Creating Transformation Part 2

7 Steps to Create the Change You Want


Things happen for a reason. There is only the luck you create. There are no coincidences. 7 Simple Steps will get you there!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Create 3 Transformation Intentions and Write Them Down
  • Create Your Value List - My 5 F Words
  • Write Out a Plan
  • Calendar
  • Journal
  • Accountability
  • Focus on Consistency



You’re going to need to take some notes IF you really want to make something powerful happen. If you want to create that transformation.


Things happen for a reason. There is only the luck you create. There are no coincidences.


3 Simple Steps to Success and Making Money. Focus here, along with the steps to create your transformation.


First, MEET People and grow your database. C'mon, don’t say you don’t know anyone. People are everywhere and if you just pay attention to them, they will pay attention to you.


BECOME an influencer offline and online.


Second, make sure they know what you do and WHO YOU SERVE.



Have your intro teaser perfected.



Third, Share an offer.



Something free, ideally - consultation; product or service sample; information product that can create change!



More to come on these 3 steps, but I want you to keep these in mind as I share how to create the transformation steps so you are ready to go.


Okay, let’s transform!



Create 3 Transformation Intentions and Write Them Down


You must know WHAT and you must know WHY! Pick 3. Go back and listen to my last few episodes to learn more about my transformation and my 3 commitments.




Create Your Value List - My 5 F Words


EVERYTHING I do, online and offline fits into one of 5 value buckets -  Faith, Family and Friends, Fun, Finance, Fitness


Use those values to drive your transformation. Look at your 3 items and ask - how do my 3 transformation commitments fit into my 5 values?




Write Out a Plan - what do you know and what do you need


Look at each of the 3 Transformation Intentions and determine what the plan is you must execute to get you where you want to be.


What do you know how to do and what do you need support with?


For me, one of mine was 10,000 daily steps average. So, WHAT needs to happen?


Shoes and gear. Time blocked on the calendar. My health app to track. Accountability.







Who controls your 24 hours in a day? YOU. Yes, we all have other commitments that force us to get creative. So, get creative. learn to say no and what to say no and not now to.


What’s on the calendar gets done; can be measured and tracked. No excuses. Get an old fashioned calendar so you can create a habit and track your efforts.






A few years ago, I heard on a podcast to write down my Top 10 Big Ideas List every morning. So I did. After 30 days, common themes and threads came up and I chose to take action on them.


I also use my journal for gratitude and processing. It helps me get things out and see them in a different light. If I am honest with myself, and after ALL of the personal growth work I have done, I do choose to be honest with myself, I can do a lot of self coaching and accountability with this process.


I also use this at the end of each year to celebrate and improve myself. Heavy emphasis on BOTH of these - Celebrate and Improve.



Do your journaling for 30 days consistently and I promise you will see amazing things show up.


Clarity, being at the top of the list. Being more in touch with yourself and what matters are two more.


Better focus and commitment are another 2, to round out a top 5.








If you are journaling and using your calendar, you are your own best accountability partner. However, there is power in an accountability partner and a mastermind group.


Free and paid -


SURE, Kajabi, SURE Partners - 3




Focus on Consistency


Listen to the consistency chain episode -


Understand the power in just not breaking the chain. Focus on ONLY one day at a time. If you fall short, just pick it back up.


Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t think you have failed. Don’t create a thought or feeling you don’t want.


Remember this -


Thoughts are things.


Results are things.


We all have situations. They are just that. They have no weight until we add it. No meaning.


Before you go off in a wayward direction, just place your situation on the table, or in your journal in writing.




State what it is.


“I ate a plate of nachos today.”


Here’s where I could go with that.


Loser, blew my focus and plan; abs are made in the kitchen; I can’t stick with anything.


But, instead, here is where I went -


IF; BP Coffee; 10,000 Daily Steps; Weights; Everything in moderation.


So, that became -


Situation - “I ate a plate of nachos today.”


Thought - it tasted fantastic and I savored every bite. I had a great time with friends.


Feeling - it was one evening and only one. Today, I know what I WANT to do.


Actions - 20,000 steps; IF, BP Coffee, Salad and turkey soup in 6 hour window. Barre workout.


Results - I feel good, I look good, and I have things under control. I am still heading straight on to my goals!



Check the box today for accomplishing my goals.


One step closer to transformation.


Transformation is a journey. Yes, you will reach your destination but you will also find another transformation waiting for you.


So, what are your big 3?


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