Clubhouse for Network Marketers

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Clubhouse for Network Marketers

Clubhouse NOW for Network Marketing is First Mover Advantage

Okay, I confess, I have a new addiction. Yes, it’s clubhouse.


But, it’s more than an addiction because it is already monetizing.


New clients, lots of connections and conversation and I know more conversions are coming,


Better than that - I know more win wins are coming because I know I am able to help these struggling network marketers thrive on social selling without annoying family friends or strangers.


Let’s talk about Best Practices and the BASICS for Clubhouse - for Network Marketers



First, follow me - @jackieulmer

Steps to Stay in Touch and up to date on my Rooms and Trainings


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First, let’s talk about Clubhouse overall; why NOW it the sweet spot to be here and build your presence; best practices and then set up your profile and get you set for your launch.


Don’t worry - LAUNCH just really means a strategy for best use, visibility and brand building.




It’s an audio based platform, as you’ve probably figured out. And, can quickly expand your reach globally.


This new platform lets people chat in real time, share stories, collaborate, and bounce ideas off of each other using their voice without the need for a lot of other equipment.

It's like Podcast meets Social Media and group chat!

It takes some of the fear away, with no video and photos which quite frankly scare people.

No text, except your profile, so it MATTERS. No status updates.


Apple IOS only, and that gives us First Mover Advantage.


Pay attention even if you're android because it will open after beta and you can be prepared now.


You have the ability to connect and engage with professionals inside or outside of your industry or niche, without constant follow/unfollow


These are scheduled and spontaneous rooms filled with real-time chats on a variety of topics. Changes the old concept of the algorithms, at least for now.


The focus is on high-value conversations, content and collaboration rather than produced content.


Once a room ends, the conversation is gone forever.


This can create FOMO!


It’s currently invitation only, so use that to your advantage to get your tribe and “would be tribe” in!


People are loving the switch to an audio based platform, that’s open dialogue, and no one else is doing that. No written or video media, as you can see by looking around.


Your mind has likely come up with dozens of ideas just from your first few minutes on the App. I can’t shut my brain off from ideas.


THE perfect platform for community building right now, and staying focused. As much as possible, anyway.


No ads, videos, cute puppies and kittens, or other social media distractions.


Perfect for coaches, team builders and trainers. This is Why Clubhouse will Create More and New Leaders. BE one of them!


As you network and meet others, you can shift them to your other social media platforms, if you want.



Remember Periscope - yes it was short lived but during its heyday, 


1) There is a HUGE burnout factor right now with Facebook. I was on a bit of a hiatus, myself.


The "Lingo" of Clubhouse”

Top Row App Icons - Search, Invite, Calendar, Notifications, Bio

Room - where we Chat

Party Hat or Popper - 1st 7 days, then it disappears

Clubs - more advanced. Don't worry about this yet.

Stage - when you have the chance to speak

Hallway - same as newsfeed, what you see when you first log on.

The Tap the Bell

Raise Your Hand

Clap - Tap Your Mic

Invite or Ping - find the + sign at the bottom, open it and you'll figure it out.

3 Areas in a Room - Stage, Those who Speakers Follow, Everyone Else


How to and Key Tips to Create Your Profile

Username - YOUR name. No company names, and “cuteness” You turn people off. You are NOT your company, and people connect with people first, brand second.


People smell “sales” a mile away and when you lead with your company name,


Click into your photo top right, bio and then on your username to change it


Don’t “Be” like everyone else in your company.


The first three lines (roughly 125 characters) are a the most important words in your bio.


Make it clear, concise and easily understood, compelling, DEFINE clearly your value.


There is plenty of space. Be strategic as people SCROLL. Keep the best at the top.


People want to know WHO you are vs WHAT you do. What do you stand for? Your mission? Speak to your ICA so they know you SEE them. GET them, Can HELP them.


Share a Quote, Mantra, Mission


Clearly define the value you bring to the conversation.


Create paragraph breaks. Make it easy for others.


Instagram and Twitter are only clickable links right now. Could change. Make your InstaGram bio have outside links, like mine.


Put ONE or TWO other links in your bio, make them memorable -


People won’t copy/paste


CTA - what do you want people to DO once they’ve visited your bio


Your “Give and Ask” - my examples - - Podcast Guest/Host, Co-Host Room; DM me with questions if I might assist.


Use keywords and topics that interest you strategically. How you might want to collaborate. Conversations you want to be invited to. Keywords and phrases help you show up in Search.


Emojis are great to keep engagement.


Create bio in outside app.


There IS an algorithm - ALWAYS


How to be Strategic in WHAT you do, WHY you do it, and WHEN you do it


Consume, Connect, Create, Collaborate


POWER is in the smaller rooms - don’t get lost.

Visiting rooms - raise your hand, speak, ask questions, share story, acknowledge moderators. Get seen, be visible. PRACTICE so you are polished.


Don’t follow just to follow, thinking you will get followed. Lose Vanity Metrics.

WHO - can train you, inspire you, encourage you, give you a lift up, collaborate with you.

BECOME the big name.


Creating a Conversation or “Room” or Event

Have a strategy, but don’t overthink this. GET STARTED.

It will shift, grow, change, expand

CLARITY - what is your intent; who is your audience; what topic/keywords will “invite”; what is your CTA?

Challenge? Solution you provide.

NWM - Products and Business - don’t overlap too much, Remember - YOU are not your products, your company name, logos.

Commitment - show up, try, test, fail, fix

Consistency -

Start a room - spontaneous - have a topic and bullets, ask questions, open up for discussion.

Ideally, pre-schedule - Notifies others who follow you and may show in others “Hallway” and list of upcoming events.

Invite others in space - text, copy link, share link, tweet it, email, facebook, stories - get the word out.

Don’t stress over numbers. My 1st - 3 people. Made a powerful connection.

Plan out times and topics. NOW is the time, practice, drill rehearse and just do it - do it scared.

CTA - tell people what to do - Invite, Follow, Bell, DM for Collab - people follow directions more than leaving it random

Off topics of interest - Queen's Gambit, Hiking, Foodie, KETO, Travel, Book Club


KEY move. Start with me.

Choose others to co-moderate and promote with


My 90 plan and strategy

Still evolving - I’m on M-F - 3 times a day, 5am, 1pm, 5pm

I moderate about 3-5 rooms a week, and co moderate as much as possible.

I WILL be repeating many topics and content, mixing up the times to catch and build audience.

Topic Strategy - Network Marketing, Imposter Syndrome and Limiting Beliefs, Mindset

Off topic strategy - Enneagram, Mindset, Coaching,


CONSISTENCY is always king.

Do you have a question for me? DM me on Instagram @jackieulmer


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    Master Your Mindset and Limiting Beliefs


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    Bonus content includes:

    Taming the Money Monster

    Peak Performance Habits

    Mental Yoga and Thought Download Process




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