How to Monetize Social Media for Network Marketing

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How to Monetize Social Media for Your Network Marketing Business

If you’re struggling to monetize your Social Media efforts, it could be you are missing the whole point of Social Media.


It’s not to SELL, although selling does take place.


It’s to create connection, conversations and then conversions will follow.


Tell, don’t sell.




Share who you are; why you do what you do; what your passions are and how you serve.


If you feel like your story doesn’t matter; that no one will listen; you simply need a mind shift.



Transcript (With Errors)

We're going to talk about how to monetize social media, because of course.


Especially in light of the last year living with the pandemic and quarantines and shutdowns and shelter in place.


People are asking that question, and I know that, while i'm in the US, where things are a little more open in a lot of areas.


I have clients in the UK and was just actually on a call over in the UK and it's still in total shutdown as of this recording so of course it raises the question how do I monetize social media because that's a question so many people have.

Had have had for a long, long time and now more than ever and it's kind of interesting.

The reality of it is i'm just going to be really upfront with you you're not going to hear anything new today that you probably haven't already heard.

And the reality of it is in life and business in general, most of the information that you hear and learn there's nothing new about it it's kind of the same stuff because really and truly success leaves leaves clues.

And if it's not broken don't fix it kind of thing, so what happens very often is that we are like a hummingbird buzzing from.

bloom to bloom looking for the nectar looking for the big secret looking for something else that's going to check the box it's going to instantly create that success for us, but the reality of it is it's a process.

it's a set of learned business skills we've talked about that, before and it's really mostly around the three c's clarity, commitment and consistency.

Clarity commitment and consistency so again, especially with social media and using the tools of digital marketing, you have to know really and truly who your ideal client is, and the reason you have to know that is because that is who you're speaking to.

In network marketing specifically and honestly and other professions, maybe you're a real estate agent a coach and in many other professions we're taught to talk to everyone, and while everyone could be our ideal client.

When we speak to everyone, we speak to no one, so it really is true, so one of the first things that I figured out now keep in mind, I took my business online in .

Okay, I didn't know anything about the Internet, I didn't know anything about websites social media didn't exist there was no YouTube there certainly was no zoom.

There were no online membership sites, none of that existed, so I predate all of that and i've learned and develop the business skills that go along with that, as i've grown because honestly.

People are people are people, and so we do basically three things in our business, regardless of what that businesses, we meet people we share with them what we do.

And we make an offer now and then the fourth piece of course is following up now that may seem over simplified, but we know.

We have to constantly be meeting new people, we have to be adding new people to our database to our list of potentials.

And then they upgrade to prospects and then you know it kind of goes from there, but our goal is always to be meeting new people.

getting to know them building that relationship with them understanding, who they are more about them and what they might be looking for, so that we can eventually make that offer to them.

And it's the same thing with social media now if you haven't been one on one of my first date magic webinars yet go to first date

That will give you the the checklist okay of things to make sure that you have set up for your online tools and that will take you into the webinar schedule there's one tonight.

As of this recording there Wednesday evenings and it's a great chance for you to listen to learn to the success keys of digital marketing.

And then of course the annoying don'ts of digital marketing those marketing those things that turn people off, but we talk a lot about algorithm algorithms we talk about understanding the way digital marketing works.

Now we're in in a very interesting time as of this recording in that a lot of things are shifting there are a lot of.

Internet entrepreneurs eight figure income earners really solid thought leaders in my space, specifically, who are moving away from Facebook.

they're moving away from Facebook, for a number of reasons doesn't mean they'll totally leave Facebook behind.

I don't know it remains to be seen, but what I do know is that a lot of people are leaving Facebook and so consequently there's a large mass of people looking to those who run companies, those who run memberships and those who.


support these groups to offer an alternative to Facebook i've moved away from Facebook i'm not off of Facebook entirely.

But my interest in being on Facebook right now is like this it really truly is I just spent six days back east.

And I didn't post a single photo of anything I didn't talk about my trip I didn't talk about going.

I didn't talk about any of that and I just didn't feel the need, I just was disinterested i've said before right now i'm spending a big bit of my time.

On insight timer the meditation APP but it's also much more than meditation and i'm building a nation there for mindset mastery for business, working with entrepreneurs from a mindset perspective, and for me it's a great space.

Because the competition is really pretty small and i've already been featured twice now on their homepage I just got a notification this morning that my inner voice of success.

Talk don't know what else to call it talk is being featured for the next week on their homepage when you log in as one of the.

recommended talks that you listen to so that's for a week and i'm super excited about that because, again there's not that much that's over there, right now in my particular niche.

Is it the right platform for you, I don't know you'll have to go over there and explore and see.

Like anything I have a marketing mindset and i'm are always anytime i'm in a space i'm figuring out how can I use this, how can I grow from this.

How can I learn and grow and then is there an opportunity for me to show up and serve this audience and i'm super excited about it next month i'll be approved to go live on insight timer and i'll be doing a lot there.

So that's where i'm spending time i'm also spending time on clubhouse now right now clubhouse is only open to ios and APP it's in beta.

don't anybody get upset by that they almost every APP ever always goes beta with apple it's a smaller group.

it's a more trendy techie group in general and I don't mean that to suggest that if you use an android you're not hip and trendy and, on top of things.

But you know apple fan, people are just apple fan people so and i'm kind of one.

So it rolls out to beta on apple first and the other thing to keep in mind is that the apple user base is much smaller than android so it only makes sense for them to beta test it there as well.

The the apple APP store seems to be more updated whatever anyway i'm not interested in arguing that or anything i'm just trying to let you know now why clubhouse is what it is so back to basically how to monetize social media remember this.

People are people are people and nobody shows up on social media to be sold to.

they're not looking for your product they're not looking for your company they're not looking for any of that they're looking for a solution so when you begin to think about monetizing social media.

And and getting a return on investment, you have to think how can I show up and attract an audience and give and serve and serve.

It takes a little while for people to become aware of you, we tend to have this mindset that it's supposed to be immediate.

But I can tell you from offline networking be and I different things like that it doesn't happen overnight it's not like you show up one time.

You do your little you know nd spiel or second or one one minute spiel introducing yourself and everybody raises their hand and pulls out their credit card and they're ready to buy from you, it doesn't happen like that offline it won't happen.

In most cases, for you like that online, sometimes it does, but not always, and so I always like to set a realistic expectation that it's a process and that's what we talked about the clarity piece of it.

Really building out that strategy, and I know everybody's always looking for that overnight clue but the reason the street smart wealth academy is set up to take you through the way that it does.

is really and truly need building on years of struggling as a network marketing professional struggling when I took my business online six years later.

That was and testing and tweaking and adapting and figuring out what works, now the benefit that I had I don't know why.

I knew this intuitively when I took my business online in I had an idea of what my end goal was, and it was to attract people to me to my website now remember social media didn't exist, so I wasn't.

Attracting to the me to them on Facebook, or through a YouTube video or my podcast or any of that I was writing articles, putting them on my blog contributing them to article sites.

And then I was ultimately getting on discussion forums where I first and foremost lurked and learned and watched what other people were doing.

And what I saw more than anything is that a lot of people were in selling mode.

They would jump in and the title of their subject, if you weren't ever on discussion boards and forums, it would kind of be like posting on instagram and having your headline or that very first title or on Facebook say you know, make a million dollars in your first year or.

sponsor people a month, no selling required that kind of stuff people would show up and posts that kind of stuff and they may have gotten a lot of clicks, but most of us know if it sounds too good to be true.

It probably is too good to be true it's not real and so those people would burn themselves out.

And I would set myself apart because I don't know why again I just knew to go in and add value, so I would create a little tip sheet, so I would go in and say now, remember, I had six years in building my business, so I had.

overcome my limiting beliefs, mostly nobody's ever overcome them entirely I just came home from this trip, with some new ones that i've had to explore.

So I had overcome most of my limiting beliefs regarding network marketing you could no longer throw me off, if you said oh that's a pyramid scheme or any of that type stuff like that none of that ever.

bothered me at all so or did in the early days, but by the time I took my business online I was fine, so I would go in with little tips and say you know, three.

three ideas for building a business with small children or two thoughts on how to overcome this objection I would literally just sit and look at my life.

And what I was dealing with children family making dinners trying to make healthy dinners and run a business.

feeling guilty for being a mom and trying to build a business and Should I be with my kids all that kind of stuff so I just took everything that was going on in my real life.

Maybe I just done a business overview.

So what we call them back in the day, sharing my business with someone and they laughed at me or maybe they told me know, maybe somebody a big leader quit my organization, I would take all of that stuff I would write an article about it.

I would post it on my website I would post it out another article sites and then I would post it out on forums and I would always bring people back to.

My site that was always my goal, so when social media came along.

I knew right away that my number one goal was to interest them on social media but get them off of social media as quickly as I can, and it's kind of funny.

That worked great for me for years in fact it's never quit working for me, but as I continued coaching I started running into resistance with some of my coaching clients.

I don't want to do a blog Why do I need a lead capture I don't need an email list or i'd have people that would email me and say i'm unsubscribe from your email list because I follow your update updates on Facebook.

And I used to think you don't get it you don't get it at all, you really don't get it at all it's kind of like I don't know if this is the best example but let's say that I am going to sell watches.

And I load up my car and some tables and I drive down to an empty lot.

And I set out my watches to sell and the highway patrol comes along and tells me ma'am i'm sorry you can't sell your watches there you have to go somewhere else.

So I look at walmart parking lot I think oh my gosh i'm going to go to the walmart parking lot because there are tons of people there.

Never mind that it competes with walmart because they sell watches right pretty soon the walmart security guard comes out to me and says ma'am i'm sorry you can't sell your watches your get off our property.

that's kind of the same when you build your entire asset base on social media Okay, when you don't invest any time and energy into doing a blog doing the lead capture page.

Pulling your hair out maybe just a little bit to do the tech part of it if it's if you're struggling with it to get that out there that's an asset that will work for you, over and over and over again.

To this day, % of my monetized clients come to me through ultimately they come to me through my blog they come to me either off of social media where they opted in, and then we have a discussion or they googled something and found me network marketing coach network marketing trainer.

Women leaders in network marketing network marketing coach for women i'm just thinking of search terms that I actually.

Have that i'm at the top of right now, but I have specifically kind of like I said when I would look around my world and figure out.

What are the keywords that my ideal client will be typing in.

What are the hashtags that your ideal client will be typing in what would they be typing into Google to find you if they know that you don't exist.

Okay, so i've deviated off a little bit, but those are some examples that type of thing or examples of how you begin to monetize social media, you have to have that clarity around who your ideal client is.

What their biggest challenges and the solution that you're looking for now, the best thing about that on social media is that part of your intentional plan, then, is to continue to build awareness and attract.

them through social media to where they begin to recognize your face recognize your post and show up repeatedly to read what you're saying.

And that's when it doesn't matter you know people always say what's the best time of day to post it say it doesn't matter, the best time of day to post is is the time that works for you, because if you've built.

Enough awareness and you've built a captivated audience and enough interest.

You can post it three in the morning, your time and you'll attract people all over the globe and certainly in your area because it won't matter.

The algorithms are set up to put your information in front of the right people if they already been engaging with your information.

So your goal number one is to create that clarity plan, who is my ideal client what is their biggest solution, and what are they looking for what are those groups they're involved in.

How can I, how do I go about finding them so again with social media it's like you're in a it's like you're in a mansion I actually toured the.

biltmore estate the biltmore estate over in asheville North Carolina just two days ago, when I was over in nashville.

And can't remember there's like I think there are bathrooms okay that just gives you an idea, maybe, maybe over rooms in the home, I can't remember exactly it's huge, to say the least.

But that would be like me walking in there, to the grand for a beautiful staircase, and all this stuff and i'm looking for someone.

who showed up an hour before me, and now I got to try to figure out in this big room where they are well, if you think about it there's a swimming pool inside the biltmore mansion, believe it or not built in late s s it doesn't work anymore, at least, but anyway there's.

The kitchen that's probably where I would go cuz I love to cook there's the gun room there's the smoking room there's the billiard room there's the library there there's the men's.

Keeping room there's the women's social room there's the bridge room there's there's all these different rooms in the biltmore mansion right.

And so i'm thinking Oh well, I love to cook so i'm going to look for those people who have similar interest to me.

where's the first place, I would go well, I certainly wouldn't go to the smoking room or the billiard room I might happen through those and strike up a conversation.

And maybe one of those people would be interested in cooking.

But not likely and not at that time so i've got to put myself in that area where that ideal client would be, I hope that analogy makes sense, but that's how it is for you, so what.

is who is your ideal client what is their biggest challenge and what's the solution that they're looking for that you provide and then where will they be hanging out online.

Now, one thing that I really want to focus on is this if you're not currently monetizing the followers that you have.

Meaning you're not creating interest you're not creating any customers or clients you're not getting any site signups from the current.

Followers that you have your problem is not getting more followers that's, the first thing everybody else wants to go to I need a mass amount of followers.

Well, if you're Kim kardashian maybe that might work for you or the other Jenner I can't think of her kylie she the one that became the youngest billionaire I don't follow any of them, but anyway, you probably know what I mean.

You know the one that is selling the makeup line if you're an influencer like that, then you can be out there in the masses, but if you've got a very.

Specific program and you're not famous as a celebrity and already known, then you have to be very specific with the group of followers that you have.

If you're not monetizing the ones that you have then adding more followers is not the answer it's first and foremost figuring out what your messaging is.

you've got to get that messaging on point so that you are speaking their language so that you're attracting them and not repelling them and there's a difference, and if you haven't gone through the killer content.

And copy sales formula program you have access to it.

Make sure that you go through that so that you get up to speed on how to develop your email series and how to how to write out that entire program so that you basically have one working document that you can pull from to create.

blog posts to create social media posts to create your email series to create a presentation, if you were to do a minute presentation, or anything like that once you take the time to sit down and write out that content and create that document.

Then you have something fluid that you can work with over and over and over again, and it will make it easy for you to test it put things out there and then pay attention.

How much engagement did I get and who's commenting who's continually engaging with me and am I paying attention to them and am I then engaging with them.

Now here's the thing to keep in mind the people who are most engaging with you and commenting aren't necessarily going to be the ones who become your clients or that you sponsor onto the team, or whatever.

But they could become great ambassadors for you, and what that means is we love them on social media because they help throw us out into the algorithm.

They help Facebook and instagram and linkedin and everybody look at it and say oh she's getting a lot of attention he's getting a lot of attention.

i'm going to keep putting his or her posts out in front of this person because they tend to like what they're seeing.

So you want to pay attention you want to reward those people by being engaged with them, so be equally as engaging remember you want to give to gain.

Okay, not in a way that's all about being out there for nothing more than gain, but you always create a win, win you start with the when when you start with value and what you're giving to others.

So you have to really focus on becoming attractive on social media to monetize social media by attractive, I mean your messaging.

I mean you're clear messaging that lets them know I see you I hear you I get you I can probably help you Okay, so those things for sure, keep that in mind.

So, again, I always say go back and look at your last three to four posts on social media and look at those very analytically from a curious mind that says.

My ideal client doesn't know me they don't know I exist, but they saw their friend comment on it and they hopped over.

What how what's their perception of me, going to be most likely how am I going to come across to them if they need what it is that I sell.

Am I am I sharing in a way that's solution oriented and not selling oriented because there's a big big difference, I think you know what I mean.

i've shared the story before of way back in the day when my husband and I lived here in phoenix the first time and we decided to put a pool in the backyard and we had three people we called out probably.

shasta pools that one of the biggest pool you know big conglomerate pool company here in phoenix we call them.

And then there was a guy that was at my networking group I wasn't in dni then, but he was the pool builder and our networking group.

And then we also called the husband of a good friend of mine who was part of my network marketing company, we were not upline downline we were cross line, but we had become really good friends and we actually did a lot together.

out and about and building our businesses and brainstorming and it was funny all three of them came and they presented in a totally different way, so one of them came the shasta pool guy came with all of his.

fancy fancy brochures and you know was pretty annoying he didn't ask us any questions he just basically showed us what the options were it was very cold very sterile the.

The second one, who was a friend of mine from my networking group he was fine.

he's a little arrogant, as I recall, which was fine, though I really liked him, he was he was a super nice guy.

But he you know showed us this that the other thing, but he had you know his sales book and brochures and stuff to the third guy, who was the friend, he was a friend of ours too, but he was a friend of my friend.

He walked in with a yellow tablet and a pin and that was it like nothing else, no calculator no brochures nothing, and he sat down with us said hello to my children sat there with us and said so tell me.

about what your goals are for this pool tell me how you see yourself enjoying this pool.

Is it some you know, is this going to be family, which of course he knew some of the answers I think my son was six and my daughter was probably three.

You know, and we had an active neighborhood we were big entertainers we still are, and he probably knew all that but still like he got us engaged in asking us questions, how do you he painted a picture, how do you see yourself using this pool.

Do you see having the kids birthday parties there is it going to be a neighborhood hang out, I mean no keep painted this whole picture.

You know, and how would you see the pool like what depth, do you think it would be do you see yourself diving off of it, would you want a waterfall a water feature just all these different things were honestly.

I don't know if I thought of any of that in in those words I had looked at all the brochures and looked at stuff and was picking out stuff that was way above our price point, obviously.

Or you know it's kind of the typical female way to do things, especially back in that day anyway, you know all this different stuff.

But he just got really got us thinking we were in that pool, we were entertaining we had our block of a we had all of this stuff going on in our mind he had solved the solution way before we knew the price we'd even picked out a design.

or certainly before we had Doug you know Doug ground on it and started the process so.

That always has rung true with me, he was the best sales trainer i've ever had in my entire life, and I remember tucking that lesson away and thinking.

This is how I need to engage in sales, this is what they mean when they say paint a vision, this is what they mean when they say, be a solutions provider, and this was back in .

Probably i'm really dating myself probably way before social media I hadn't even started taking my business online yet.

But I remember tucking that lesson away and it made an impact on me and i've really worked hard always to position myself that way.

And, and what a difference right so imagine we've got the shasta pool guy who walks in never asked us a single question about us then meet our kids you know, none of that he's just.

buy the book here's the facts, this is what the pool does this is what the depth is this is what it's going to cost per square foot, if you want this kind of tile it's going to be this I mean it was.

dollars and cents dollars and cents and you know in two months you'll have a pool kind of thing.

And then the second one, you know, he did a better job, but he certainly didn't paint a picture, it was kind of the same thing he was much friendlier warmer that kind of thing.

But at the end of the day, I still didn't have a solid visual of my pool, and then the third guy I was like in the pool beautifully tanned serving Margarita and chips and salsa having all my neighbors over having my kids birthday parties, I was doing all this.

Before even walked out of the House so guess, who we went with to build our pool john the third guy, of course.

It was a no brainer and honestly I can't remember well shasta pools was definitely the cheapest because they were the bulk one, so the big one, was the cheapest so we did not go with the cheapest.

by any means I don't remember where john and the other guy was Gary not the matters I don't remember where he came in, but it didn't matter it didn't matter.

I mean unless it would have been ridiculous we knew who we were going with we were going with john because he was interested in making sure that at the end of two months, when the entire process was done, we were living our dream.

And that's what you want to do that's how you monetize social media okay.

know who that ideal client is you know what it is they're looking for you know what that pain point is, you know how to poke the bruise and continue to put it out in front of them in a way that's not taunting but haunting.

got that it's not taunting them but it's haunting them because they lay their thinking about it and thinking about what how that can be the solution for them how they can put themselves into that picture, how they can paint themselves into that vision of what's possible.

So know where they are know what they're focused on and then there's two other things that I really, really want to point out, and one of those is.

Please take time on a regular basis to look at your bio and your profile.

I call it bio and profile it's basically the same thing, but it's what introduces you to the world it's what they're going to click over to.

to learn more about you, they see your great post in the news feed, why do they want to click to know more about you and then what are they going to click into what are they going to see.

What do they get to see that makes them keep saying yes.

He or she gets me Yes, he or she sees me they're the one I want to follow them, I want to click to their website, I want to know more about them.

Which leads me to the second point, which is make sure you always have a call to action, what do you want them to do from every post that you make.

follow you click here to get a free giveaway what share this with someone answer a question, what is it that you want them to do and make sure that your call to action is very clear and leaves no question about what those next steps are that you want them to do.

Now, another question that came in this was one of the questions that came in, when I posted it out for asking questions not being in the hot seat, but asking questions was.

This is really timely I am I need this talk, I feel like i'm wasting time on social, which is.

You know, it came back around that's what I think I had posted in the original thing.

And I actually had two people reply back and say yeah that totally describes me I feel like i'm doing nothing but wasting time on social media, so it goes back to the same thing, first of all, why.

Why do you feel like you're wasting time what's happening, and how are you measuring that time.

Its return on investment and and and really being able to measure and track on social media in the beginning, is very, very difficult, but I equate it to.

And I always use lexus I don't know why i've never owned a lexus I own an infinity I should probably start saying that but anyway.

I always equated to lexus and cars, and I think about two things the billboard.

That hundreds of thousands of people drive by every single day that advertises lexus and most of those people never even see that billboard or they glance up at it, they keep going they think.

I don't need a new car I can't afford that kind of car I don't like the color i'm often lala land I don't even see the billboard.

Okay, so in the beginning lexus probably couldn't create a Roi return on investment of that billboard but they know that consistently over time.

That billboard is going to attract when people see it over and over and over again they keep driving looking up looking up seeing the billboard over and over again same with their commercials everyone has seen one of those commercials they're almost always filmed.

it's at sunset or dusky on the Pacific coast highway up near big sur where you're winding down the car and it's beautiful and.

You know you it's a it's usually a couple and they're just living the life of their dreams and they're just free spirited and on the way.

And again they don't ever talk about the cost of that vehicle for sure they paint a vision and a picture of what's possible.

But when they run that there's no way for them to know the Roi how many people are going to see that commercial and by if that if that commercial costume a million dollars, how many cars, they have to sell.

to pay for it and then to break even and then to actually be in profit same with the super bowl commercials if you're here in the US, you know we just had the super bowl on Sunday.

And you know it's millions and millions of dollars to buy those short little clips on the superbowl.

what's the return on investment, I don't know I saw the m&m will and I thought it was really cute I thought the T mobile one was the best, but I need to go back and watch them anyway.

But i'll never I don't like T mobile it never worked for me, I am a verizon girl, but I thought they had a great commercial.

Anyway, you know just things like that, but there are some people, probably, who would see one of those commercials.

be attracted and they're going to buy so it's just like that on social media you don't know on any given day if it's worth it.

You don't know on any given day if you're wasting time, but what we do know, and I can certainly assure you is that, over the course of time.

When you're intentional and you have a plan and you're not just Willy nilly, that was the big phrase, this weekend, with my girlfriends we're going Willy nilly.

If you're you know if you're intentional, you have a plan and you're not doing spray and pray, which is what I typically call it on social media.

you're going to attract in that audience you're absolutely going to attract in that audience, so if you're wondering if you're wasting time on social media.

I, the question that I have to ask you is, are you being intentional, do you wake up every day with a plan Have you taken the time to identify your ideal client.

What their challenges are what their solutions are the hashtags where they're hanging out, and I know it sounds redundant, but the reason it sounds redundant and you've seen it on these other lives and you've been coached on it and you've also.

You know, seen it in the Academy, is because it's true, these are the business skills that pay the bills, these are the business skills that you have to instill in your head over and over again.

And then of course there's the mindset piece of it, which is really where It all starts.

what's your mindset when you get out there, what are your thoughts, what are your feelings Okay, because that drives our actions and that ultimately drives our results.

So, are you playing a game in your mind that it's not going to work is that what you're telling yourself, are you telling yourself that you're wasting your time.

Or do you get up and say my ideal client is out there and they're waiting for me and i'm going to deliver value to them.

And i'm going to show up and serve them and serve them and serve them over and over and over again and i'm going to make a friend.

And then i'm going to make a contact and then i'm going to make a prospect and ultimately i'm going to sign a new client a new customer a new team partner or something like that and i'm going to create a lot of brand ambassadors.

And those are the people who share and support us over and over and over again, so you got to get your mindset right behind it to you got to get your mindset right behind it and that's.

The easy part and the hard part all at the same time.

All right, um so I just wanted to share five deal breakers that I really think are deal breakers, one of them was social media is showing up in selling mode.

it's showing up thinking, I need to sell sell sell sell sell the only thing you need to sell on social media is yourself.

You need to sell your value, you need to sell your authenticity and you need to sell the same things I said that you see them.

you hear them you get them, and you can help them that's what you need to sell you don't need to mention a product name.

A price you don't know need to show an image yeah can you do, that every once a while absolutely i'm not saying don't ever do that.

i'm not saying don't ever talk about your products or the transformation that you've had what i'm saying is be very intentional with that, because a deal breaker is showing up in selling mode.

deal breaker number two pitching company products and using company images again nobody cares about your product nobody cares about a picture, especially now, in the last year, things have changed dramatically if you haven't watched.

The two weeks, two weeks ago, the state of social media for.

Go back and watch that things have changed dramatically with the shutdown and the quarantine and real life, basically going away, people are looking for authentic they're looking for faces and photos.

they're not interested, even as much in motivational images and that kind of stuff because we're inundated with that.

And now, people are craving and thriving are not craving not driving they're craving and really demanding that personal interaction.

So you want to make sure that you're showing up in that way and that doesn't mean always posting a you know, a pre plan selfie that means.

You you know doing a quick video talking about something that's going on, attracting in that audience and if you have questions about that post them in the chat or post them below if you're watching the replay and I can answer those.

The third deal breaker is being to me centered.

me centered is join my team buy my stuff there's no value to your prospect in join my team, the only question is what's in it, for me, and when you say join my team.

That screams, this is all about me it's not about you, even if it's subconsciously so make sure that whatever you're posting out there is not to me centered it's very them centered and how you can support them.

deal breaker number two or number four is not taking it offline what remember what I said in the beginning my number one goal.

on social media is to take them off of social media to create some kind of free giveaway a call to action that takes them off of social media.

And into my website where I can capture their name capture their email give them more value and start building that relationship with me.

Okay, so that is deal breaker number four is not taking it offline.

And then again deal breaker number five I mentioned this, but it's thinking that your problem is needing more followers more friends more connections.

If you can't convert any of the ones you currently have that's not your problem, your problem is in your conversion your problem is in the value that you're providing.

subconsciously them understanding what I said that you see them you get them, and you can help them okay so that's your problem if you're not converting the followers that you have you have to stop and look in and see.

who's my ideal client, am I speaking to them what's my messaging is it speaking to them even subconsciously in a way that says.

I see you I hear you I get you I can help you those type things so if you're not converting those that's, the first thing that you want to do is take a step back and begin to work on those things.

All right, that's what I have to share I kind of covered the question that I had that came in, which was a return to people a reiteration of I feel like i'm wasting time on social media.

If you have any questions now I will answer those For those of you on the live call would love to get those answered now, so you can just type those into the chat and we'll see if anything comes in.

And if not, you can type them in afterwards in the comments below of the live video So those are my ideas on my Roi on social media it's so funny I do this at right now.

Mountain time and every time as i'm ending I look at the clock and it says and i'm a big numbers Gal numbers speak to me.

and almost every week I just happened to look up and see it, I always know that's a sign from the universe so it's good.

Eve oh you're welcome i'm glad that this made an impact for you Thank you so much for sharing that at all that always means a lot to hear something from those of you live on the call I love that so thank you very much for that.

Alright, so much value great I will close for now get the replay up if you have any questions or comments leave them.

Do you have a question for me? DM me on Instagram @jackieulmer


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