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School has started for many and fall, which is a busy, productive time in Network Marketing is headed straight at us.


NOW, is the time to prepare your calendar and your productivity plan to make the most of it.


So, let’s talk about how to Take Control of Your Calendar and Get Productive in Your Network Marketing Business.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


Your Clear Vision For Your Life and Business

Your Calendar

Getting Intentional With Your Calendar

Social Media


Manage Your Productivity




Your Clear Vision For Your Life and Business


One of the questions I am asked most frequently with my coaching and at events is how do I, personally stay on top in my business, continuing to create the lifestyle and income I want.  The answer is VERY simple and nothing magical -


I stay in VERY consistent action. My calendar is scheduled, my priorities are set, and I know each day what I am going to do for that day. I follow a very rinse and repeat system and don’t allow my self to get bogged down when things don’t show up right away or when there are dry spells. Peaks and valleys happen. For Everyone!


More than ANYTHING - my decision about WHAT I want is made; my vision is CLEAR; my belief is BUILT and I ACT!


And, I practice gratitude for all that I have NOW, and all that is headed my way.


I know you have it within you to achieve what you want. You deserve it. In fact, no one deserves it MORE than you.


When you launched your business, you in essence took out a promissory note - a note from the Bank of the Universe. You have a dream about your income goals, which translate to your lifestyle goals, right?


Now, how to make that happen is the question, right?


Your calendar will tell you what you are currently committed to. Actions always distinguish your true commitments. Not your words. Talk is cheap. Make sure your words are valuable...


Once you’ve decided what you want, it doesn’t matter how many times you stumble or how long it takes. It is DONE. You just have to catch up. No need to re-think it. You will achieve

this! You may fall 99 times but you’ll get up 100. You’ll keep pressing toward your goal because your decision is non-negotiable. That’s a clear and powerful place to be.


“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”

— Jim Rohn



Your Calendar


You are going to get committed to your calendar and blocking out times in it for actually working your business. If it's not on the calendar, it's not going to happen, and you won't ever FIND time, you must MAKE time.


For the next week, keep a journal of how you spend ALL of your time. EVERY minute, and be honest.


Facebook, TV, surfing the web, phone time, idle time.


Success is not about huge chunks of time but rather small pockets of opportunity.


Most people fail with exercise and health goals because they take the “All or nothing approach.”


This is a big mistake. Learn the “Slight Advantage” philosophy. Small changes or habits, consistently practiced, create transformation.


15 Minutes can change your life. It has for me in terms of sculpting my body with 15-30 minutes daily of yoga or weight workouts.


First, get a daytimer/calendar that has plenty of room to write stuff in. If you are going to build it big, you need SPACE to fill with activities.


Block off EVERYTHING that is non negotiable – work, church, car pool, kid and family activities.


Now you have time slots to work with to schedule in your business activities.


Determine what the income producing activities are that you need/should be doing daily to move your business forward.


Email and Social Media, conference calls (listening to recordings) do NOT count.


First Time Calls; Follow Up Calls; 3 Way Calls; Training; Networking Events; Follow Up after these (block time in calendar BEFORE!)


Block time slots each day in your calendar for this FIRST. Working – lunch and short breaks; evenings. Starbucks or the parking lot.


Block in times weekly/monthly for social media activities such as blog posts, live and video shoots, etc.


Track your activities in a simple 3 ring binder or spiral notebook. Just write the date, and what you did/who you called/spoke with about your business. This will tell you why you are or are not successful.

Determine your most productive/awake times of the day.


Get committed and disciplined to check email 2-3 times daily, and not during productive time.


Don't answer the phone during Your Time.


Only be on Facebook/Social Media 5 five to fifteen minute time slots daily. Use dead time spots for this while out and about with your mobile phone.


Get in the habit of creating quick videos on your iPhone or smart phone; taking pictures of lifestyle, team events, etc. These are great for social media and your blog/site. Let go of perfection.


Know what you are willing to give up in the short term to create what you want for the long term.


Get kids involved as you can, in helping with your business and carrying their own weight around the house.



Getting Intentional With Your Calendar


Success starts with small steps and getting those small steps on your calendar go much further to making sure they are completed.


What’s on the calendar gets done. A favorite mantra of mine.


I’ve mentioned my commitment to 10,000 steps daily so this involves a walk first thing in the morning and positioning my daily action so to works for me.


It clears my mind, or mental clutter, from focusing on it not being done yet.


Then, I have a clear mind to focus on my business actions.


Those consist of -






Follow Up


Content Creation - for marketing as well as my products.


Workshops - live and online


Everything pretty much falls into one of those categories.


So, my calendar reflects time blocks for each area each week, where necessary.


How does your calendar look?



Easy to do, and easy not to do.


There are no shortcuts, but then do you really need a shortcut? Build momentum as you grow your own consistency chain.


Understand the power in your calendar and those single daily and weekly actions.


Understand the timeline of success.


Understand your philosophy, and the reality of CTFAR, and how it affects you.


In order for things to change, YOU have to change. And, be the catalyst for your own change.


Start now. Today. Don’t wait.






Don’t let Social Media derail your business efforts. It’s meant to be an asset, not a liability.

Develop a Daily/Weekly Strategy that takes about 30 minutes daily.

Social Media does NOT have to be overwhelming, if you have a plan and a strategy.

Like any other aspect of your business - PLAN it. Don’t forget it or disregard it.

Social Media is no longer regarded as a Fad, or something you can dabble with. Well, of course you MIGHT choose to do this, but why?

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It’s the easiest way to stay top of mind with your Center of Influence.

Here are some things to get clear on FIRST - the ABC’s -

  1. Audience and Awareness- who is your ideal client. Ideally, create 3 specific targeted avatar’s. Get VERY specific. When you speak to everyone you speak to no one. Create awareness through your content.
  2. What’s Your Brand - more than colors and logos - WHO are you? What do you offer, or more specifically what solution do you provide to what challenge? From that, how will you create messaging that speaks to your ideal client.
  3. Content and connection - your content should be centered around your Brand and Your Ideal Client Avatars. And should be an 80/20 mix - not just all selling or business. Using Your Values and Mission is a great place to start. My 5 F words - almost EVERYTHING fits into one of those buckets. This way, I never struggle with content. And, I connect and engage regularly with those who are my target audience.
  4. Daily Strategy - Map out your plan, Seriously, plan it out.
  5. EXECUTE the strategy and stay consistent. It’s not designed to be an occasional thing - out of sight, out of mind.
  6. Follow Up - Take it OFFLINE regularly. Social Media is a piece of it and it’s strong, but be real and in person too. Get in their mailbox; get in their phone, and text. Invite them to events, and things you see that will benefit them


Choose your platforms. You don’t have to be everywhere.

My main 4 - FaceBook, InstaGram, LinkedIn, YouTube - and I’ve been on all of these sites since the beginning mostly, so if you are just getting launched, pick one or two.

When my business thrives, I can look back in my calendar and in my Social Media activity and see one common thread - consistency.


When my business has floundered, I can look back in my calendar and in my social media activity and see one common thread - lack of consistency.


For most of us, in our solopreneur business, we need to be doing a few things ongoing -


Finding people to add to our database. This means more than just plopping in names. It means meeting, engaging, building rapport and the start of a relationship; connecting on Social Media and expanding the relationship.


Learning as much as I can about them; learning how I might be supportive and then opening the door to share my business and product offerings.


Not just for them, but also for anyone they may feel comfortable referring my way.


IT’s about building that really solid Top 100 COI. It’s follow up; and follow through; adding value in person, through direct mail; through Social Media and in ways that matter to them and make them feel special; appreciated; like more than a number.


So I’ve come up with my own acronym for how I run my business and what’s important in it -


BAMF - check the urban dictionary for another definition. I might start using the hashtag, just saying





Follow Up


So, each day and each week I have to look at what I’m doing in each of these areas to be successful.


What areas have you defined for your business?





Get that calendar out; get serious, focused and committed and each day that you take that one action, write it on the calendar and begin to build that consistency chain for yourself.


You’ve likely heard this before - One of the greatest predictors of the ability to succeed in life is persistence:“stick-to-it-ness” and it’s that attitude and personal culture and commitment that allows one to get through the inevitable challenges and obstacles that await us on the road to success.


When we take a closer look at what’s really happening during the journey to success,  we quickly realize that success is anything but a straight line. It’s more a like a windy road of twists, turns, ups and downs, and testing and trying.


It’s only when you become aware of all of those tangles and all the ups and down – it’s only when you can see what was really involved – that it becomes obvious what the real key to success really is. And that key is persistence; successful people don’t give up. They don’t view failure as a final curtain call; they view it as just another twist in the maze. They chalk it up to experience, learn whatever they can from it, and then they move on and try again. They don’t let fear, frustration, or wounded pride give them an excuse to quit.


Things to think about - where are you falling short? Where are you persistent? Where do you only take it half way? Where do you procrastinate?


If you were to write out a short, one page action plan of what you business requires for success, how does it line up with your calendar for the last few months?


I’ve spent a lot of time myself over the last few months evaluating my own business, from start to now; what’s worked and where I have struggled and why.


Consistency, laser focus and knowing what to say yes to, what to say no to, and what to take action on each day is key.


I’ve laid out my clear plan for the future and I am excited about it.



Here are some steps to take to be more consistent -


Get clear. Get focused. And, by that, I mean TODAY.


Today. Write down something you can do each day to move your business forward. Just one thing. And, make a commitment to do it TODAY


It’s about letting go of tomorrow and focusing ONLY on today and the top priority for you today, in your business.


IT’s about building that consistency chain and being committed to not breaking it.


Manage Your Productivity


What’s in your action plan?


What’s on the calendar?


What’s between your ears?


What’s it going to take?


If it’s not on the calendar, its not going to happen or put out slightly differently, what’s on the calendar gets done.


So you have to make a time in your calendar for your income producing activities to move your business forward. Absolutely have to, and I say make a time as you never

going to find a time. None of us do. Is not you got the time  around, everybody is busy.


You are no exception. Everybody is busy. Doesn’t matter what profession you are in. You’re most likely building a side hassle to begin with maybe not, or your building this is as primary business but you have many other obligations so does everybody else.


So you have to manage your productivity.


And one other of piece of that is managing what is going on between your ears.  There is one place of your business is difficult and that is between your ears.


I started with this and I’ll end with this -


Once you’ve decided and committed to what you want, it doesn’t matter how many times you stumble or how long it takes. It is DONE. You just have to catch up. No need to re-think it. You will achieve this! You may fall 99 times but you’ll get up 100. You’ll keep pressing toward your goal because your decision is non-negotiable. That’s a clear and powerful place to be.


Remember - decision, commitment, action, consistency - this is what provides the results you desire. That’s it. That is REALLY it.


The most powerful thing I ever did for my business when I was struggling to get from zero to hero was to hire a coach. Someone who has been where I was, and has gone to where I want to go.


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I love taking people with goals like mine from struggle to six figures, easily, and with joy in building something they love and that resonates with who they are and their values.

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