She Laughed At My MLM Business

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 She Laughed At My MLM Business

The Day I Nearly Quit Network Marketing

You’re going to have Critics, Haters and Trolls. I call how you handle these:

Defining Moments In Your Network Marketing Business




We tend to think that we get more of these once we start a business of our own:


Social Selling


Network Marketing




Any type of Entrepreneurial endeavor.


But, we all have them - Critics, Haters, shamers and Trolls - no matter what we do. We just become more aware of them when we launch a business.


We see them on Social Media, trolling others. And, often our fear is just a made up story.

Today, I want to share my biggest defining moment. The day I felt so humiliated that I wasn’t sure I was going to stick with it.


If you’ve ever asked what it takes for someone to go from stuck to stardom in Network Marketing…


Here are a few of my defining moments


1. Realization that the airline industry is NOT stable (What can I say, I am a slow learner!)


2. Desire to be home with my children.


3. Competitive nature that caused me to REFUSE to quit, and be one of the masses. I wanted to be in the “rare” category.


4. Attending my first Network Marketing Company convention


5. Attending my 6th convention, same company and being in the Network Marketing nosebleed seats.


6. Mean Janeen - my neighbor who flat out laughed at me.


7. The encouragement of Meg Kelly Smith, my upline and a woman who scared me, quite frankly.


8. The support of my husband.


9. The opinion of my children.


10. Sheer disgust at wanting more and yet feeling like quitting.


Today, though -


Mean Janeen - my neighbor, laughed right in my face when I got up the courage to walk next door and share my new network marketing business with her.

Threw back her head, slapped her knee and laughed in my face.

"You joined one of those" she roared.

When I got back home, I was seriously ready to quit. Throw in the towel and stop torturing myself; I was clearly not cut out for this thing called Network Marketing...


Now, this is also an example of storytelling; how to take those real life things that happen and turn them into a story that you can use in many ways.


I’ve shared this story on stages around the globe; on conference calls and with potential network marketing team partners.


It is meant to be an encouragement of what is possible when we pause, take a deep breath, and never allow someone else to determine our path or steal our dreams.


We alone control that.

Do you know how to take your story....ALL of it and package it into content that will build your business?


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