The People Puzzle in Network Marketing

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The People Puzzle in Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a People Business

Let’s talk about the People Puzzle in Network Marketing. This will be part of a series because people are what make up the heart and soul of life, and certainly our business


In the series,


We’ll cover:



Your Best Customer

Your Best Team Partner

Your Best Referral Sources

Personality Types, so you can better communicate and share what you offer

Connecting and staying connected effectively



Let’s start with YOU and Knowing Yourself


What You’ll Learn:


Who are You

Why did you launch your business

What motivates you

What are your strengths

What are your weaknesses

Where are you right now

Where do you want to be

What are you doing to get there


You and Who You Are


Understanding yourself is so important in your business. Who are you? What’s your life’s mission and purpose? How do you want to leave an impact?


Having a defined mission statement makes your business (and life) run so much more smoothly as you know what your overall goal is in your business and as you work with people.


You can measure each step in your journey up against your mission statement and see if what you are doing and how you are doing it are in synch.


You may be thinking that you aren’t living your mission, but you are, to some extent. In a future show, we will get into how to develop your mission statement so you are more in alignment and aware.


For now, begin to be aware of how you want to impact yourself, your family and friends and the world around you; how you want to be known and the legacy you want to leave.



Why You Started Your Business


Next is why - why did you get out your credit card, press the submit button to order your company kit and launch your business.


Think long and hard about this, as it will serve as a constant motivator. It has to be about more than money. Money is just an energy; a means to accomplish and be and do more.


Why is a part of your mission.


What motivates you?


What motivated you to launch and what motivates you to work your business? Success is about so much more than a wish and a prayer. While this is sort of like your why, it’s the more important part that gets and keeps you in the game.


Motivation is tricky and hard to understand sometimes,


We can want something and it can seem like we want it desperately. And, yet, a quick look through our calendar reveals the truth.


In network marketing, we often mistake thinking about our business with actually doing something in our business.


Take some time to write down those things that motivate you to take action.


Personally, I like being the achiever type of personality. I like a challenge, I like success and I like to win. PERIOD.


That is a huge motivation for me. I like being busy; I like being productive, and I like to beat the odds. This is why network marketing has been perfect for me.


Success in Network Marketing is not about luck. Not even sort of. It’s about being prepared; knowing what to do; and then staying consistent with your daily action plan.


I am very self disciplined and am motivated to reach the top.


I wanted to be home with my children; I wanted an income that expanded my family’s life style; I wanted to be at the top; I wanted financial security and I wanted to be able to give freely to what’s important to me.


I still want and enjoy all of these things.


Again, what are your motivations?



What are your strengths?



We all have gifts and talents. What are yours. Write these down. If you struggle, ask a friend or co-worker and ask them to be honest, because you’ll be asking them about your weaknesses too.


Be good to yourself and acknowledge what you are great at, because there are many things.


Review your list and see how this fits into your why; your motivations and your business overall.


Remind yourself of how these strengths will benefit you and your business.


Each day, ask yourself, how will I use my strengths today to move my life and my business forward?




What are your weaknesses?


Just as strengths, we must identify weaknesses, because these can easily define our life, business and success, too.


One of my weaknesses can be being too much of a visionary and not enough execution of the right activities.


I love creating things - programs; checklist; guides and items that help others achieve success. And, all of this must also be marketed effectively and strategically to get out of the gate.


So, I go back to my strength of self discipline when I find myself with my head in the clouds too much.




Where are you right now?


Now, let’s look at where you are in your business. Honestly and openly. Is this where you want to be?


If not, are you capable of more?


What will it take to get there?


What resources do you need to get there?


This is important. It might just be to get out of fear and procrastination.


And, there might be more you need.


Coaching? A Mentor? Accountability?


Would you like to have a conversation about this? I offer coaching and programs that might assist you. Book a free call -


If you don’t know where you are, take a look around and make a list of the don’t wants you are surrounded with - job, car, house, relationships in need of more, a vacation you won’t be able to take this year, and so on. You get the idea.


Do you feel you have untapped resources and potential within you?


What are the areas in your life that are important to you?


My 5 Fs - Faith, Family/Friends, Fun, Fitness, Finances


Faith is my inner world - spiritual, mindset, self worth and more.



Where do you want to be?


Again, time for brutal honesty here. WHERE do you want this business to take you?


And, what are you willing to do to get there? How are you willing to grow?


What do you believe is possible for you?


Many people struggle with where they want to be. They can much easier point out where they don’t want to be, and what they don’t want in their life.


Maybe start with words that describe how you want to feel.


For me, my words are joy, love, peace, secure or safe, capable (of dealing with whatever life throws me)


It’s the work we do on ourselves that makes the most difference.


What will it take for you to succeed? Have you truly thought about this and written it out? Start today to do that.


What will it take for you to start and WIN?


Build a business plan for yourself.


There are 5 core beliefs that must be present within you to success -


  1. A belief that you have self worth and have a powerful, valuable message to share with your tribe. If you don’t value who you are and what you have to share, why would others?
  2. A belief that you can learn whatever you need to know to master your own success in your business. If anyone has been successful doing what you are doing, you can be, too. And all of the answers are there. Be willing to seek out those answers.
  3. A belief that even though you have a small business, you are thinking BIG. Big thinking will take you far, no matter what size your business is.
  4. A belief that you must first be the student, and then become the teacher. This is how we all grow, learn and reach the success we desire.
  5. A belief that Mastery is the key to having anything you want. Master your mindset, your self discipline and your daily actions in your business.


Get a clear vision for your life so you stop wasting time doing things that don’t serve you.


Take a look backward from there future self and life you want to have.



What are you doing to get there?


Success habits will set you apart. They will put you on a different path. Often, the changes that take us from old, stagnating habits to new success habits are just small shifts.


An actual plan for your business.


Small blocks of time put into your calendar to be in action.


Follow up systems and techniques.


One challenge we all face is that there are so many choices each day. So many things we can do. We must learn to manage our lives, our time and our choices or life will manage us. The biggest part in managing it is just to make the choice each day about what is most important to you and get focused in your gut and in your actions on making it happen.


I set mine by my 5 Fs - Faith, Family/Friends, Fun, Fitness, Finances


Each day, something gets done in each of those buckets.


I start my day with prayer, meditation and journaling. Gratitude.


I work out nearly every day. 10,000 steps, walk, rebounder Trampoline, Yoga, Weights and Stretching. Bulletproof coffee and intermittent fasting. Healthy food choices. I’ve shed 16 pounds in the last year and kept it off. I was never focused on weight loss but would have gladly released 5 pounds. Obviously, my body knew there was more and when I made the right choices, consistently, I was rewarded.


Every day I am focused on the most important relationships in my life. I have a sign over my computer that says - How are you showing up? Show up best and first for Mark, every day.


I also have a reminder to not stay stuck in the story. We all have stories. You know the ones that are limiting you. Release the hold they continue to have over you.


Each day, I do things in my business. There are 5 Pillars of Success in business - mindset, people, messaging and Success Language, marketing and management of all of these. What do you do each day in these areas for your business?


Mindset - I shared how I start each morning,


People - we must be talking to new people and following up from past conversations.


Messaging/Success Language - be speaking, writing and communicating with people in a way that gets them to lean in.


Marketing - how do you market each day?


Management of all of these.


The final F - Fun, when I do all of what I’ve mentioned, I do it all with fun and joy in it. I choose to be happy and choose to make life fun, even the little things.


So, how about you? What are your daily steps to create the life and business you want?


Here’s my challenge to you - just go out and do it. Really, just do it.


Show yourself and others what is possible; the true potential you have inside of you for success.


When you get an inspiration, listen to it and take action on it.


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