How a Daily Thought Download Creates Success


Manage Your Thoughts, Master Your Happiness and Success

How a Daily Thought Download Creates Success in your life and your business.

Starting your day with an exercise in intentional thinking can truly change your life; your business and your happiness.

We have a choice each day - we can run the day, or the day can run us.

When we start the day by digesting the negative news; scrolling social media; scanning our inbox or anything else that gets us thinking in repetitive, often negative mode, chances are the day is not going to start on a high note.

Here is how to take control over your day, your thoughts and run more efficiently, effectively and happily.

First, know this - there are no rules.

No right or wrong.

You can do it different each day.

Okay, there is one small rule, that can be broken, but I encourage you not to.

That rule is this - you MUST write it out. On paper. With a pen.

There is a connection between your brain and writing that does not have the same effect as typing it.

Here is how I do mine:

I have a small journal style, bound notebook that fits into my purse. I like to have it with me so I can capture thoughts when I am out, too.

I set the timer on my phone for 5 minutes.

And, I just start freer flow writing.

About whatever comes to mind.

No judgement.

No worries about spelling



Nothing has to make sense.

No editing.

No overthinking.

I get it all out.

Happy things

Sad things

Angry things

Questioning things



Swearing (sometimes!)




I just write.

For 5 minutes.

Longer if the timer goes off and I am still scribbling away.

Most of us have been told what to think, right?

By many in our lives.

Parents, siblings, teachers, other family members, friends, spouses, significant others, bosses and more.

We’ve been told what to think, and when to think it, but most often...

We’ve never been taught how to think.

Let that really sink in...

Have you ever thought about thinking on purpose?

We don’t control the thoughts that come into our mind.

We do, however, control how we react to and “feel” those thoughts.

When you manage your mind by developing an awareness of your thoughts and feelings, you can self coach yourself through any situation.

It really does start by writing your thoughts down to clear your mind.

Then, you can run a simple process on the thoughts that trigger you.

This allows you to separate out what is really happening; your thoughts, feelings and reactions around it.


What is the thought?


What feeling do you feel in your body when you think it?


Then name the feeling.


Maybe it is anxiety.


Ask yourself why? Why do you feel anxious?


Are you thinking an anxious thought? Or has something really gone wrong?


What’s true about the thought?


Is it true right now? Happening right now?


Or is it something from the past?


We think on default most of the time and 90% of our thoughts are repetitive.


80% or more of those thoughts are negative.


Do you see how this might derail you?


Become curious about your thoughts; what they mean; how true and real they are and run them through the process.


The process is this -


What is the circumstance that is creating this thought? Could be a person, place, event, etc.


What thought does it create?


What’s the feeling I am feeling?


How do I act or react to it?


What results does this create?


Then, ask yourself these next questions -


Is the thought true?


How do I know it’s true?


What does it mean about me?


How and who would I be if I didn’t have this thought and feel this way?


What do I need to do to think a different thought that serves me better?


Do this practice daily for 30 days.


Challenge yourself to become aware and choose the thoughts and feelings that create what you want.

Sometimes, I do a thought download on a specific idea, or word -









Social Media


See where you can really get some thoughts and feelings coming up and out.


More to come on this topic!


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