Clarity on Your Values and Priorities


I run my life and my decisions around a few key concepts. One of those is the 3 Cs for Success, which are Clarity, Commitment and Consistency. Today, let’s cover Clarity on Your Values and Priorities.


My focus word for 2020 is accomplished, and I’ll cover how these all fit together.


The definition of clarity is the quality of the “state” of being clear. Having a clear understanding of what and why.


And, ideally, so others are clear as well.


Do you have clarity around your life goals and priorities?




When these are clear for you, it creates more joy and simplicity in your life.


I base my values and proprieties around my 5 Favorite F Words. My value and marketing “buckets” come from this.


I started with my WHY in each area, and also incorporated my focus word into each one.


My key phrase ion journaling and doing my Thought Download on this is -


Focus on what matters most.


What is my focus point on -




Family and Friends








What do I need to do each day,  week, month and year to end up feeling accomplished, which is my focus word.


So, for me with Faith, my focus point is - Be Strong. I use my thought download to check in on how I am doing with my strength in faith.


I use my thought download and ask lots of questions around faith. I ask questions, listen for answers, journal about it, meditate on it, and use audio to reprogram my subconscious mind.


Family and Friends - be fully present when with someone. No phone, social media, texting, etc. Showing up first and best for those who matter to me. When I focus on quality time and being present, I check my primary focus for this area of my life.



Fun - this is easy. I seek fun and joy in everything I do. No matter what I am doing. I remind myself - What is happening to me, is happening for me. I refuse to stay stuck in old stories and programming and instead find the good in everything. Pulling from Hal Elrod’s “It Happened” concept. Life is 50/50. Bad stuff happens and we can’t control that. We do control our reactions and actions.


Beyond that, what is on my calendar that is fun this next year? Nashville, Ventura, Cabo San Lucas, Lake Arrowhead, Croatia and more!


Fitness - longevity and peak performance are at the top of my focus list for fitness. Fueling with good food, movement and sculpting and toning; being the best that I can be,.


And, my first Grandchild will be born this March and I have a goal to not only live to 100+ but to see two generations of “great” grandkids.


If I am intentional with my action steps, I can connect the dots going forward.


Finances - this is a big part of my focus this year as I spent most of 2019 focused and cleaning top areas of my life that needed it. Now, I can keep mastering the practice of what I have in place in those 4 areas, and can dial in on my goals in my business.


My goal is to enroll 250 people into transforming their lives and businesses through my coaching. And, to pay off my house. And, to show up my best, giving value and coaching the heck out of people!


Now, each day, I can do my thought downloads, and journal by asking good questions and measuring up my day and life around being accomplished around my focus priorities.


My goal with fun is to say yes to opportunities for fun and travel, get it on the calendar and figure it out later!


So, that is how to gain clarity on your values and priorities; and use your focus word to measure and track your actions, and what is working or not working.


Figure out your values and priorities FIRST. Write those down. Create your focus point in each one; and then determine how your focus word can work with you and your goals.


Be intentional.


Develop the Vision, Commitment, Focus and Consistency to see the job through.

 If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.

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