Starts Stops Keeps and Releases In Your Business

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What do you want to start doing more of; stop doing; keep doing and release completely in your business?

It's critical that you take some time to explore the current state of your business and decide a few things:



I will hit 30 years in business this year and almost 25 online. Here’s what I’ve learned - not much has changed.


Platforms - these have changed a lot.


Messaging - the way we communicate with people

People - their goals, dreams and desires

Connection - the way we relate

Not much has changed here!


2023 was a health year year for me. I shared about this in my stories.

I was not out and active as much on social as I was very focused on health and longevity and overcoming some small, but annoying health issues.


December, 2023 was a planning and wake up month.


2024 is a business growth and impact year.


I have started and seemed to stop many times. Yet in my mind, I have never fully stopped and certainly never quit.


Here are my starts for the year 2024:


Daily Mindset of a Million Dollar Business Owner

Daily Actions steps

Clarity on My Money Philosophy - upcoming show

Money Goal

Future Self Work - you can’t get THERE from HERE

Defined Content Calendar

Create Content Daily/Weekly



Stop listening to podcasts and other people’s content before mine is done.

Stop checking every book that sounds good out of the library.

Stop believing there is more to learn.

Worrying about every item on my to do list. Prioritize and show up

Delaying getting Suited Up. Old mindset of order of workout, shower, work

Overthinking Certain Foods

Putting off working out/walking




Weekly Planning

Bulk/Batch Content and Tasks

Meal Prep

Calendar Entries and reminders

Scheduling social time




Unsubscribe from newsletters - my mantras - what I need will come back to me.

Unsub from many podcasts - for instance - health/wellness.

Pick my main mentor(s) and leave the rest.

Stop Drowning in derailing thoughts -


As  mentioned: 30 years in business this year and almost 25 online.

Here is what I know that has not changed:


People are still people and the top 3 areas that are researched, mulled over and studied are: Health/Wellness, Relationships and Money. Think about what you think about,


Consistency out earns talent every time. The only way to perfect anything is to START. Do it bad to improve.


The strongest indicator of success is resilience. Consistency creates resilience.


Resilience isn’t a character trait. It’s created through a compelling reason to complete something, to evolve. A strong WHY.


Discomfort is to be expected for success. In anything - those big 3 -health wellness involves discomfort, relationships and certainly money. Plan for discomfort.


It doesn’t mean anything is wrong.


We’ve allowed our lives to become too comfortable. That stunts our growth. Be ready to get uncomfortable.


What are your Starts, Stops, Keeps and Releases?


Let me know.


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