How to Date Your Business Prospects

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How to Date Your Network Marketing Business Prospects

For Network Marketing and Coaches

We tend to think of dating as what we do for a romantic partner. But, what if we shifted how we think of our prospects and becoming attractive to those in and around our business?



Let's talk about first date magic for network marketers; are you dating your prospects. So when we think of dating.






Becoming attractive.


Getting noticed.



Mr Google says:


You are actively getting out there and meeting people and spending time with them. “Dating someone” means you're seeing somebody specific, with purpose and on a regular basis. ... You're spending time with a person (or persons) in hopes of finding a committed relationship.


Think about this with regard to the relationships you build in your business.






Team Partners.


Ambassadors for you.


Most people flounder and fail in their attempt to build a successful network marketing business…


Does that describe you? Are you floundering?

It's not because anything is wrong with you, your company or your products or the profession of network marketing the profession of coaching itself, most people fail because they don't know the rules of engagement for dating your prospects.


Ah, I hear a big collective sigh out there. I hear a lot of people thinking. They've been doing social media wrong. Maybe, maybe yes, maybe no. Here's the thing about social media. It is a forgiving. platform. Most social media platforms are very forgiving. Oh, there'll be some people that you'll turn off and they'll never come back around. That's okay. They weren't meant for you anyway.


But I hear that collective sigh also because I know a number of you out there. Maybe you specifically


feel overwhelmed.

You feel exhausted from trying to sort through the who the what the when, the where who's legitimate what's legitimate what solid what sincere.

What should you be doing to build your business.


Your sponsor; your upline are telling you one thing, the company may say something else and you see lots of other people online, who are doling out advice to


Hey, you're here listening right now. So you're listening to me dole out advice as well. Please know this.

I see you; I hear you; I get you.

I’ve been on that same road.

It’s bumpy and curvy. Foggy at times.

The good news is, it has delivered you right here, right now.

And, together, we are going to figure it out.

What does it mean to “date” something or someone?


We must form a relationship with anything we want in life - goals, health, fitness, good friendships, a journaling or meditation practice; spirituality.


Right? You can’t just think about something once and then expect to get what you want.

To get physically fit - you have to SHOW UP and take action.

It’s the same in your business.

You are actively getting out there and meeting people and spending time with them. “Dating someone” means you're seeing somebody specific, with purpose and on a regular basis. ... You're spending time with a person (or persons) in hopes of finding a committed relationship.


What is your plan to get noticed; attract attention; have them reach out to you or be open when you reach out? To share; and ultimately ask for the sale or sign up?


You want to warm them up to you and your message. This is the first part of Attraction Marketing, and becoming the hunted and not the hunter.

People are subconsciously drawn to their tribe and when you show up as someone who is like minded from the start, you’ve cracked open the door.

WHO do you want to attract? Who is your ideal prospect?

It’s so important to know "Who" you want to attract. I know, I know, in network marketing we are taught that everyone is our prospect.

And, while that might be the case, with social selling, or any kind, when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

What are some qualities of the person you would like to work with?

What are they challenges they face?

What are the solutions do you provide?

How are you opening the conversation with them again in social selling this type of situation this attraction typically starts in the newsfeed

With something that you post and something that they see something that's intentional that's designed in such a way that it's going to attract those people who are looking and why does it do that.

Because Instagram and Facebook, and even LinkedIn are smart, they're smart platforms they know what your audience. They know your audiences challenge.

They know the solution that they're looking for. They know because they know the previous searches and engagement that your ideal clients have had with others. That's where it's important to understand the algorithms.

Then how are you opening the conversation with them again.

It starts in the news feed something you post something they see and then it continues, it continues on and on it shampoo rinse and repeat.

Until they ultimately raise their hand. They raise their hand in a number of ways it could be a comment that they make on a post that you share a like that they give a direct message they send to you.

Now here's an important thing. And think about this in dating. Don't be a creeper engage back with them, but don't ask them to marry you.


We need don't throw up all over them with your business and your products and how would be perfect for them or anything else on the first date on that first comment.


I want to really encourage you to think about the person on the receiving end of what you share. They're not some digital mean that's out there. They're not some

One dimensional person that's they're just nothing more than to receive your sales message and by in their real live and they're human and they're going to experience you

What you share and the way you share it the same online as they do offline. So how would you approach it offline.

I've said this over and over again. If you're new to the show. It's maybe the first time. If you're not new. Think back. You've heard me say this.

You wouldn't do it offline. Don't do it online. If you wouldn't show up at the barbecue and walk in with a megaphone and your basket of products and start telling everybody how fabulous. They are. And they do this and they do that and you know they've got these ingredients and they're endorsed by this person and everything else.


If you wouldn't show up pitching and selling like that offline. Why in the world would you do it online. Why in the world would you think that that works.

So how again, would you approach it offline. I ask you that question. If you were intentional and not afraid. How would you open a conversation with someone at a barbecue.


To see if they might be your tribe to learn more about them and what might be challenging them to see if you have a solution that might be a fit.

And then again, just like online. How would you go about continuing the conversation. These are all things to think about in your first dating.

How would you continue it?

There are 4 moves that are beyond annoying and can result in the exact opposite of what you want.

1 of them is done by many through Direct Message. There is a time and place for DMs and they are powerful when done RIGHT.

Another involves using pre-packaged, curated photos from your company, upline, or perhaps that you purchased. These can get you blocked; shadow banned and wondering why you hear crickets.

Algorithms matter. Understand them.

Anything that says Join My Team

And it's possible that through some of your annoying moves that you're giving away your best prospects to a top leader in your company. And this happens when you use your company names, product names, company or product images and that type of thing. Now, I can tell you this from true experience myself over the years of sponsoring people into my business who learned about my company online.

Through someone else learned about my company offline through someone else and for whatever reason that person who was sharing about the company didn't resonate specifically with the individual who I'm talking about

And that person just simply went out onto Google and started doing some searches landed on my site and most often signed up and join me in my business without even a conversation

When I would ask them, How did you find me. How'd you learn about me. You know, we've had no conversation. What was it the prompted you to sign up, they would say,:

“There was someone out on the internet posting you know about the company or I saw him at a networking event and they just didn't really resonate with me. I didn't really like their style. So I just went to google, did a search and you popped up!”

This happens; it's happened for years. I am 21 years now marketing online and I've been experiencing this almost since day one. So I know it's true.

I’ve created a tool to help you, and it’s free -

First Date Magic for Network Marketers - How to Attract, Engage and Sponsor Without Annoying Friends, Family and Strangers

It’s a checklist and an MP3 to help you clean up your act!

Don’t wait. You’ve heard me say it before -

NOW is a critical time for you to gain tremendously in your business. Pandemic.

IF not now, when? If not this, what?


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