How Social Media Has You Stuck

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How Social Media Has You Stuck


Most of my clients get stuck on the part of Social Selling that requires you to “Show up.”


To be seen.


They get so stuck on this. Do you ever feel this way?



They get so stuck on this.


Some people get stuck here FOREVER.


I mean it. FOREVER.


Network Marketing success is like dating.


You meet that “perfect person.” He (or she) is the “package” and you are ready.


But, he never asks you out.


He flirts a little. You stalk him on Social Media, but you can’t quite tell…


Is he single? Is that a girlfriend in that photo, or just a friend?


Your mutual friends don’t really know what’s up, either.


But, unbeknownst to you, he is looking for someone just like you. In fact, he is sure he is looking for YOU.


But, he stays stuck in his shell.


And, so you never know. And, you both miss out on what might have been.


This is what MOST of you are doing right now!


Are you doing it? I bet you are. Even if you think you aren't. You're THAT dude who isn't asking the girl out!


You are stuck, feeling like you don’t know when to post on social media, much less WHAT to post.


You have an idea, but then…


Your brain is saying - NOOOOO! That’s dumb.


People will laugh.


They’ll talk behind your back.


You’ll suffer social humiliation.


You can’t possibly post a selfie. It needs to be perfect. 


It can’t be perfect til you get a haircut. And, color. New makeup. Maybe a total makeover.


Pretty soon, it’s just one excuse after another.



Think about it. Did you put yourself out there on Social Media TODAY? Yesterday? The day before?


Did you show up consistently and authentically so “that dude” can’t help but ask you out?


Now, shift “ask you out” to “Become interested in the solution you offer.”


Hang onto that thought of being interested in the solution you offer, because that is what gets the interest and the “DATE” so to speak.


Maybe you have fallen into the trap of buying some “done for you package” of social media posts, hashtags, the perfect time to post, and so on.


That didn’t really work so well, though, did it? It didn’t produce the results you thought it would, or were promised.


Do you know why? Do you want to know why?


It’s not YOU!!!


It’s not from your heart. It’s not authentic. It feels forced to you, and your audience knows it too, because it’s not your voice.


And, it’s not your picture. It’s not giving people a chance to see you, and feel who you are.


A picture paints a thousand words. A picture of you invites people in. It lets them know who you are. It builds that know, like and trust.


This is critical to social selling success.


In my 3 Secrets Success Guide, we identified the solution you offer. Link in Bio if you don’t have it yet.


How are you sharing that solution in a way that creates the business you desire, and the freedom you deserve?


Here’s my guess


You’re stuck on the “Getting Started” part.


You’re over thinking how to just START.


What if I told you that just by STARTING, you’ve cleared the biggest hurdle?


That by the time you get to 15 posts, you’re confidence will be stronger


That by the time you get to 30 posts, you have a growing tribe of interested people.


And, by the time you reach 100 posts, you’ve probably made some sales and grown your team.


Would you believe me?


And, if you wouldn’t believe me, why not?


If it happened like that for me (I sponsored my first person online less than one month after I started), why wouldn’t it for you?


You have to show up. And, you have to show up some more. Even when you don’t feel like it. Especially when you don’t feel like it.


That builds and sculpts your consistency and commitment muscle group. It builds confidence.


It’s time to put your face out there. Your story out there. What goes on in your life, the good and the bad, the real and not just the photoshopped “everything is perfect” version.


Life is 50/50. Everything about it. All of the success and money in the world doesn’t stop bad days; bad hair days; a blemish on your face when you don’t want it; a few extra pounds here and there for some.


It doesn’t stop break ups, betrayals, sickness, death or sadness.


Sharing your personal side draws people to you.


Even when you think that nothing you have to say is interesting or relevant. It is. To someone, to MANY someones, actually.


Will you do it? Will you do it scared? Will you do it when you don’t want to? Will you just do it, already?


If you aren’t creating isn't because you aren't good enough, or that no one wants what you have to offer. Or they can't afford it. SERIOUSLY. It isn't any of that.


It’s because you are stuck on go.


Ready to get unstuck?


I help Network Marketers make money without annoying their family and friends. So they get up each day and know exactly the marketing messages they will be sharing socially; and how to build their brand from their own authentic self and in their own words.


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