Kiss Corporate Goodbye Network Marketing Interview

Build a Successful Network Marketing Business During the Pandemic

Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Business Coach is interviewed by Shari and Kim of Kiss Corporate Goodbye on how to build a successful network marketing business; why now is the perfect time; how to launch and relaunch your business. We talk about the skills, mindset, the negative stigma of Network Marketing and how to set realistic expectations. During the Pandemic, people are looking for solutions and home business is what they want.


So it's interesting. And this was before social media.

Obviously, YouTube didn't exist - Facebook, Instagram, none of those existed, Blogging wasn't a thing, it was a bit of a different world, but still the vision that I caught was that it can put me out there and it could leverage my time, just like we're doing right now, the three of us are leveraging our time because the 30 minutes to an hour that we've been doing this and having this conversation, we spend one time, and it's gonna go out on the podcast, it's gonna go out on YouTube, I'm gonna push it out to my followers, you're gonna push it out to your followers, some of those followers are gonna push it out to other people.

I taught the power of leverage, and that word is so powerful, we create leverage in network marketing, we build a team and we get paid, not only on our own efforts, but the efforts of others, and we create leverage to catapult that when we use the tools of digital marketing and social media and all the platforms that are out there to build ourselves, build our brand, build our presence out there, so that we attract those people who are right.

For what we offer, so those two concepts of leverage were really big, so I just caught the power of creating content to put myself out there, I never sold my opportunity, I never mentioned the name of my company, I never talked about compensation plans, I never talked about any of that, I sold lifestyle, I sold vision. I sold my ability to be a more... Be at home, have a business ultimately out earn my pilot husband and still be at the PTA meeting, still be the room mom. Still be the hockey driving mom, the tennis driving mom, still be home every night to put dinner on the table, to go on vacation and have my business grow to be on the beach and have my business scope to be sleeping and how my business grow... So those things all came together in a very powerful way.

People are looking for a business from home; a way to make money from home, during this Pandemic and network marketing is a great answer for those who are serious!


 If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.

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