Routines, Systems and Planning for Success

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Success Leaves Clues


Routines, Systems and Planning For Success are CLUES!


Top producers use these philosophies to grow and scale and succeed!



What You’ll Learn:

  •  How to Use a Daily Thought Download
  • Journaling
  • Focus and Priority Words
  • Daily Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Clarity Around What Matters in Business
  • Creating Marketing Themes and a Content Calendar


My Routines and Systems -


First, I do a  thought download every day.


Set a timer for 5 minutes and just free flow write.


The power in writing it down in your handwriting vs an app or typing. The imprint in your mind and psyche is powerful.


Choose a small notebook that fits in your purse or briefcase.


Gets stuff out of your head, onto paper and releases it from you; and gives you the ability to look back; find patterns and identify what’s critical and what matters and needs your immediate attention.


From there, I create a prioritized “To Do” list and then I always know next steps.


2019 has been about change for me.


My products, programs and coaching, and cleaning up my different websites. When you've marketed online for as long as I have (1999), there is plenty of debris in the water to be cleaned up.


My site will become more of a resume and resource page, which will guide people where they need to be. - still my favorite name and site, and my first one.


I have moved my blogging, coaching programs and future podcasts there.



I have a number of business cards and funnels I use online and offline and so I really needed to get things cleaned up so I was not confusing my audience.


So,  my thought download is what allowed me to just free flow write out what needed to be done; so then I could prioritize it and get busy and get it done.


The challenge many of us have is getting bogged down and over analytical with our process of developing anything, in our business; fitness; most areas.


I’ve let go of the word balance and I focus on harmony in the areas of my business.


My thought download on a daily basis allows me to create more harmony.


I use my 5 Fs in the process.


Family and Friends





I weigh in on what needs to be done in each area of my life; and then I can create my marketing and social media content calendar based on these areas.


Makes everything so much more simplified!


I ask myself daily:


What do I want in each area of my life?


How do I want to be showing up in my faith?


How do I want to be showing up in my relationship with family and friends? With my husband? My coaching clients?


How can I make each day and all that I do fun?


Next is fitness, and fitness encompasses a lot of areas for me. Certainly Health, Wellness and Fitness; from a longevity perspective and operating at Peak Performance.


I’m fully committed to 10,000 Daily Steps as an average, as well as working out 5 times weekly with weights, sculpting and toning my body and muscles.


And, fitness in eating well, to fuel my body and not just stuff it with food.


My own version of Bulletproof Coffee, which I call Fat Blaster, Brain Booster coffee, and high quality, organic meals as much as possible.


Finance is my final area, and that is my business and all that goes into the money side of life.


In addition to the thought download, I also journal daily. This is where Gratitude; days events; goals and other things go.


Vision and clarity is such a very big part of what is needed for success.



So, my daily routines and systems from a business perspective involve 3 key areas -


Programs and Products - what do I sell? Are they created?


Marketing Efforts - how do I find and attract my tribe to me, to create sales?


Follow Up - this makes those ongoing sales.


And, consistency is key always!


Create, Market and Close Sales


What do you sell? Do you know? Are you clear and know how to communicate it?


Once you know what you sell, how are you marketing it? Online and offline?


Are you involved in Networking? BNI, the Chamber of Commerce and other areas?


Online - what are your strategies for marketing your business online and building relationships?


Create themes for your marketing plan so you know each day, week and month what you are creating content around?


You want your messaging to build a pattern of consistency in your messaging.


This leads very naturally into Authentic Selling, which I teach specifically in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


Your messaging, when clearly laid out, is strategic and streamlined, and creates that slight edge mentality that will create top performer status for you.


So your marketing calendar will help you develop those routines and systems ahead of time so you are set up for success.


Do you have a plan? Is it clear? Are you consistent in executing it?


It’s not the smartest, fastest, sleekest, thinnest, etc., that wins in the end. It’s the most consistent.


Sunday’s are planning days for me. I sit down with my calendar and themes and develop my marketing plan and execute it for the upcoming week. It takes me a short amount of time when I have planned ahead with my themes.


Content ideas are then easy and again, that buzzword - consistent!


Start with your morning routine and thought download.


Prioritize those areas that need action right away. Watch for some things to take care of themselves naturally.


Ask this as you begin your thought download:


What do I need to know today?


What actions should I be taking?


And, how can you multipurpose your content creation to work for you?


This video started as a Facebook Live; then edited slightly and uploaded to Youtube; Blog post created and sent to my email list.


And, it’s also a podcast, which is how you may be listening to it!



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    Bonus content includes:

    Taming the Money Monster

    Peak Performance Habits

    Mental Yoga and Thought Download Process




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