Making the Next 6 Months Your Best 6 Months

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We are just beginning the second half of the year so many of us looked forward to - 2020.


What happened? Well, we know what happened and what’s been happening. Gotta keep pushing forward, regardless.


It is my hope that this finds you and yours healthy, happy and ready to thrive moving forward.


Let’s dive into how to 


Make the Next 6 Months Your Best 



We know the 1st 6 months has been absolutely crazy, and I think you would agree. Globally, we have experiences things we would never have guessed.


And, while we have no control over much of what’s happened, we do have control over our thoughts, our mindset and the actions we take.


So, for me, my question when this all started has been how will I choose to show up as a leader?


How will I maintain my focus; my service to others and maintain my business through all of this, while assisting others in also growing and thriving in their business.


I have been focused on my 5 Fs


Faith - this means deep diving on my mindset, thought work and beliefs.


Family and Friends - being fully present; weighing in one what matters and how I want to spend my precious time left on this earth.


Fun - Ok, this one may have been and continues to be slightly challenging as there is NOTHING to do, ha ha. Not a TV fan, don’t want to go anywhere…


Fitness - I have been ALL in here. Eating well, this is day 26 of a 30 day alcohol free challenge, and that has been fantastic, and I am rocking my 10,000 daily steps and daily weight workouts and yoga, I am lean and mean!


And finally - Finance. My business is THRIVING. The SSWA has exciting growth and new clients rocking out there businesses as we work together to put those key pieces in place for their business.


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So, how do we go from the muck and mess that many feel has been the first half of 2020 and make the second half our best 6 months ever?


We can’t change what’s happened. We can choose to place blame, if we want. And, that determines who is at fault.


Be careful you stay out of victim mode, though.


How you choose to grow, recover and succeed is your responsibility.


The beauty is this - there is a very simple method to get out of stuck and into growth and success mode.


Let’s create the circumstances that lead us to what we want in our lives.


Life is 50/50 - We can argue with reality and lose 100% of the time - Byron Katie.


So what is that simple method?


No matter when you hear this, these principles always HAVE AND AWAYS WILL be right on.


I have 3 principals to share with you on how to win and exactly how to do this -


C - Clarity

S - Strategy

R - Routines


Where you are now is a result of who you’ve been; where you go is a result of who you become.


Blame vs responsibility. Get over blame. Loving what is.


Clarity - What has to happen for this to be your best 6 months. What are your goals? What is the #1 goal, above all else? We all have many goals, but what it the #1 driving goal? Focus on this will also create success in many other areas, so don’t worry about focusing on just one.


If you are business financed, that doesn’t mean you are going to disregard your family and relationships, so no worries. Don’t get bogged down in that.


What is it going to take to get there? Are you clear on that?


What does it mean for you to win? To achieve this goal? To hit this desired outcome?


Are you clear on this? Is there anything missing? What will you have had to done?


Clarity is POWER - why? Well, a lack of clarity, when we wake up in the morning means we are struggling with where to focus. What to do. How to do it. Why to do it.


There is no internal conflict or confusion on what to do; and when to do it; and what is next.


How can you improve and excel without clarity? If you don’t know what to do?


When I have clarity - I KNOW exactly what is going to happen in my day. It’s in my calendar and planned. My marketing, online and offline; my follow ups and connections with new people; serving my clients. Personal growth and my TDL and mindset work. Fitness, Family - it’s all there.


Which of your goals will enable you to become the person you need to be to not only rock this goal, but the rest of your goals, too.


Write this down -


I am becoming the person I need to be, through my goals and actions, to achieve everything I desire in my life.


How do you become that person?


Strategy - what are the systems, SDAs and the plan, daily and weekly, monthly? What must be done?


Write it down. Systems create success. They solidify clarity. They provide a roadmap. As long as you have and follow this strategy, you will have won, already.


The income will follow. It has to.


To change your life, change your schedule if you aren’t having the success you want.


Change your systems. Change your habits.


When you are done settling for mediocrity, you will create exactly what you deserve and desire.


Create affirmations that support this, and don’t look outside of yourself for validation or encouragement. You drive the boat!


Take responsibility to have the systems in place to support you and that includes your daily mindset and thought work.


Look back over the last 3 months, in your calendar. What does it look like in terms of your action steps?


Do you have a strategy in place to do the 3 things most of us need to do for success -


1) Meet People

2) Share what you do

3) Make an Offer, of some sort


The final piece is following up so you catch people when they are ready.


What are your strategies for these? Write them down.


What’s the single most important area of your life you are focused on now? What’s the strategy to achieve that?


Finally, we have


Routines - your schedule, your calendar and the consistency you put into it.


What’s your morning routine to get you in flow? To create consistency?


Every strategy you have set, and every goal must be time blocked in your calendar.


Be fully present when in action in each area. Clear your mind.


Grab your journal -


Get clarity - what does it mean for you to win? Your goals? Your strategy? What it means for you?


Write your strategy - focus on your intentions and action steps?


Routines - block your calendar, commit, be fully present, consistency. Develop your own personal Accountability - start by just looking at your calendar.


Use your affirmations to encourage yourself.



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