How to Guarantee a Close or Sale in Network Marketing

Sales is NOT a Dirty Word. It is a  Skill you MUST Master in your Network Marketing Business!


Sales is the MOST amazing skill and THING when done right, with your ideal client's biggest challenge in mind. When I learned this skill, everything changed.


Our Resistance to Sales and Why - We don't want to "Sell" to friends; the Ick Factor;We don't want to seem Pushy;We don't want to look stupid


We’ll cover:

 5 Step Closing Process

Where they ARE and where they want to GO

Bridge the Gap

Paint the Vision - Don’t Skip This

Listening to Objections

Handle the Objections




5 Step Closing Process


Why people don’t say yes - not everyone is going to say yes.  Evaluate your sales process because when they don’t buy, it’s just something that went wrong with your sales process.


And, it could be that they are not looking for your solution, so the breakdown in the sales process is that they weren’t truly a qualified prospect.


Understanding the sales and closing process will increase sales 80%. You will need to practice this to master it, which means lots of conversations with prospects.


Questions are your secret to guarantee a close much more often. ASK questions.


Have a clear picture of what to do, without winging it.


Sales Triad - belief in you, belief in your offer, belief in themselves. You both must have this!


Stay out of other people’s checkbooks. Don’t assume ahead of time to what someone can or can’t afford, what they are or are not willing to pay for.




Step 1 - Where they ARE and where they want to GO


Most people never control the sales process or conversation. They let them ramble and let them be expert,  instead of taking control.


MAINTAIN your Expertise in the process.


Instead, control the conversation and ASK questions. Like a Doctor does.


Where they ARE is the biggest focus. Get them only answering the questions you ask.


HEAR their problems.


Don’t “solve them right there”


What is there challenge? Where are they with it? Where do they want to go.


Know this for your product conversation and your opportunity conversation.,



Step 2 - Bridge the Gap


Share what your solution is and how it will work. Don’t sell though.


Instead, show them the problem, and solve it conceptually (explain solution). What is creating the problem?



Step 3 - Paint the Vision - Don’t skip This


This is HUGE!!! You want people buying from a place of possibility. Not “probability.” We buy things we are excited about and not things we are afraid won’t work. Paint the vision of possibility and results.


Don’t talk about costs and money until you have painted the vision of possibility.


Imagine how you will feel this holiday season after you’ve released that extra 30 pounds that’s driving you crazy. How will you feel? What clothes will you wear to events?


Get them thinking about how they feel about their body; their confidence; how will shopping feel?


Talk about what will be different and the impact of the results.


What will change for you? Get them talking about it. What is important to them in this whole process?


Focus on results.


Business Opportunity - money = Freedom; What money will bring you, it’s not just about making money. How much money do you want to make in your business?


How would you see yourself? What would be different for you? Your family? Your children? What experiences would you create?


Imagine you are now able to take your family on dream vacations; send your children to private school; bring your spouse home from work; Imagine when that income jumps to $250,000


See how different that is from allowing someone to settle into their fears. Paint such a strong vision that if they say NO, they are saying no to their entire future and success.


How my life would be different with certain “Nos” - Network Marketing, the Internet, Hiring a coach, joining a mastermind; having faith,


You have to take them out of fear of saying yes and more into fear of saying no.



Step 4 - Listening to Objections


What are they ahead of time? Figure this out.


Bad language - what do you think? Are you ready to buy; sign; join? How does that REALLY feel.


Here’s a shift - What are your thoughts?


This detaches you, neutral, non pressure


Don’t talk about cost until you have gone through objections, if at all possible.


Before I talk about price, let me ask you a question - on a scale of 1 to 10, how committed are you to getting the results we talked about?


Time, money, speak to spouse,


The guarantee close question - On a scale of 1-10,  how excited are you to ……


What would it take to make you a ten?


It’s funny, so often we think we need more information.  That’s how our brain processes decisions. How do you think you’ll feel with more information.  What do you want from the information?


What if you just did it?


Step 5 - Overcome the Objection


It’s much better to overcome objections BEFORE talking about money. When they share the objection,  you are going to coach them right through it.


We learn and succeed through action, not learning.  Show them WHY they have the objection. Stay out of your own mind about processing decisions.


Keep them focused on what they are going to get.


Plant seeds, paint the vision and really focus there.


Be confident in the results you offer. Give value and stand behind it.


Magic lamp that could give you everything you ever wanted, would you spend the money if the results were guaranteed the results. It’s worked for many, why would it NOT work for you?


Process of decision making - basing it on the past. IS your decision now based on the past? How would you make this decision if you were already successful?


Worst Case/Best Case Scenario - ask how they would FEEL in each scenario. In the worst case scenario - how would they feel and what would be their plan to achieve what they want - the best case scenario. If they make $100k vs if they don’t make $100k


Possibility vs probability - What is and was, vs what can be.


What your client needs to buy from you - CERTAINTY - people will buy from the person confines enough to sell it.


Don’t be afraid of silence and waiting.


If possible, show them that what they are currently doing isn’t working.


This takes practice and skill development.


Everything you post shows others what they’ll be doing if they join you.


Carry yourself in a way that inspires others, and that doesn’t mean not being authentic or having challenges. but love your life! If you come, you’ll experience this, too


 If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.


Get it booked today.


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