Emotional and Business Resilience

Emotional and Business resilience is important to your overall success and peace of mind.


Life gives us lemons 50% of the time. Let’s make lemonade from them.




We count on that superstar in Network Marketing, and then they don’t join or quit. Someone laughs at our decision.


Real Estate can be the same - EVERYONE seems to have their Real Estate license.


We must learn to stand out, get noticed, get the sale.


First, we must learn to navigate life’s challenges.


This week has been a whirlwind.


My son and his wife welcomed their first child and our first grandchild into the world. So excite to meet this new little bundle.


Less than 24 hours later, a devastating tornado blew through Nashville, Tennessee, literally right next door to my daughter’s apartment.


She is fine, but the aftermath and going through something like that alone, in the darkness is rattling. And, the power is out all over the city.


Not to mention that she is not feeling well, and about to have her tonsils removed.


She took me on a FaceTime tour, and wow, what a mess.


And, once I realized she is fine, safe and good to go, we had to make decisions and deal with our thoughts, feelings and next steps.


Logic and being pragmatic is in order in a situation like this.


We MUST learn to master our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.


It’s the same in business.


Do we wallow, or do we keep going?


Hopefully the answer is obvious to you - we keep going.


We grow.


We master the lessons.


We turn the lemons into lemonade.


We experience Pain, which is a form of non acceptance; resistance.


What happened just IS - we can’t change it.


Traffic ; rain on an event; flight cancels, tornados  - we get frustrated but we don’t allow emotional pain to set in and we don’t resist it. It SUCKS but we spend very little time there.


Every ongoing negative emotion is self created.


Emotions that are negative - anger, frustration, rage, fear, sadness, hurt, shame, guilt, hate, loathing, embarrassment, worry. We are inclined to think there is a different reason for each but reality is - it’s all created by what’s going on inside of us - our thoughts and feelings around something that happened, a circumstance, fact, event, experience.


Feeling bad is a choice.


Pain is inevitable; suffering and ongoing pain is optional.


Life and business will have its ups and downs. No doubt.


We need ton feel the pain and emotions of negative things.


We allow ourselves to process that pain.


And, then we simply must move forward.


Don’t freak out.


Ask - where do I want to go from here, and in what time frame?


How can I accept the reality of my situation?


How can I move forward, and grow?


Focus always on your 3 Cs -









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