Turning Uncertainty into Hope

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It kinda feels like the world is upside down about now, doesn’t it? 


Like we went to bed one night and woke up in a parallel universe…


Or, is it a dream?


And, then you find out your friends and neighbors are in the dream with you.


You run to check your toilet paper stash.




There is enough….


For now…


Interesting things happen during times of uncertainty.


People panic.


They become engulfed in fear.






Some people worry.


Others view this as an opportunity.


I am writing this in March, 2020, as we are experiencing the CoronaVirus Pandemic across the globe. Not sure when you may be reading this, but being prepared is relevant regardless of the date or circumstances.

We all have some extra time because we sure aren’t going to -


Sporting events, concerts, movies, on cruises, St. Patrick’s day parades….


And, so on.


So this becomes a great time for opportunity for those who choose this path.


1999 was a year of uncertainty.


That October (1999), when much of the world was engulfed in panic over Y2K, I was hunched over a 12 inch laptop computer building the foundation of what would become my “global internet empire.”


On October 11, 1999, to be exact, I attended an internet marketing seminar because the network marketing company I was with at that time was launching personal websites for its representatives.


The seminar itself was a bust. They wanted to sell me “space on an internet mall”, which I was clueless about and it was $2000 and I didn’t have that sitting around. But, I caught a vision of what could “be.”


I had no clue how to use the internet, really. We had it so my husband could download his flight bids, and to be honest, he/we had not figured out how to do that yet. I would get on it every week or so and mess with it. I was seeing . com on billboards and hearing it on radio ads, so I was curious.


That beautiful fall day in Scottsdale, Arizona changed my life. It opened up a vision of possibility to me.


With this thing called - the Internet.


The world wide web.


My path to everywhere.


My path to freedom.


I took that vision and ran with it.


I had never taken a computer class in my life.


I could not even create a spreadsheet.


It would have been easy to focus on my limitations. What I didn’t know. Skills I was lacking.


Instead, I chose to focus on the unshakeable belief that had been unleashed within me.


The belief that the internet held my ticket to success.


To freedom.


Many around me told me I was crazy. That I couldn’t build a network marketing business online. It was a “belly to belly” business and I would lose my entire team.


If you know me, you might know that when you tell me I “can’t” do something, my stubbornness kicks in. I retreat inward and get busy.


And, that is exactly what I did.


I got busy.


I didn’t stock toilet paper and water for Y2K.


I didn’t move money to my mattress.


I registered a domain name (the same one you see below, as a matter of fact) and I started building a website.


I bought FrontPage software from Microsoft and set out to teach myself not only how to build a website, but how to market it.


YouTube did not exist yet. Nor did Facebook, LinkedIn or any social media platform.


AOL message boards, email and other online forums were about it for communicating with others.


I was on my own to figure it all out.


I invested in some training courses, mostly e-books, and I read them and implemented what I learned.


I set a goal; wrote up a plan and focused forward.


I never looked back.


I’ve never had one regret from that decision.


2008 was another year of uncertainty for many.


Not for me.


My business was in huge momentum.


And, I was running it 100% online. I was not leaving my home at all for my business.


Right now, in 2020, in what was shaping up to be a show stopping bang up year, we’ve been smacked with that little “C” virus.


And, it’s shutting down the world, practically.


Here’s a funny thing though.


My business is soaring, because now people want to be coached on how to create change and alternatives for themselves.


They are tired of living with uncertainty.


Harvey Mackay wrote a book titled “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty.”


The name pretty much sums it up.


When is the best time to plant a shade tree?


Twenty years ago….


When is the next best time?


Right now.


If you have a “side hustle” business, or even one that you focus on full time, and you are not using the power of the internet to generate leads, sales and profits, I have one question…


Why not?


Okay, a few more questions….


What’s stopping you?


Would you like to be?


Are you worried that it’s too hard?


Too time consuming?


Too saturated?




I’m here to assure you -


It’s not TOO anything.




Too fabulous…


Too “pinch me, is this really happening?”


Too gratifying…


Too “right now!”


Are you looking to release some uncertainty from your business?


To generate leads and sales on autopilot? (No, that doesn’t mean you do NOTHING! It means you create leverage and I teach you how!)


To be the one in control?


Join me in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


I teach you the 4 Pillars of a successful “Business in a Box.”


A business in a box is any business where you have the concept and products/services, but it is up to you to generate leads, clients, marketing and sales.


An example would be Network Marketing, Party Plan, Realtors, Life and Health Coaches, Personal Trainers, etc.


When you master the 4 Pillars of Success, and you use them, you will thrive.


It’s much easier to enjoy the present, despite what happens around us, when uncertainty isn’t an issue.


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