Interview With the Flip Flop CEO Part 1

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How to Explain Network Marketing to Skeptics

Have you ever wondered how to explain network marketing to someone with a closed mind? Or, how to approach someone you view as already super successful, who might have an interest, but you are unsure, and don’t want to feel silly or stupid when you open the conversation?


Or, perhaps you are struggling with your own MLM blueprint and belief in the profession?




Listen in as I am joined by a former Corporate America executive, six figure earner who was very unhappy in her corporate life, even though everything looked polished and buttoned up on the outside. Yet, she was a complete MLM skeptic.


What opened her mind; how did she hit the top rank in her company in 1 year; and how might this knowledge help you do the same?



Jackie Ulmer: So Janine, welcome. I am so thrilled to have you here and super excited about the conversation. We're going to have



The Flip Flop CEOs: Thank you. Me too. I am so excited to be here. Thank you for having me.



Jackie Ulmer: Well, one of the things that I love so much about you and about your story is that in many ways it parallels mine in having an initial negative blueprint regarding network marketing MLM, whatever you want to call it, so



Jackie Ulmer: Talk to us a little bit about that, like your, your, your pre feelings about network marketing and then we'll move into your story of how you ultimately became this huge champion of network marketing.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Yes, oh my gosh I save it. I was the biggest skeptic on the planet about network marketing and now I'm the biggest cheerleader. So the reason for that is because 30 plus years ago.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I had someone invited me over for dinner and



The Flip Flop CEOs: I thought I was the only gas and I arrived in there were a bunch of cars parked out front. I went inside and it was one of those business opportunity meeting fat.



The Flip Flop CEOs: People used to lie to you about. I mean, they were the network marketers were taught to lie and say whatever they needed to say to get you there and



The Flip Flop CEOs: I was so offended by that that I just swore I wanted nothing to do with anybody that was involved in this business again and



The Flip Flop CEOs: I had a few opportunities along the over the years of people bringing different things to me and I just refuse to even listen, I was so negative. And so when Lori came home.



The Flip Flop CEOs: So excited about finding out about this thing called network marketing.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And said, Oh my gosh, Mom. I know you've never heard of it, or you would have told me, because this is exactly what I'm looking for.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And I'm like, yes, I have heard of it, run the opposite direction. It is not what you think it is. You want nothing to do with those people.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And I refuse to listen to anything. And she was shocked because, you know, before that I had always encouraged me to do anything. I was open minded and but I was completely closed and refuse to even listen to anything new.



Jackie Ulmer: So then what happened that created that shift for you. She obviously had signed up with the company and launched her business already



Jackie Ulmer: Yeah. Okay. All right. So tell us what happened next.



Jackie Ulmer: This as you're running Lori is Janine daughter, by the way, in case you didn't catch that.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Yes. Yes, thank you. Um, yes. A lot of people think oh so you saw her be successful. And then you decided to get involved know



The Flip Flop CEOs: For a year. Laurie was. I love that Lori did not give her power away. She did not she refuse to accept what I was saying she knew she was onto something.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And so um yeah I basically we were on a flight. And we were coming back from Denver and I was bored and needed something to read. Laurie had fallen asleep.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And she had this little book in her lap and I picked up the book and in 20 minutes I went after a year of battling I went from



The Flip Flop CEOs: Absolutely no way to, oh my gosh, I think I was born to do this business. And so when Lori woke up, she said, You know, I said, Oh my gosh, Lori, let's, let's go. Let's do this. And, um,



The Flip Flop CEOs: I mean, it was a total paradigm shift. So I know that that can happen for people if they take the time to to just be open to educating themselves.



Jackie Ulmer: You know, I love that because my story is kind of the same. I had a very negative blueprint about network marketing and it was based on a story that I made up as a kid when my uncle.



Jackie Ulmer: joined a network marketing company back in the 70s and came to my mom and my aunt his sisters and talk to them and I just all I can remember is like negativity and then trash talking and quite frankly behind his back.



Jackie Ulmer: And it wasn't until probably, I don't know, seven or eight years ago when I finally asked my mom about it and said, hey,



Jackie Ulmer: I've been telling the story forever, but I've never actually asked you, like, what was that about, and her whole thing was, oh



Jackie Ulmer: Why don't know that we were so negative about network marketing. I just you know I would. I can't even imagine myself as a salesperson and and i would never be good at sales, which is a whole nother conversation.



Jackie Ulmer: But it was funny, the stuff that we make up and then. And so I carried that through forever just thinking, Oh no, that's one of those things that you do if you can't get a real job.



Jackie Ulmer: And then a similar thing my husband flew with another pilot who introduced the concept to him and I was initially, he was kind of like, you know, maybe we should look at this and you know the airline industry is forever turbulent Pun intended.



Jackie Ulmer: You know you're constantly. Am I going to be furloughed. Am I going to have a job. Are we having pay cuts. What is the price of oil. What's going on in the Gulf, you know, all these different things that it's so



Jackie Ulmer: Dependent on. And so we had started looking, we were trying to divest ourselves. So having all our eggs in one basket, because I work for the airline industry to



Jackie Ulmer: And we were starting a family, which I ultimately left to stay home with my kids, but



Jackie Ulmer: So we were kind of look not kind of we were looking at franchising a lot of different things. And it was through the education process of letting down my guard.



Jackie Ulmer: Not telling anybody. I was doing this because I did not want any outside opinions any outside influence and this was back in the 90s. So the internet wasn't out there.



Jackie Ulmer: There weren't really books in the library on network marketing. I had to really work to find information and content about network marketing and when I really opened my mind and did some research.



Jackie Ulmer: Research. It was amazing what I found. So yeah, you're right, it's just opening your mind.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Well, and I think you know what people do naturally is they base their opinion on the people they're seeing, doing, doing it.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And that's the challenge because so many network marketers. First of all, don't know what they're doing there. It's the blind leading the blind. A lot of times



The Flip Flop CEOs: And most, most of the time, they don't respect what they have. They don't really treat it like a real business. They don't really understand what it can can create and so



The Flip Flop CEOs: You know, it's just, that's what we're. That's what we're judging the whole profession on and so on, you know, it is it is just my passion.



The Flip Flop CEOs: To bring clarity to business understood topic and just get people to be open enough. I mean, it's not about trying to get people involved. It's just about creating clarity, understanding what it is and what it isn't.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And discernment trying to, you know, break apart that the people that are doing it from the actual business model. So it's a tough. It's very convoluted and it's a tough thing to get to really get clarity about



Jackie Ulmer: You know it's true. And it's kind of funny. One of the things that I'm working on myself because I certainly do not have this mastered



Jackie Ulmer: But working on it within the profession is eliminating some of the vocabulary that we use and you even said some of the words I'm not picking on you but you know this is true. We're not looking to get people in



Jackie Ulmer: Who wants to be gotten so that we're get



Jackie Ulmer: When I joined my company join a company. No, you don't join a company you sign up for a business.



Jackie Ulmer: You know, people had the way people are doing it, you know, I mean, there's so many things when we really think about the vocabulary just even the vocabulary. A lot of the verbiage that we use is not the vocabulary that a professional business of any other kind uses right



Jackie Ulmer: As part of our processes to educate



The Flip Flop CEOs: Absolutely. And what happens is it's like people, a lot of people, a lot of people that are successful were skeptics initially never thought of themselves.



The Flip Flop CEOs: As being in the business, but it's almost like what happens when people do become involved.



The Flip Flop CEOs: They forget all of that and and all of a sudden they are one of the ones that drank the Kool Aid and they start talking that way and they start doing all these things and it's it's like they just completely forget. So there's no



The Flip Flop CEOs: Resource there's not a lot of resources for a novice for someone that is just coming in and wants to evaluate this and treat this just like any other business opportunity that they would evaluate



Jackie Ulmer: Yeah. So true, so you signed up launched your business with your daughter. How did you go about



Jackie Ulmer: And maybe this is a story and maybe it isn't. But how did you go about



Jackie Ulmer: I guess redirecting your own mindset where you one of those that once your mind was opened, you didn't have any more negativity or did you still have things that you had to overcome. Tell us about that part of your journey.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I had zero negativity. Once I really did this paradigm shift and and understood that business model.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that I had found something like this, especially after having spent my whole



The Flip Flop CEOs: Life up to that point adult life as a single mom, many years working so hard and and and working



The Flip Flop CEOs: By hard. I mean, you know, putting in the hours putting in the time making the sacrifices. So when I discovered this business. Well, I was just



The Flip Flop CEOs: I was blown away. And so I couldn't wait to jump in and apply what we had learned what I had seen and on I just did I treated it



The Flip Flop CEOs: Like I had gotten another another job the career that I had been working for previously for 10 years



The Flip Flop CEOs: The gal who owned the company sold it. And so I was left with nothing to show for my 10 years of hard work. And so I was even in a place where I was looking for something



The Flip Flop CEOs: As Laurie was, you know, also miserable, and that's why she thought, Oh my gosh, we can do this together.



The Flip Flop CEOs: But I did not perceive this business as being the things that I needed. I was looking for a way to create a six figure match my six figure income.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I wanted to be able to do this on my own schedule my husband's an entrepreneur, so he's always had freedom and he was encouraging me to do something that I could do from anywhere. Take off the amount of time that he wanted to take off.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And I didn't see this is that I said this is like a little part time thing that you can do, and maybe make a couple hundred dollars a month. Never perceiving it as a real



The Flip Flop CEOs: Choice for profession. And so when I saw that it could be that, or at least it sure appeared to me to be logical and reasonable.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I couldn't wait to jump in and apply it. And so I just from day one and I drove Lori crazy because I'm a baby boomer I'm at my work ethic is probably off the charts and she is



The Flip Flop CEOs: Somebody who oh my gosh loves Fun Fun is her priority, I found out in college, she would she would pick all the fun things she wanted to do first, and then she planned her classes around the fun



The Flip Flop CEOs: So when she got out of college and started working. She thought she could do the same thing. So, um,



The Flip Flop CEOs: We, it was little interesting with us, you know, going on this journey together, but I was often running because I had always done business development. I loved you know representing something that I believed in



The Flip Flop CEOs: And so we just really treated it like a real job. Like, if this is, you know what I'm doing now and you know we pretty quickly became success within a year, we had both earned on



The Flip Flop CEOs: The company car and we had, you know, matched. I asked my corporate income Lori had much more than that tours and we



The Flip Flop CEOs: You know, it was just one of those things that I couldn't wait to tell everybody that I knew about it. So I had 00 negativity left



Jackie Ulmer: Okay, so I want to deviate for a sec. How much of your corporate business development skill set and mindset. Did you bring into at least that first year of driving hard



The Flip Flop CEOs: Probably a lot and and that's probably one of the biggest reasons that we were so successful. I was, I was very



The Flip Flop CEOs: Accountable very responsible, you know, to myself and I just really took on the task.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Just the way I would have if I, if somebody had hired me to be their brand representative and so I you know I really was very



The Flip Flop CEOs: Structured and and with my time, you know, time management, I think it's important and



The Flip Flop CEOs: On. But the truth is, I could not sleep for the first year. I mean, I just jumped out of bed at, you know, 430 in the morning and just couldn't wait to talk to more people because



The Flip Flop CEOs: I knew that if people that I had worked with in the past. I mean, I had the luxury of working with people and seeing what their work ethic was like knowing people that that have



The Flip Flop CEOs: The ability to be successful. So I knew that if I could talk to them and get them to see what I saw to to apply what they were already applying to somebody else's dream and apply this instead to their own um, you know, I thought that that I would be successful and



The Flip Flop CEOs: What ended up happening though, and this is maybe another segue. But you know that. And that's why we ended up writing books because what I discovered



The Flip Flop CEOs: Is that a lot of people felt the way I did and I got a lot of people saying, you know, oh, this is one of those things and



The Flip Flop CEOs: So you know we just felt like Lori and I would just always walk away thinking



The Flip Flop CEOs: Somebody needs to be



The Flip Flop CEOs: In their face when they're saying you're not in one of those things. Somebody should point out that you know what they're doing.



The Flip Flop CEOs: is crazy. They're the ones that are working for somebody else's dream, they're the ones that the ones that are going to work in the dark coming home in the dark, that won't have anything to show for their time after 10 years and so that's that's what led us to write our first book.



Jackie Ulmer: And that is the perfect segue, segue into the book, but as a side note, if you're listening to this and you have somebody on your chicken list.



Jackie Ulmer: I'm going to guarantee you that Janine is probably the character type that you might have on your chicken list already successful six figure income corporate america




Jackie Ulmer: Looks like the perfect person who set successful. And so you might have a hesitation to want to talk to somebody like Janine.



Jackie Ulmer: Here's where I want to really encourage you if you need to rewind this and listen again. She was



Jackie Ulmer: Not happy not happy in corporate America not happy with what she was doing. She was looking, but she didn't know what she was looking for.



Jackie Ulmer: She didn't know what she was looking for. And so those people who you think in the beginning, or who are negative.



Jackie Ulmer: Like Janine like me. We are the classic example of why you don't want to edit your list. Why you do want to talk to everybody because you do not know what lies in their heart.



Jackie Ulmer: What's going on in their brain. What's keeping them awake at night and you might have the perfect gift to offer them.



Jackie Ulmer: In the form of an opportunity that will gift both you so I just had to throw that in there because I think it's so important to constantly drive that point home.



Jackie Ulmer: What we see on the outside is not necessarily representative of what's going on in the inside and somebody else's inner struggles bigger dreams longing for more



The Flip Flop CEOs: Well, and that's a great segue into something else that I'm really passionate about. I love that. I love that we're having this discussion, because it's not something I've even thought about for a while but



The Flip Flop CEOs: What happens is in our business. We are usually taught a certain way to to introduce the business.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And a lot of companies encourage us to do it on through the mission of the company, the products or whatever it is.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And what Lori kept doing was telling me all about, you know, the mission of the company and all these things that that were important to her. They were not important to me.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I mean, I was looking for a way to match my six figure income to have freedom and flexibility and



The Flip Flop CEOs: I had a specific list of things that I was looking for and all she could do is keep telling me what she saw about the business. And that is what's so important. That's again why I'm such an advocate of



The Flip Flop CEOs: Using a tool that is going to address all of the things that might the person might be thinking, first of all, we have to be



The Flip Flop CEOs: solution providers. We have to know what it is that the person needs a solution for and then offer that solution. It's so much in the way we present things and people



The Flip Flop CEOs: It's like they don't again after they get into network marketing, they forget about what it was like before they got in and I'm thinking, and again, I'm using that bad, but




Jackie Ulmer: I do it all the time. I'm really working to catch myself but



The Flip Flop CEOs: Yes, I appreciate that. I love that you're i i love that because I think we as a profession need to become more professional and we need to really um



The Flip Flop CEOs: speak differently and approach this differently and show up differently. And I, but I really do think that, personally, I believe that



The Flip Flop CEOs: There we represent two things we represent products and we represent a business. And to me, I'm not going to have the same conversation about those two things, and I may not even have the same conversation with someone. I'm, you know, I just feel like that is one area that



The Flip Flop CEOs: That needs to be reviewed and evaluated and basically if it's working for you and to do to, you know,



The Flip Flop CEOs: Invite people to your business the way that you're doing it and you're doing it through the mission of the company, then that's great, then keep doing that.



The Flip Flop CEOs: But, for me and for our situation that do not work. I believe that you can't go wrong. If you are listening to somebody else's on what their needs are and if you have a solution for something, then present it in those terms.



Jackie Ulmer: You know, it's so true. I have a whole segment in my street smart wealth Academy training and I always trained my own team.



Jackie Ulmer: When I was actively building a business. I think this is so important because people always say, should I lead with the opportunity or I do. I lead with the product. And I'm like,



Jackie Ulmer: Neither you lead with your prospect. It's just like what you're saying. What is their biggest challenge because it's kind of funny, you can take $100 worth of your product.



Jackie Ulmer: And $100 bill and laid on the table. Most of the end you ask people to pick. Most of the time they're going to pick the hundred dollar bill.



Jackie Ulmer: Because I think more people in their mind anyway struggle with money and money issues and all of that.



Jackie Ulmer: So I'm a big advocate of never leaving the opportunity side of it out, but it is important to know when



Jackie Ulmer: That fits into the conversation. And when you might fit it into soon and blow it.



Jackie Ulmer: And lose maybe your best client, your best ambassador who ultimately will come around to build the business, but you are so right. You've got to lead with your prospect and what their biggest challenges and what is the solution. They're looking for



The Flip Flop CEOs: And I think another thing to to mention is that the person that you are talking to has been watching you.



The Flip Flop CEOs: They seeing the way you do the business. They've seen what what that involves and they're evaluating, do I want to do that. Could I see myself doing that. So that's why when I got started I i



The Flip Flop CEOs: I didn't want somebody to see me as the on whatever lady, the product lady on because I knew that these were people from corporate America. These were people that were my peers and they



The Flip Flop CEOs: You know that's not what they're going to want to do either.



The Flip Flop CEOs: So I feel like I show up in every single situation based on the person I wear my product lady hat if I'm in a situation that that's appropriate. I wear my business.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I sell a virtual online franchise hat if I'm with somebody that that is going to be appropriate for. So I think it's really important to



The Flip Flop CEOs: Again, everything that you said just but realize that we are examples we are being example of all the time. And so I think it's important to be good example.



Jackie Ulmer: It is an especially on social media. I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole because we could be on that all day but people are watching you for sure.



Jackie Ulmer: So let's segue then into what you came up with as a solution to help explain and clear out the negativity that so many people have you to wrote a book. So tell



Jackie Ulmer: Us about that and the journey and process.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Yes, so the journey and process was very convoluted and very complicated, but when we were in a mastermind group and everybody in the mastermind group said you guys have got to write a book. And we said, we don't want to write a book.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I think we're the only people on the planet that did not want to write a book, but they kept saying, you know, there's different ways to do it. So we, we ended up



The Flip Flop CEOs: On writing the book we knew exactly what we wanted it to be like there were these books at the time. I don't know if you've ever heard of the series of books called skinny bitch.



The Flip Flop CEOs: No. Yeah, so the thing



Jackie Ulmer: I'm going to put it on my list.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Yeah, well, they're there they were. Gosh, from like 15 or so years ago. Both of my daughters got those books and on the cover is a stick figure cool looking girl, and it's called skinny bitch. And then there's a series



The Flip Flop CEOs: Been in the oven and all kinds of different you know versions.



The Flip Flop CEOs: But my both of my daughters read those books and were crying. They were just laying on the couch bawling. And I'm like, what is up with that this book doesn't look like would have anything that would make you cry.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And what I learned after I talked to them is that the books are actually about veganism and cruelty to animals.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And they actually did a really clever thing they found they they attracted an audience that would never read about the veganism in cruelty to animals.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And the educated them about this. So they created more awareness about a topic that you know maybe this audience would have wanted to know about. But they didn't know they wanted to know about.



The Flip Flop CEOs: So that book is what inspired the flip flop CEO, we wanted to write a book that would be cool on the outside that somebody would actually read a skeptic would actually read



The Flip Flop CEOs: And it would be written in a cool enough way a sassy and if way that it's skeptic would keep reading it, because you know



The Flip Flop CEOs: A lot of the books that are out there are for people that already drank the Kool Aid.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And we don't. Again, we forget about that because now we're, you know, we've drank the Kool Aid to but we wanted to write a book that somebody



The Flip Flop CEOs: That didn't like network marketing or didn't have an opinion or whatever would still enjoy reading. So, on the flip flop CEO was written to connect with Smart. Savvy professional women.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And it's written in a way that you want to read it. And so it basically calls that every single elephant in the room.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I mean, you know, we don't know when we're talking to somebody, maybe, you know, my, my hang up was I didn't think it was a pyramid scheme. I thought that the person that sponsored my daughter.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Was only interested in talking to me because she was going to make all this money. Well, I didn't understand that you can go around your sponsor. I didn't understand a lot of things like that about the business but



The Flip Flop CEOs: If that was my hang up and yours was I'm not good at sales.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Then we still haven't, you know, solve the problem. So what we did was just really address all of the things in a really fun fast way so that whoever you're talking to whatever it is that they're skeptical about or they're hanging up is we're going to address their concern.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And so on.



The Flip Flop CEOs: We wrote the books to be given to skeptics, we thought that you know if Laurie had had a book and could have



The Flip Flop CEOs: It could have said, Mom, it sounds like you're talking about something completely different than what I'm talking about.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Would you read this just read the beginning of it and let's have a conversation. We could have saved a year of time.



The Flip Flop CEOs: So we wrote the books, believing that they would be used by network marketers to put in the hands of skeptics skeptics, or the people



The Flip Flop CEOs: When you come home after you you've joined a network marketing company and your husband or your mom or your sister or your neighbors going



The Flip Flop CEOs: Oh my gosh, you didn't fall for that you could say, hey, read this, maybe, I don't know, it seems like we're talking about different things you can eliminate a lot of those situations. So that's why we wrote the books. That's ultimately not how the books have been used, though.



Jackie Ulmer: Well, we'll get to that. So you wrote the first book, and then you wrote a second book. So tell us about the second book.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Yes, so the second book is the sequel and basically



The Flip Flop CEOs: What happened was, after people read the first book, they said, Oh my gosh, this is so different than I thought. This makes sense. But how would I know if I would be good at network marketing.



The Flip Flop CEOs: I've always been a flight attendant or a realtor or a nurse. And so again, there was a missing piece in the books and the any



The Flip Flop CEOs: resources that are available. There's nothing that speaks to someone coming in from a completely different traditional job.



The Flip Flop CEOs: To network marketing to really evaluate, just like you would any other new changing career.



The Flip Flop CEOs: So the does the shoe fit and it could be called does the flip flop bit because it's really to decide if you're, you know, made for flip flops.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Um, basically it bridges the gap between traditional nine to five and network marketing and makes it really easy for somebody to understand



The Flip Flop CEOs: These are two different worlds. I mean, in so many ways network marketing is complete opposite of what we've



The Flip Flop CEOs: We've been taught you know actually helping people instead of being worried about them taking your job from you or, you know, there's just a lot of rules. They're very different in the two worlds and so



The Flip Flop CEOs: Does this she fit is really that book and it's really also written for somebody that's gotten into network marketing and maybe it's not achieving the success that they want to



The Flip Flop CEOs: It talks about the different things that we need to have, we need to have belief in the products belief in the company belief in network marketing and belief in ourselves. And a lot of times people are in the wrong network marketing company they got brought in by



Jackie Ulmer: Really? Did say that?



Jackie Ulmer: I love you. Sorry. Keep going.



The Flip Flop CEOs: And I'm not a proponent of like quit your company and go somewhere else. Because no matter where you go, there you are. You're going to take all your baggage with you.



The Flip Flop CEOs: But it's very possible that you got into this without even got into this. I'm going to wash my mouth out with soap. When I get off of this call.



Jackie Ulmer: We're just creating awareness. That's all we can do because like I said, I do the same thing.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Yeah, so, um, I don't know. I had just sidetracked.



Jackie Ulmer: Into network marketing and is it the right company.



The Flip Flop CEOs: Yeah, so people you know a friend says, Can we got to do this. And the friend doesn't even know what they're doing. And the friend doesn't. I mean, people typically do not



The Flip Flop CEOs: Have the respect for, for what they are holding in their hands and if we started anything else.



The Flip Flop CEOs: We would respect it. If we mortgaged our house to buy a franchise. We would never treat it the way we treat network marketing and this is so much better in my opinion because we're not risking so much so.



The Flip Flop CEOs: That's my story.



Jackie Ulmer: Love it. It's good. And I know you know the next piece of our conversation is really going to be about how to use these books.



Jackie Ulmer: And and how they've not been used and and before we get into that, I just do want to say I


Jackie Ulmer: I know where we're going in terms of it's the first one, especially is designed to be a tool to introduce people to the concept, who have not yet.



Jackie Ulmer: Decided to launch a business with network marketing to educate them.



Jackie Ulmer: What to look for and different things like that. However, I do still feel. And I know you feel this way to Janine, that it is a great tool.



Jackie Ulmer: Even if you have gone ahead and said yes to network marketing, you could be like me and still I when I finally



Jackie Ulmer: You know, wrote the check. This was before you could sign up online. When I finally wrote the check and filled in the paper application and mailed it in. I'd love to tell you that my negative blueprint went away.



Jackie Ulmer: It did not. It probably got stronger, to be honest. So that would have been a perfect book for me to say over somebody to say to me.


Jackie Ulmer: Understand how to explain network marketing. If nothing else, because when you read this book and you educate yourself.



Jackie Ulmer: Using it it makes your positioning so much stronger just even opening that conversation.



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If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.

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Learn more about the Street Smart Wealth Academy; THE "success mentoring" teaching you the "skills to pay the bills!"

  • What we will do together in 4 Simple Steps:


    Master Your Marketing Plan - Build a Complete Online and Offline Strategy


    • We will build and develop your "brand", which is the gateway to creating the rest of your marketing plan, online and offline
    • You will know exactly who your ideal client is and how to attract them to you 
    • You will know how to build your audience; nurture them; and create killer marketing copy that speaks to the heart, all done with consistency for growth
    • You will create systems so you know each day what your marketing strategy is, and you know how to execute it
    • You will know how to pre-sell your client before your call with them
    • You will know the primary social media platforms and how to effectively market in each


    Master Your Messaging and Success Language - Know How to Position Yourself, Your Client, Your Offer


    • You will learn the secrets of language and positioning to create interest and get your audience to lean in
    • You will learn and master the Authentic Sales and Closing process, so you feel calm, confident and no longer struggle with how to ask for the decision and get the sale - no more Selling "Ick" Factor
    • You will know how to create a world class client experience, retaining more clients, so you spend less time prospecting and build more referrals


    Master Your Time Management and Productivity - How to Become a Professional Entrepreneur


    • You will know exactly where to focus your time and energy to get the best results
    • You will learn to release resistance and excuses that hold you back; and build the discipline needed to succeed
    • You will know where your business is going and how to predict growth and profits
    • You will have systems and plans in place for every area of your business so you know the next step with each person in the process
    • You will know how to set your goals and achieve them
    • You will have accountability to keep you focused and on track
    • You will do all of this without feeling overwhelmed 


    Master Your Mindset and Limiting Beliefs


    • You will learn how to take back control over your thinking
    • You will detox from negative self talk, comparanoia, procrastination and overthinking
    • You will create better relationships with your partner, your family, friends, team and most specifically, yourself
    • You will cleanse scarcity and fear based thinking from your life
    • You will know how to solve any problem or challenge for yourself
    • You will learn how to capture your big ideas and monetize them  


    Bonus content includes:

    Taming the Money Monster

    Peak Performance Habits

    Mental Yoga and Thought Download Process




    I'll be sharing the concepts, tools and training to support your marketing, growth and business goals. While the principles that I teach are complete for any Solopreneur business, the details, strategy and implementation will be tailored to you through my mentorship.


    I coach and train on the exact strategies I used to reach top income earner status in my network marketing company, and sell products and services in over 40 countries, using digital marketing. These are the same strategies I use today in my coaching business. I don't teach theory.

    Learn more at Coach With Jackie


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