Morning Routine and Daily Thought Work

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My life completely changed when I began a sincere morning routine and daily thought work process.

I have done pieces of it for years, starting as far back as junior high school, with a journal required for my English Creative Writing class. I didn’t totally grasp the benefit back then, but I was aware how much better I felt after getting my thoughts down on paper.




Through the years, I have done a number of things, including journaling, affirmations, visualization, meditation, yoga, and reading plenty of self help and motivational books.

In 1997, I went on a TV, news and negativity fast and have really never picked it back up. I rarely watch the news, and don’t have any shows I binge watch.

After reading Hal Elrod’s book, "The Miracle Morning" and listening to his podcast, I got re-energized to put it all into a formula that works for me.

It’s based loosely on his SAVERS format, and I mix things up some days to fit me:

Silence (Meditation, prayer, etc.)





Scribe (Write or Journal)

I call this my Mindset Mastery, because that is what it is.

I just finished day 57 of tracking consistently. I have been doing most of it for a few years, but not tracking. What I have come to realize is that I can look back and see that the times I felt challenged and overwhelmed; uncertain and in doubt; were the times I was inconsistent with my mindset mastery.


When I begin my day, and stay on track through the day, life flows with ease and without so much effort.


First, let me say this - there is no hard, cold “right or wrong”, in my experience. It’s been the commitment and consistency to DAILY POSITIVE MINDSET WORK that has made a difference for me.


All I know for sure is being in the flow has worked for me, and being intentional and present, regardless of order or time of day.


Meditation or Silence, Prayer


I choose to call this part of my practice meditation, and sometimes it involves prayer. Meditation has been a challenge for me for years, mostly because I was way too hung up on doing it right, or fearing that I was doing it wrong.


I like to use the Insight Timer App, and Singing Tibetan Bowls is a great choice for calm and peace. It’s about 20 minutes, and I use it for my mediation, affirmations and visualization. I also turn it on any time I am feeling stressed.


Just breathing deep and listening has a calming effect.


That’s really all meditation is - deep breathing, slow breathing and clearing the mind. It’s perfectly normal to have thoughts drift in to distract you. Just be aware, and let them go as you can.




Does your mind ever call "BS" on Affirmations?


The Secret and other well meaning Self Help guides have created a whole lot of people running “I Am” affirmations through their minds and part of their daily process.


While this has great potential, there are also a lot of people saying - hey, where’s my “stuff?” When is my bounty going to arrive?


We have to be careful with affirmations, because our mind will not accept anything too extreme.


To make a statement of being a millionaire when one is having a challenge paying the bills each month creates too large a crevasse to cross.


It’s all a process. Create statements that are believable and not so far out there that your mind immediately calls BS.


I am improving in my business every day.


I am becoming confident and fearless in sharing what I do with others.


I like to use questions, too, called “Afformations” by Noah St John:


Why is it so easy for me to achieve my goals?


Why do I have such a happy marriage?


Why do my clients refer me to others?


Why is it so easy for me to attract money into my life?


Why do I so easily hit my fitness, workout and food plan goals each day?


Your brain is designed to go to work solving problems. When you ask a question of it, it gets busy.


Make it a practice to ask yourself questions each night before you go to sleep and let your mind get busy finding the answer.





Some people seem to struggle with this. I have found a simple solution that works well for me.


Write down your perfect day in your perfect life. Bring all the senses into it. What do you see? Hear? Smell? Feel? Touch? Who are you with?


Where does your business fit into this? What are you seeking to achieve with it?


Or set a goal and write down the details of you achieving it.


Start by reading it. Sentence at a time. Then close your eyes and “experience” the sentence you just read. Do it again with the next one. Or do a paragraph.


Over time, you won’t have to read it anymore.


Just be light and have fun with it.




I do at least 30 minutes of Exercise every day and I start first thing each morning with at least 10 minutes of Yoga to help calm my mind, warm up and stretch my muscles, and get me in tune with my body, how it feels and ready for the rest of my morning routine.


Again, there are no hard fast rules for this. I know that doing this has changed the way I approach my day and I love having my body stretched and ready for a new day, to serve me well and work with “the team!”




I also fit podcasts into this category. And, guided meditations as well. I do not always do this in the first part of my day, but I always fit it in somewhere. It has been a habit for 2 decades, so it happens easily. Just a few pages in a positive self help book can create a shift.


The same thing goes with listening to positive input. Podcasts, audio books, etc.



Journaling or Scribing


This, is probably my favorite part of the routine, and where I do my best work, and what makes all of the difference for me.


This is a big part of my coaching program with my clients, and those who commit, have such wonderful feedback on how it improved their game in every way.


This is not so much “Dear Diary” as it is just getting all of the thoughts that jumble up in your brain out on paper. It’s about processing thoughts, feelings and emotions, the good and the bad.


This is a great practice to see what comes out of your subconscious thinking.


Here is how I do mine:

I have a small journal style, bound notebook that fits into my purse. I like to have it with me so I can capture thoughts when I am out, too.

I set the timer on my phone for 5 minutes.

And, I just start free flow writing.

About whatever comes to mind.

No judgement.

No worries about spelling



Nothing has to make sense.

No editing.

No overthinking.

Just get it all out.

I just write. For 5 minutes.

Longer if the timer goes off and I am still scribbling away.

Then, I analyze what I have written and take a curious approach.

Why am I thinking these thoughts?

Are they true?

Are they made up stories from the past?

Are they thoughts I am projecting into the future?

Are they serving me or keeping me stuck?

How would I like to think instead?

What does it mean about me?

How and who would I be if I didn’t have this thought and feel this way?

When you can ask questions like these and get your ego out of the way, that is when real change happens!


Thought Avoidance 


Sometimes, we have Thought Avoidance. We don’t want to face the tough stuff. We fear it will hurt too much. We want to avoid pain.


Here are some thoughts to ponder on that:


I’m willing to see what’s below the surface in my thoughts.


Write them down so you can work on them to change them.


I’m here to handle everything.


I’m here to live out fully.


I’m here to examine the negative and shift to a positive.



Which of these thoughts are true?


How can I shift these to a new thought?


You should feel a shift in emotion in your body when you find a new thought that works.


It doesn’t make sense to do a whole lot of action work it you haven’t aligned your thoughts and feelings in the right direction.



If you find yourself feeling stuck, try just writing down 10 ideas each day. No editing, no over analyzing. Just write. Free flow. Be open to anything that comes to mind.


Look back in a month and see what patterns emerge and then weigh in on how you feel about them.



When I find myself in resistance to anything, I do a thought download (brain dump on paper) about it and examine my thoughts.


I ask myself questions.


Why am I resistant to getting back on track?


What are just excuses and what are valid reasons?


What’s true about any of this?


What does it mean about me?


How would I feel if I didn’t resist this?


How do I feel if I lose what I’ve gained so far?


How can I make the time to do this TODAY?


Just some ideas.... good luck. I’ve been there and I know for me, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is so much better when I do the “work” that matters to me.




Sometimes, we can get derailed throughout the day as things happen and situations arise. This is a great time to pause, and do some thought work.


It doesn’t make sense to do a whole lot of action work it you haven’t aligned your thoughts and feelings in the right direction.


Recently, I hit a rough spot in the day, and I had a lot of things I still needed to get accomplished. I was way out of the feeling good mode that I needed to move forward, and my mind was a wreck.

So, I stopped everything and I did a 40 minute meditation and it got me right back where I needed to be.


How Has the Daily Thought Work Changed My Life


Oh where to start?!?! First, I am calm and in control of my thoughts, emotions and reactions. I know how run my mind instead of my mind running me. THIS IS HUGE.


My relationships have improved because I am much more present and have quit “making up stories” when conflicts arrive. I’ve learned to stay in my own lane.


My business is up about 50% due to focus, affirmations, daily journal, thought download and intentional inspired action.


I’ve learned to overcome procrastination.


I hit my fitness and eating goals almost daily, and when I don’t, at least I know it was a conscious choice and not just random.


Overall, life is much more joyful.


I have manifested a few things out of thin air, too!





That’s all it is. Mastering intentional thinking and actions. Choose and do. Choose and do. Amazing things show up!


Good luck to you and thanks for being on this journey with me!



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