mentioned, I have a special guest on for today's show where we're going to talk about the language.

Jackie Ulmer of network marketing and how this might be disruptive to your process of explaining exactly what it is that we do.

Jackie Ulmer What they might be doing to business professionals who come from a different environment and a different set of linguistics, so to speak, so please help me welcome Maria and WHA, who is a native of Louisiana.

Jackie Ulmer She now lives in northern Virginia for and has, for the last years splitting her time because she gets to winter down in lovely Florida.

Jackie Ulmer she's a former year college Professor turned entrepreneur, and she owned her own business in northern Virginia since own both a successful seminar company.

Jackie Ulmer And a successful management training company, she has a very interesting story about why she ultimately chose the profession of network marketing what it was that intrigued her and kind of her introduction, as well as some confusion along the way, so Marie welcome.

Marie Benoit Thank you Jackie happy to be here.

Jackie Ulmer it's so nice to have you here.

Jackie Ulmer Alright, so let's just get right into it tell us a little bit of your background and specifically your background for sure, and then specifically a little more about your.

Jackie Ulmer Initial exposure for lack of a better word education process for learning about network marketing.

Marie Benoit Sure, so I started off my career as a university professor I taught business communications for years at a university of Louisiana and during that year period I.

Marie Benoit went to graduate school got my doctorate and after that area companies began to ask me to come in and do workshops for their employees and I thought wow.

Marie Benoit You know i'd never even thought about doing that, so I said sure like you know when I was young, I just would always say sure, and then figure it out.

Marie Benoit Before I had to do it, so I what I really realized is, for me, it was a lot more personally rewarding to work with working adults than it was to be in a college classroom.

Marie Benoit So after years, as you mentioned, I quit my tenured associate Professor ship to go into business for myself that was in Louisiana.

Marie Benoit But the next year or the economy tanked and I literally.

Marie Benoit opened up a map and said Where would you like to go and I had been i'm a small town Louisiana girl rural girl, I never been anywhere but Texas, where I went to graduate school i've been to DC once for a teacher's conference.

Marie Benoit And so, when I opened up that map, I thought you know what the government needs my training i'm going to move to the DC area, and so I literally borrow $ , from my dad and moved to.

Marie Benoit Northern Virginia in August of started picking up the phone making cold calls and had paid him back by December, so I was determined.

Marie Benoit To say the least, I never did work for the government I.

Marie Benoit I started trying to meet with the government, I would you know get very favorable responses, but whoever I was talking to always said, well, you need to speak to this person who said.

Marie Benoit You need to speak to this person who said, you need to speak to this person and I thought you know what.

Marie Benoit i've got to eat I can't just keep meeting with people, and what I truly understood is that, if I could meet with the President owner or CEO of a company.

Marie Benoit And that person could make a decision, and so that's really how I built my business working with private companies after years in November of I sold that business and that's when we bought a home in Florida and we've been snowbirds now for years.

Marie Benoit So I retired at that point for almost seven years and then stumbled across a company.

Marie Benoit That first of all, just had a product that was interesting to me I I saw it on a table somewhere, at a meeting, and it was very interesting, so I looked up the information.

Marie Benoit And just enrolled myself without talking to anyone so and that's one one question I often get is, you know how often were you approached about a network marketing opportunity.

Marie Benoit and never I no one ever spoke with me about network marketing, it was just not a part of my world, so I knew nothing at all about network marketing, except that it existed I knew that Mary Kay cosmetics was a network marketing company.

Marie Benoit And they sold cosmetics that's basically what I knew, but this particular product was kind of intriguing, as I said, I thought it was really good I looked it up and I became a distributor of this company.

Marie Benoit And that's when I really began to study network marketing and I realized that I, I really didn't know anything I thought they were selling products, and then I learned.

Marie Benoit That there are really two opportunities or two things that you're selling in network marketing one the product or service and to the business opportunity that was a surprise to me, I had no idea.

Marie Benoit So I do I don't know how much you want me to keep talking at this point so stop me please.

Jackie Ulmer So, when you say.

Jackie Ulmer When you say you knew that it existed, so you knew Mary Kay existed, did you know that Mary Kay also paid you to recruit, so to speak, did you know that they paid you on building a team.

Marie Benoit I don't think I don't I honestly don't I you know I knew that there were lots of wraps.

Marie Benoit But I guess, I thought, and this has been you know or so years ago now that people did what I did you know they looked at the company and then they became a REP to sell the product I didn't realize, you were building a team, or they were building a team.

Jackie Ulmer Okay, so, then you started researching because you figured out from researching the company that there was this whole other piece to it, there was the business opportunity.

Jackie Ulmer To use a phrase that we use a lot associated with it, so you could make money beyond just selling the products so tell us a little bit about the research that you began to do to educate yourself on this business system.

Marie Benoit Well, I am.

Marie Benoit Someone who.

Marie Benoit Typically doesn't make a decision without doing lots of research and so research is what I did.

Marie Benoit I read every book I could find on network marketing I started searching.

Marie Benoit For seminars, or I guess we didn't have zoom's back then, but.

Marie Benoit tella summits what whatever I could find where people who were in the network marketing profession were speaking.

Marie Benoit I guess what really the thing that really turned me on was when I found and now i'm not going to remember the name I forgot I didn't look that up before this this interview but Dr Charles.

Marie Benoit King King now there you go Dr Charles King, who was the head of the Department of marketing at the University of.

Marie Benoit Illinois I think I in Chicago right.

Marie Benoit So he and so that spoke to me because he was a college professor, and that was my background, and so what I learned was that he back around the year had started.

Marie Benoit A certificate program in the profession of network marketing.

Marie Benoit Because you know recruiters were coming to the university to hire their graduates and there were no jobs.

Marie Benoit And here, he is the head of marketing and he figured he needed to do something and I remember reading that a graduate student of his said something about what about network marketing and he said.

Marie Benoit You know, he just totally exit out, he said, you know I know enough about network marketing to know that it's absolutely something I would never recommend to my my students.

Marie Benoit And the graduate students that will What exactly do you know you know if that's if that was the response that I gave on a on a test, you would fail me.

Marie Benoit And that's when he came to the realization that yeah you're absolutely right, I don't know enough to make that statement that I just made.

Marie Benoit So anyway, I learned about the research that they did, and as a result of that research he and some graduate students, they decided to create a certification program because he was so sold on the.

Marie Benoit business model of network marketing and so that you know, that was a real eye opener for me.

Marie Benoit I, I learned that there were other universities that were beginning to teach network marketing and I.

Marie Benoit that's when I began to think wow what what have I been missing, you know where have I been why don't I know anything about this, so I began to educate myself and it's an amazing business model, it was something that.

Marie Benoit You know everything i've usually in in my past what what i've heard about i've wanted to conquer, if you will, and network marketing is not something i'd ever attempted to conquer so that's what I wanted to do as soon as I knew about it.

Jackie Ulmer And I love that about you, as you and I have chatted about before and possibly some of the listeners will have heard of that conversation but.

Jackie Ulmer it's so funny we talk about people who either.

Jackie Ulmer get involved, which is one of the terms that we're going to discuss, but they they join that's another one and network marketing company based on a product experience.

Jackie Ulmer Or, based on a desired income experience and occasionally well it's time freedom to but typically it's one of the two that first create the interest in someone, and that is not your case at all so tell us what it was that intrigued you to.

Jackie Ulmer forge your path in network marketing.

Marie Benoit Well it's just like I said I i've always thrived on accomplishment.

Marie Benoit And it was something that I had never accomplished, it was you know it was just something new to strive for I loved.

Marie Benoit You know reading about families whose you know we're like maybe third generation network marketers and the wealth.

Marie Benoit That the families have been able to create because of the business model, I mean the whole concept of selling something.

Marie Benoit You know spending your time to sell something once and then to be paid on it over and over and over and over and over again in itself was intriguing now the only thing I knew about I guess at that time that enabled you to do what I just said, get paid over and over again, was insurance.

Marie Benoit And I I knew that merchant processing credit card merchant processing people got a Commission on you know every.

Marie Benoit credit card that was run through a machine if they had that account other than that I don't think I knew of anything else, but this was that on steroids, because now, you could actually.

Marie Benoit You know, get paid over and over again on anyone you had introduced to that product or service but you could introduce others who wanted to do the same thing.

Marie Benoit They have their own business and their business was a subset of your business, which means you're getting a piece of whatever it is that they.

Marie Benoit They produce and it doesn't stop with them, it goes on to another level, another level that was just fascinating to me I you know I just I absolutely loved it so yes to me there was nothing, not to like about the model.

Jackie Ulmer Yes, those circles, as we call them or you can see, get three who get three who get three, which we know that's theory doesn't work out that way.

Jackie Ulmer But ultimately as you expand it kind of shapes into that it's it's a toxic hating it really truly is because you when you look at the potential of that, and you think where else in the world.

Jackie Ulmer Can I create something like that, so why do you think it is then that insurance is respected as a profession that pays you a residual income and merchant account credit card processing is respected as a profession that somebody would be affiliated with.

Jackie Ulmer So what what's the stigma then with network marketing, why does that business model not just click in the minds of everyone who sees it.

Marie Benoit Well, you know I wish I had all of the answers I can only.

Marie Benoit I guess because of my background and communications, this is, this is my theory.

Marie Benoit I think that a lot of the terminology that is used in the network marketing profession is not conducive to business minded people it's not it's not business language.

Marie Benoit The term you mentioned a little while ago and I hear it over and over and over and over again and it's just Oh, it just.

Marie Benoit My my best way of describing it it's like you know nails on a chalkboard it just it just really grates on me and one of those terms, is involved in.

Marie Benoit When I you know when I began to be around people who are in the network marketing profession, I heard that, over and over again, I still hear it How long have you been involved in network marketing.

Marie Benoit And that just struck me is such an odd phrase involved and that made me feel like he was criminal activity or something you know how long have you been involved in dealing drugs.

Marie Benoit I don't know, maybe it's just me, I honestly have never really heard anyone else, say that this language bothers them.

Marie Benoit When they have heard me talk about it i've had people agree with me, but i've never really heard anyone bring this up other than myself so.

Marie Benoit that's why I have to say, maybe it's just me I don't know but that always struck me as just such an odd phrase to use and it's certainly not a phrase that i've ever heard used in business.

Marie Benoit And while I never literally worked for a corporation as an employee, because I haven't been an employee since when I was teaching for university.

Marie Benoit I worked did training for tons of companies, and you know as a kind of a freelance person they hired me to come in and do training for them, not as an employee, but the point being I was around companies all the time around their lingo and never did I hear someone talk about.

Marie Benoit How long have you been involved in pharmaceutical drugs or How long have you, you know it just it's just not a phrase that you used another phrase that just I absolutely couldn't wrap my head around is join my business.

Marie Benoit Okay, so one of the things as a professional network marketer you are to do is create a team you're to to you know find people in my mind business minded people like yourself, who want to grow, a network marketing business.

Marie Benoit join my business is not a phrase that makes sense to.

Jackie Ulmer me.

Marie Benoit To me join is something you know you would join a club.

Marie Benoit You might you know join a membership of something join the boy scouts join the girl scouts but join my business just never made sense to me and I just don't think that's terminology that speaks to a business person.

Marie Benoit So that was another one and I had three I had three of my kind of my pet peeves the last one was.

Marie Benoit Does.

Marie Benoit When you're in a group of people, maybe a networking event, you hear people say Oh, she does Mary Kay and.

Marie Benoit Mary Mary does rodin and fields and and john does you know, whatever but whenever it's a a network marketing company you've got that verb he does.

Marie Benoit Whatever that company is, and when you stop and think about it, you know if someone owns a burger King franchise do you ever hear someone say Oh, he does burger king.

Marie Benoit So I just.

Marie Benoit My feeling, at least, is.

Marie Benoit One of the reasons that we're not we meaning people in the network marketing profession or not attracting as many.

Marie Benoit People with business backgrounds who are looking for a business is because we're not using the terminology that speaks to them.

Jackie Ulmer yeah very good So do you have an idea of language that you would replace that with I know part you know some of it's obvious it's like well she sells insurance and not she's in insurance or does insurance or anything like that, so if you have a few ideas that would be great.

Marie Benoit Well, I just think you know just the last example instead of she does Mary Kay she is a Mary Kay consultant, she is a representative of Mary Kay cosmetics, you know that terminology.

Marie Benoit makes sense to me coming from from you know business.

Marie Benoit it's just I don't know where that comes from she does whatever she does juice plus I don't know I just don't get that.

Jackie Ulmer I know, and I hear it a lot too.

Marie Benoit yeah and and i'll tell you a couple of a couple of examples I just kind of stumbled upon over the last year or so.

Marie Benoit I just happen to know the juice plus is a network marketing company, I have a tower garden sitting right next to me i'm an avid fan of tower tower gardens and that's the juice plus I am part of the juice plus company what I what I learned is, if you go to a network networking.

Marie Benoit event, where you know people are all introducing themselves and their businesses.

Marie Benoit When you hear someone from juice plus speak their terminology is I own a virtual.

Marie Benoit franchise with juice plus.

Marie Benoit And I think that's rather interesting see that to me speaks to a business person.

Marie Benoit The other one I don't know why but.

Marie Benoit Lately, on linkedin i'm getting all of these.

Marie Benoit notifications about various jobs that are open, that I would fit.

Marie Benoit You know the description up and I don't know if others are getting that I wasn't getting out up until recently yeah so.

Marie Benoit Somehow i'm on various mailing list and I got an email.

Marie Benoit I don't know within the last six months or so from farmers insurance a recruiting email, and they call their opportunity a virtual virtual business ownership of Vb virtual business ownership.

Marie Benoit So I think everybody probably is looking for different ways to attract.

Marie Benoit You know, business people for a franchise I definitely believe that network marketing companies want business minded people within their company I just think that for some.

Marie Benoit You know if we just change some of the terminology, we would be speaking to those business people.

Marie Benoit And we're just not doing that now I think it's really sad when this is such a great opportunity for the reasons that we've already talked about but but usually, when someone who is ready to leave corporate America.

Marie Benoit for whatever reason they're ready to retire or they've just had it and they've decided that they want to start their own business be their own boss.

Marie Benoit Usually, what happens is they start to thinking about a business that they could start from scratch, or they start to look for a business that is established that they could purchase or they start to look at franchises.

Marie Benoit I don't hear those starting to look at various network marketing opportunities which I think is sad if they just knew about network marketing but it's generally speaking not something that that.

Marie Benoit That they're going to be searching out because they just don't know about it, they think about I believe network marketing as something that is.

Marie Benoit Maybe just something you do on the side and for a lot of people who it is and there's nothing wrong with that you can have a side business for sure.

Marie Benoit But I don't think they they think about network marketing as a business just in very large part because of the way people speak about network marketing.

Jackie Ulmer Think you're right, and I think there's huge power in posture you know we hear that term bantered around a lot and I know back in the early days when I used to hear that it kind of.

Jackie Ulmer It kind of was a turnoff to me because I I kind of put it in the same category as arrogant and now I realize it's not that at all, more than anything, it's confidence it's conviction.

Jackie Ulmer And it's positioning yourself with authority about something that you know something about and that you want to position out there.

Jackie Ulmer To create interest to create questions so that you can further the conversation.

Jackie Ulmer And you know I think that's a big part of it, too, I mean certainly there are those people who don't pursue network marketing as that next.

Jackie Ulmer phase in their life because of the negativity they've been exposed in some way that was a turnoff they've heard something.

Jackie Ulmer or all those type things, but I think that we, and we we've talked about this, I mean i've been in the profession.

Jackie Ulmer years and this has been talked about you know, since i've been part of the profession and certainly it was before, and that is, you know, raising up the standard.

Jackie Ulmer Raising up the you know getting rid of that stigma and creating more of a professional environment so that more people do say i'm ready for next phase in my life, and I think network marketing sounds like a great business model.

Jackie Ulmer i'm ready and open to exploring finding the company, the product line within that model that's going to be a fit for me.

Marie Benoit You know, when I think about posturing.

Marie Benoit What I think about is.

Marie Benoit is someone who is really comfortable in their own skin.

Marie Benoit very clear that this is their business and very clear that not everyone that you introduce your business to is going to buy from you.

Marie Benoit I think, too often, what happens with network marketing is.

Marie Benoit In law in part because one of the first things you're typically told is make a list of all your friends and family and for a lot of people.

Marie Benoit They make that list, perhaps that maybe they do, maybe they don't, but when they talk to the handful of people that they feel comfortable talking to and.

Marie Benoit Because they haven't really been trained they haven't truly made a decision that this is a business and that i'm in the business for for the long haul.

Marie Benoit They they are affected by the response of those five or six people that they've talked to.

Marie Benoit And because they didn't know what they were doing to begin with, they hadn't already decided that this is a business and what have you because of the response of those five or six people.

Marie Benoit They they're still trying to decide whether they're going to continue to do this.

Marie Benoit And so to me there's so much difference when when I say posturing when you said posturing there's so much difference in those two examples I just gave.

Marie Benoit When you're in business, you can you can go through people who are not interested in what you're doing and that's not going to stop you you keep doing what you have to do um.

Marie Benoit But I just don't I don't think, for the most part there's enough training, when someone gets started in the network marketing profession.

Marie Benoit Before they're out there, talking to people and that ends up turning people off their those people often now they feel like well I don't know anyone else to talk to, so they give up.

Jackie Ulmer What do you think, and I know we've talked about this before and and I, you know I took I started my first network marketing endeavor in January of I took my business online in .

Jackie Ulmer and honestly part of the reason I took it online is because I did not want to deal with warm market anymore i'm just going to really put it out there, I did not want to deal with more marketing more.

Jackie Ulmer You grew up your whole life hearing never do business with family and friends never do business with family and friends don't learn the money don't do this don't part you know, on and on and then, of course.

Jackie Ulmer We start our network marketing business and that's, the first thing that we're taught is to make a list of everyone, we know and to start with those closest to us because they're our Center of influence.

Jackie Ulmer And I don't necessarily know that that's true and i'm not here to upset the apple cart and say.

Jackie Ulmer That that is completely wrong because honestly I wouldn't be here today, having this conversation, had we not talk to our family and friends.

Jackie Ulmer In the beginning and in month number four found one who said yes raised her hand and got busy, and that was a very warm market, it was one of my husband's best friends, it was his wife, but.

Jackie Ulmer You know wouldn't be here today, if it weren't for that, yet at the same time, I wonder what your thoughts are on potentially.

Jackie Ulmer positioning that a different way, yes, make a list of everyone, you know but let's sort that list I don't want to say edit that list but let's sort that list because your family and friends.

Jackie Ulmer can be the worst they can be the ones that are the deal breaker for you, I was very fortunate in that my entire family and marks as well, were supportive of us, not everybody.

Jackie Ulmer joined us not everybody launched their own business with this or use the products or services but everybody was supportive.

Jackie Ulmer And so we didn't have that whole negative, I mean I had negative neighbors everybody's heard me talk about mean janine and some of that stuff but in terms of.

Jackie Ulmer The people really close to me that I was going to see every year at the holidays, and you know have that ongoing thing with we didn't have.

Jackie Ulmer But I So what are your thoughts on that, like making that list and saying, who are those business minded individuals.

Jackie Ulmer That potentially that are interested in opportunity and income, and you know expansion and growth, and all of that, and then, of course, teaching that good positioning language, what do you think.

Marie Benoit um honestly i've always stayed away from friends and family.

Marie Benoit Most everything i've ever done has been you know in front of a group of people, training and.

Marie Benoit No one in my family had a business that would be hiring me to speak.

Marie Benoit Where network marketing is concerned, I you know I still stayed away from friends and family I.

Marie Benoit I I didn't not tell them what I was doing, but I wanted them to know what i'm doing, but it was never.

Marie Benoit The same kind of conversation that I might have with someone that I thought was business minded and should know about this particular opportunity.

Marie Benoit Maybe that's just me I don't know, but I just I don't think I ever wanted to be in business with any of my brothers.

Marie Benoit it's just kind of a weird thing I remember at . of my brothers got together and owned a service station together and I thought, oh dear what's you know, this is, this is not going to be good for family relations, I always felt like.

Marie Benoit If I was in business with them, I would have to be the boss.

Marie Benoit And when you come from South Louisiana the woman is never the boss it's always got to be a man so anyway, I never thought any of that would work, and so, in answer to your question.

Marie Benoit i've really i've just always stayed away from that I would much rather speak to a room full of strangers people have never ever met before then have anybody in the room that I know.

Jackie Ulmer And so, how did you go about getting your first and i'm using language again that I don't care for but sharing the products, sharing the opportunity, how did you launch your business.

Marie Benoit um picked out a handful of people that I knew from business that I thought would at least want to know about this, I mean I could see them being really good.

Marie Benoit In this type of business I didn't know how much they knew about it, like I didn't and introduced it really to a handful of people who.

Marie Benoit You know I don't know if it's the right terminology, but people that I had to influence with if you will.

Marie Benoit Who respected my views and my teachings etc, and they came on board and.

Marie Benoit that's how I got started.

Jackie Ulmer What was your experience in terms of the negativity.

Jackie Ulmer of network marketing that's out there, the reputation that's out there for some in working with these business professionals who you did have and do have some influence over who respected you anything about those experiences to share.

Marie Benoit I really haven't encountered negativity if people are negative about it, they haven't said it to me.

Marie Benoit I haven't I I hadn't I had no positive or negative feelings whatsoever personally when I.

Marie Benoit You know started looking into network marketing it just wasn't my world and I knew I didn't know enough I knew I needed to educate myself and, of course, as I became more and more educated I got more and more excited about the whole business model.

Marie Benoit I don't think i've encountered someone who's said anything negative certainly to my face um.

Marie Benoit If they have, or if they've said they're not interested, it just I just doesn't bother me I don't even remember that i've just been in business so long that's just business it matters not I mean I know what i'm going to do, regardless of what anybody else says to me.

Marie Benoit So it doesn't matter I don't remember it it doesn't stay with me if it's um what I have is not for them i'm fine with that.

Jackie Ulmer So you're not looking for any outside validation.

Marie Benoit Exactly yeah exactly.

Jackie Ulmer How have you worked with people who do struggle with that.

Marie Benoit um you know I think the struggle, more so.

Marie Benoit That i've encountered with my team members, more so, has been about spouses that have not been supportive it's not so much when they are sharing the product or service with someone and experience negativity it's the lack of spousal support.

Marie Benoit And I to me, the only cure for that or certainly be a cure for that and start making some money and the spouse will pay attention.

Marie Benoit And that's how you know, I guess, with two of the people who were you know really close TEAM members of mine, they had to deal with that initially, and then it went away as soon as they started making some money.

Jackie Ulmer got it okay.

Jackie Ulmer I know a couple of the other phrases that are like for me nails on a chalkboard and I hear all the time just you know tell me how to get people interested how to get them.

Jackie Ulmer let's get them, how do we get people, how do we get people to see this, how do we get them to do all that and I always think I don't want to be gotten said a word I don't know like you know.

Jackie Ulmer What do you mean, how do you get them you do you want to get them to you know go skydiving if they're not interested in skydiving like what does that mean, do you hear that word.

Marie Benoit I do, and in that's another one for sure.

Marie Benoit it's like someone enrolled someone on their team and everybody's going oh my gosh how did you get her.

Marie Benoit So yeah that bothers me as well, it does.

Jackie Ulmer Another one that comes to mind is how do I convince them how do I convince people to see what I see and it's kind of the same thing it's like everybody's on their own timeline of everything.

Jackie Ulmer of you know, success interest phase in their life personal things that are going on all the rest of it, and you know that kind of brought me around when you were talking about the unsupportive spouse.

Jackie Ulmer I had a I had a thought now it just left me again that I wanted to come back around to with that.

Jackie Ulmer And it wasn't the making money.

Jackie Ulmer Well we'll keep going I know it'll come back and i've got my paper here and i'll write it down.

Marie Benoit So I wanted to just go over if this if this fits for you, for anybody who does encounter someone who is looking for a business who's.

Marie Benoit Out there looking for a franchise I think it's really important for us to understand us being in network marketing to understand what the difference is between network marketing and purchasing a franchise because i've purchased franchises.

Marie Benoit When you own a franchise and you sell something and i'll use training as an example, I owned a training franchise I could go out and sell a $ , training, job.

Marie Benoit which I was going to have to deliver the training and happy to do so, I loved what I did, but that man, I now owed the franchise or . % of that $ , .

Marie Benoit And when you are in network marketing and you sell your product or service to someone you don't owe the network marketing company that you are representing a royalty they pay, you and I think that's a huge difference.

Jackie Ulmer very big yes.

Marie Benoit I, and I don't I don't think people who have not had a franchise really know that or understand that and that's to me that's a huge distinction.

Marie Benoit Something else is typically when you own a franchise you have a certain territory.

Marie Benoit That that is yours, to be able to sell within when you are in network marketing you don't have a territory, you could sell all over the US and depending upon where your company is is located.

Marie Benoit But you're not limited to a you know, two miles to square miles around where you live like you would be with many franchises think about.

Marie Benoit Like.

Marie Benoit Maybe a State farm office I don't think they necessarily call them a franchise but they own the rights to sell state farm insurance within a certain.

Marie Benoit Block radius of where that offices and what happens is a few blocks down the street there's another State farm office there and that state farm office is your competition.

Marie Benoit With network marketing, you might have other people in your area who represent your company usually if you're out there working your business.

Marie Benoit Most of those people who are within your geographic area are part of your team, and so, when they're out there selling they're not your competition.

Marie Benoit Everything that they do everything that they earn is part of your business so to me that's that's another just huge distinction that i'm not sure people realize.

Marie Benoit And that would certainly make a difference if I had understood these things, if I had known these things before I bought a franchise.

Jackie Ulmer yeah and you know I mean it's when you talk when you look at it from like a risk perspective, you know cost what you're what you're spending all of that, I mean there's definitely a bunch more benefits.

Jackie Ulmer From the network marketing business model, because we also know that you have the potential to earn far more.

Jackie Ulmer With a network marketing business than with the franchise and, in fact, you know mcdonald's even tells you to really build the kind of income that's that's you know.

Jackie Ulmer off the charts game gangster income as I like to call it, I don't think that's what they call it and franchising.

Jackie Ulmer you're going to need more than one franchise it's not going to happen for you, with just one franchise you're you're looking at four to six.

Jackie Ulmer You know, and sometimes it's in the same geographic region and sometimes it's not because, especially, probably with mcdonald's these days, because it's so old and established.

Jackie Ulmer Unless you buy an existing one you know it could be all around the country even around the globe, with some of this type thing.

Marie Benoit yeah so so most of the food franchises you're not limited to a certain geographic area but you're absolutely right um.

Marie Benoit it's almost like when you're buying a franchise for for many, many franchises you're literally buying yourself a job.

Marie Benoit it's not going to operate without you.

Marie Benoit And in your right that the you're limited by how much time, you can put into it and for so many of them like food franchises.

Marie Benoit you've got lots of.

Marie Benoit You know, low income what an entry level employees that you're having to deal with ongoing it's it's hard to find people hourly people who are going to.

Marie Benoit You know stick with you after you've taken all the time to train them and they don't come in and now you're filling in their job it's I don't know who really wants to do that kind of business i'm Obviously there are people who do that's just not my idea of an ideal business for sure.

Jackie Ulmer Right, so what would be some parting just to kind of wrap it up and summarize.

Jackie Ulmer You know just kind of a quick training piece for new and older professionals, you know or by older, I mean people remote more seasoned have been with the network marketing profession for a while, what are some just some kind of summary of.

Jackie Ulmer Good language.

Marie Benoit summary of good language I would.

Marie Benoit I would just avoid those phrases that we talked about avoid saying involved in for sure how long have you been a professional network marketer.

Marie Benoit or a network marketing professional is a whole lot better than saying how long have you been involved in network marketing so just you know kind of rework some of the wording.

Marie Benoit I would never be asking people to join my business that's just not a phrase that.

Marie Benoit That is business like, if you will.

Marie Benoit And I would get away from he does.

Marie Benoit A certain company name, he does pampered chef he is a representative of pampered chef he is a consultant with pampered chef.

Marie Benoit Those that kind of wording, I think, is much more professional and sounds much more like it's coming from a seasoned business person.

Marie Benoit So part of it, I guess Jackie is becoming a seasoned business person realizing that you own a business when you when you become a representative of a network marketing company.

Marie Benoit really and truly what you have is a license to represent that that company.

Marie Benoit And, whatever it is that your title is, whatever your company calls you a distributor or consultant or representative.

Marie Benoit You have a license to represent them, and you are sort of you are in essence a business broker, if you will, because you are selling a business.

Marie Benoit As well as a product or service and so when you're selling when you're out there, a meeting with people business people to sell or at least present to them.

Marie Benoit that you have a business to sell you need to speak business, you need to use business language and certainly would you join my business is not a term I would ever use with someone who is.

Marie Benoit contemplating leaving corporate America to start their own business.

Jackie Ulmer And I realize i'm putting you on the spot here, but do you have maybe a sentence or two that you would use to open the conversation, to see if there's an interest in going further, to have have a look, take a look explore what it is that you offer and do.

Marie Benoit Well, I think it's a great question is Have you ever thought about owning your own business.

Marie Benoit Because most employees, I shouldn't say most but.

Marie Benoit Many employees have always just worked for someone else they.

Marie Benoit They haven't really thought about owning their own business, I think a lot of times people.

Marie Benoit might have thought about you know what it would be like to not have to report in to someone or you know report to someone.

Marie Benoit But really and truly owning your own business is not something a lot of people have thought about.

Marie Benoit And you know, so if the answer is no, I really have never thought about that my next question is, I wonder why I mean what do you think business ownership would be like.

Marie Benoit And just you know it's just a conversation you're just asking questions and trying to get to the root of why someone would not have thought about it.

Marie Benoit And you might find out by asking questions that they are a really good candidate if they just understood, a little bit more about what that means.

Jackie Ulmer yeah and again it's not trying to convince them it's simply asking questions and having a conversation that very often can be a not now, but it can open a door to bring that conversation back around at a later point and that's powerful to.

Marie Benoit You know Jackie you just reminded me of something and I know in this particular situation, who the person is.

Marie Benoit But i've heard kind of the same story, a number of times in the last or years where someone introduced a service to someone.

Marie Benoit Who was not interested in the service and then a six months later, that person who introduced to the service sees that this person is now a part of their company.

Marie Benoit And they go to him and say why did you join with this person and you didn't join with me and the response is I didn't I was never told about the business opportunity, I was interested in a business, you told me about a service.

Marie Benoit So you never know what people are looking for what they're thinking about unless you begin to have a conversation and ask questions and you're absolutely right it's not about trying to convince anyone of anything but it is about.

Marie Benoit Exploring, it is about you know, trying to find out if you do in fact have something that could solve whatever it is that they are seeking.

Marie Benoit which you won't even know that they're seeking if you don't ask.

Jackie Ulmer Well, and bringing it back around to the mcdonald's and franchising analogy, I would be willing to bet a lot of money on the fact that.

Jackie Ulmer Very few of any mcdonald's franchise owners pursued a franchise with mcdonald's because they love the hamburgers or any of the food they probably don't even eat it anymore.

Marie Benoit I would, I would have to agree with that.

Jackie Ulmer yeah saw the business potential and know that a lot of other people eat it every day and so there's opportunity there.

Jackie Ulmer Absolutely.

Jackie Ulmer How do we find out more about you tell us a little bit about what people might expect to learn from you further and where they might do that.

Marie Benoit Well, I would.

Marie Benoit Direct you to my website , there you'll learn a little bit more about me and a little bit more about how I am assisting small to medium sized businesses with growing their customer base.

Jackie Ulmer Excellent and i'll have that in the show notes, too, so if anybody's driving walking.

Jackie Ulmer Doing dishes handling kids doing all the stuff that I typically do and listening to podcasts you can click back to the show notes and find that.

Jackie Ulmer Marie Thank you so much for spending the time thanks for educating us from a business perspective from a college professor's perspective.

Jackie Ulmer And you know just really shifting the conversation and the thought process that I really believe if more people will pay attention to this it's going to give them that posturing it's going to give them that confidence.

Jackie Ulmer To start having some of the conversations that potentially could lead them more quickly down the road to success and that's ultimately what we're after.

Marie Benoit Absolutely, thank you Jackie it's always a pleasure.





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