Changes and Growth in Life and Business

On today’s show, I’m going to share what I’ve learned over the last 14 years of coaching others to transformation and success with confidence, business and Social Media; and where I am today.

My hope is that you will find some tools  to assist you in your growth.

We’ll cover:


Confidence and the struggles so many have


Body Image Confidence and the disruption this plays in our lives


Social Media and the toll it has taken


Mindset and Beliefs


My business focus today




Here are the major points from today's show:

Confidence and the struggles so many have


  • Coaching since 2005, mostly Direct Sales and Network Marketing
  • Why so many people fail
  • Who would listen to me
  • lack of confidence in one’s abilities
  • not understanding how to position what they sell


Body Image Confidence and the disruption this plays in our lives


  • 91% of women express some level of dissatisfaction with their bodies and appearance
  • Only 5% of women naturally possess the “ideal” body type as most often depicted by American media.
  • Body image is closely linked to self confidence
  • Lack of Self confidence threatens every area of ones life
  • My own experience
  • My daughter’s
  • My BNI colleague


Social Media and the toll it has taken

  • Scrolling social media can have a negative effect on women and comparing themselves
  • We measure our B roll against everyone else’s A roll
  • Photoshopping, filters and edited images are feeding us a bunch of crap
  • We hold back, fearful of hater and trolls


Mindset and Beliefs


  • We have about 60-80,000 thoughts daily
  • 90% repetitive
  • 80% are negative
  • Think about your self talk
  • If we don’t learn to manage our thoughts; question our thoughts and re-wire our thoughts and minds, how can we expect change?
  • We all have thoughts around fear and failure that keep us stuck.
  • All fear is rooted in a past experience…
  • We have the ability to change our thoughts; change our feelings; change our beliefs and change our results


My business focus today


  • Business Coach since 2005
  • Social Media Coach since 2008
  • What I found was that confidence and limiting beliefs play the biggest role in determining ones level of success
  • I could lay out the perfect positioning in business; perfect social media strategy; but if one had a lack of confidence in themselves, including their body image, skills and worthiness, success was not going to happen
  • Definition of insanity



I’ve shifted a lot of my focus away from Social Media coaching and am more intent on getting to the root cause of these limiting beliefs and helping those who are committed to change actually create that change,


Some things I’ve shared before:


  • Where the “Secret” got it wrong
  • The problem with affirmations, I Am Statements and thinking positive
  • Feelings and Beliefs


My process for creating real, lasting change:


  • Exploring the past enough to find the cause of challenges
  • Deciding what we want to change and committing to that change
  • Thought downloads to see where limiting patterns show up
  • Getting clear on the role thoughts, feelings and beliefs play in how results show up for us
  • Developing a daily process for creating the desired change
  • Accountability and coaching to stay join track and make it happen
  • The School of Confidence


Questions for you:


Do you struggle with lack of confidence?


Negative Body Image issues that may be affecting your performance, confidence and success in important areas of your life including personal relationships; feelings of worthiness and business success?


Does Social Media often create feelings of not measuring up?


Do you play small on social media, and hesitate to use it as a tool for building your business brand due to fear of what others might think or say?


Would you like to kick these limiting beliefs to the curb; reprogram your brain and develop the confidence and skills for success?



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Let’s see what 2020 holds.


 If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.

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