Your Million Dollar Self Image for Success

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What Makes a Million Dollar Person?

Does the person you show up as on a regular basis align with and match the person you desire to be?

Does she or he have, do and BE what you desire? Have the things, tangible and intangible; do the things and BE what is required to achieve and sustain all of this?

Does she or he embody a Million Dollar Image?




Most of us would reply NO, NOT ENTIRELY - to that question because if we were showing up as that person consistently, we would have our goals, right?


This person is known most commonly as your future self. I like to call it my million dollar image.


Let's define your Future Self and the action steps she will take to evolve.


Your Future Self is who you want to become.


Our work together defines that vision, and more specifically, details the thoughts, habits, beliefs and actions that must be curated and built to become that person - that future self!


Choosing to define a newer version of yourself will require you to show up differently, release some old, limiting habits and beliefs, build some new ones, dream bigger, and expect more of yourself than ever before.


Not because you have something to prove or fix — but rather, because you are deserving and worthy of your desires.


Let’s get started telling a new story and stepping into a first class version of your life:


Your current self is the mental picture you have of yourself and we all have one. It’s not about whether you like and accept yourself. It’s the image we hold in our mind about ourselves.

Yet it does involve the thoughts you have about your appearance, personality, and capabilities. It determines the goals you set and the actions you take. And, it’s controlling your entire life.

The average person has a self-image that runs on autopilot. And in most cases, a person creates their self-image from the past. This means that you’ll continue to produce similar results from the past instead of new possibilities from the future.

Knowing this, we want to grab hold and take back control over our thoughts, beliefs and actions to create and step into that future self that is aligned with our goals, dreams and aspirations for our life.

We start with an honest look at where we are right now, breaking down, what we're happy with, what we're unhappy with, and what we're willing to change. Notice the word willing. It's one thing to state a goal, or a desire to change, and it's another thing entirely to be willing to change.


Change is hard. Change takes discomfort. Change takes stepping out of our comfort zone, which, of course, involves discomfort as I mentioned. But everything you've ever wanted is just outside your comfort zone. And it's so many ways it's not even about stepping out of your comfort zone. It's learning to push the boundaries further out that you've established around yourself as your comfort zone.


How have you been feeling in the 3 core areas of life? Health/Wellness, Relationships and Money. And I recommend taking time to do this for each area. Set aside some time, it's quiet, that you're alone, and just think about where you are in terms of your health, your fitness, your wellness. Your overall well-being. And then ask yourself those three questions, what are you happy with? What are you unhappy with? And what are you willing to change?



Then ask yourself the same three questions in the areas of relationships.


And repeating again for money. And money can mean a lot of different things. Could be your investments, could be a business that you're involved with currently or thinking of starting. Could be a job that you have in your career. Whatever it means for you.


Think of a 5 year goal for how you want to live your life and then Let’s work it backwards.


We often overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in five years.


Start with the 5 year goal:

What do you believe the 1 year goal would be on this journey? Write that down. Don’t overanalyze or worry about getting it exactly right.


From there we begin to write the action plan to make this happen. I like to do mine in 90 day segments. What are the tasks that I must complete in each 90 day segment? And then how do I break that down into daily weekly and monthly tasks? From there I make sure I get that on the calendar literally the time slots where I'm going to be creating or doing or being in the way that helps me achieve this goal.

Go back and listen to or re-listen to Show 451 making your big idea of reality for recap on how to actually do these steps to get things broken down to complete your goal.

Most of us can identify things we'd like to change in all areas of our lives. Those things that just aren't quite as you wish they would be.


This puts us on the struggle bus and we then often feel stuck and unsure of how to get off this struggle bus.


If you want to change your life, we start by changing your thinking, your beliefs and your habits. We create that vision of the person we want to become, a new self image to step into. To do this, we must begin to run new pictures and stories through our head, that shifts the way you see yourself, how others see you and how you expect to interact in the world.


It’s easy to do the work where we write out that picture of who we want to be. It's easy to daydream about all the things that we want, write them down, and feel good about them. But most often we only do that one time.


And then we stop. And then subconsciously, we fall back onto the struggle bus, of thinking about everything that's not right, which engages us in doing those habits that keep us stuck exactly where we are right now.


How often do you really engage in the art of visualization. Even if it's just 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Do you take time once a day to close your eyes smile and see yourself exactly as you'd like to be? There is true power in this.


I do this in two different ways. The first is to actually close my eyes, and I conjure up happiness joy, and a good feeling, sometimes that comes from remembering a time when I was really happy I get ended up feeling space, I put a smile on my face, and I truly run the picture through my mind of me on a stage or wherever me actually watching myself be and doing and have all that I want.


The Second way that I do this is to journal it out. I actually get into that same feeling good space, but smile on my face, and then start writing exactly what I see in my .

We don’t just get what we want. You know this already. We get what are our habits are. If your habits are getting you what you want, stick with them. If not, let’s change your habits. You’re already committed to something. We all are. And, the results we are getting are evident in what we are experiencing in our lives.

The question is - is what you are currently committed to getting you the results you want? Is it getting you where you want to be? If the answer is no, to either question, then the next question is - why are you choosing to stay committed to that path, then? You may have tried and failed in the past. And, you may feel like you just can’t handle one more “failure.”

But really, it’s not your fault. Just look around you. Most of our society struggles with this, so something somewhere has not worked, right? And you are thinking to yourself, why will this time be different?

I totally get it.

So, we know that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, right? We are going to do things differently.  We are going to reprogram our thinking; and reprogram our feelings around those thoughts and reprogram the action steps we are taking.

When we know why, and how, we get the success we want. When we know why and how, we take the actions that are required. And, the results show up and speak for themselves.

How committed are you to your core values? To success in your life? To looking and feeling better; stronger; sexier; more confident? What’s that worth to you?

Check back in on this regularly. I’m here a lot with tips, reminders, motivators and a lot of encouragement on how to show up better for yourself, your family and relationships and your future self.

15 - 30 minutes a day for yourself; and your future is all it takes. We’ll create new habits that become like any habit - just something we do consistently. We’ll work on reprogramming the priority you place on YOU, and your wellness, health and feeding your soul.

Shift your thoughts, shift your life.

So we’ll end with how we began:

Does the person you show up as on a regular basis align with and match the person you desire to be?


How so and how not?


Does she or he have, do and BE what you desire? Have the things, tangible and intangible; do the things and BE what is required to achieve and sustain all of this?


Does she or he embody a Million Dollar Image?


Today, create that million dollar image for your future self and practice being that person every single day.


How does this person wake up? Get up? Make up? Show up?


What thoughts? What beliefs? What actions? What results?

Beliefs are big. “A belief is just a thought that you keep on thinking and you keep on thinking it to the point that you really think it’s true.”


Are all beliefs true? This is a big question. The answer is no. Beliefs are not often true.


yet with every belief we have we create those deep neural pathways our brain that become the building blocks of your life. Because whatever you believe is ultimately what you create.


We’ll cover more on beliefs, where they come from, how to evaluate their trueness and how to shift them on an upcoming show.


If you want a co-pilot on your journey; someone to assist you in getting hero results as you reach your desired destination and enjoy the journey there - Let's Talk!





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