Network Marketing Problems - How to Solve The Problem of Other People

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Network Marketing Would Be Great Without the People

Network Marketing is a fabulous business model. The challenge can be other people regarding our business. The same can be true in life. Let’s talk about how to solve this problem. But wait - what IS the problem, really?


Often, we quickly dive from being uber excited about the potential in our business to thinking something is wrong and we are the only one struggling.


Does this define you?




Do you ever feel challenged in your business - have those things that come up that you just don’t feel you can solve?


Often, these come down to things like -


I’m worried everyone will say no to my network marketing business.

No one wants to listen to me.

I’m afraid I won’t know the answers to questions about my network marketing business.


Insert your favorite challenge. These are those things we make up.

It’s often about people, right? Other people, in fact.


More and more people contact me on a regular basis, feeling stuck in their network marketing business - unable to take action. Sometimes they don’t call it this - they say -


I don’t have anyone to talk to


I need to find more people who are open to my network marketing business


People are different where I live


I’m not sure the people I talk to have what it takes


I want to help other people but I just can't get there


I’m not sure I am with the right company.


Does any of that sound familiar?


We think something has gone wrong, or WE are wrong.


And, that is not the case at all!



For years, I would poke and prod to get to the hidden meaning of this with clients; to figure out what was really the problem.


I worked hard on developing the right things to say; going through their list; coaching them on Social Media and more. And, still, we seldom broke through the barrier that was stopping them.


Then, I would a client where we did create the breakthrough, and it was amazing. It flowed so seamlessly, with no struggle.


What was the difference?


After spending quite a bit of time working on this, I finally pin pointed what the unique difference is and it all comes down to the same thing -


Those who are moving forward have mastered their mindset.


Their thinking.


They have a handle on their feelings.


And, feelings are the key, because this is what drives our actions.


And, of course, our actions determine our results.




Think how often we use that word - feel, feeling, feelings.


Even now, as I am speaking, think about your FEELINGS around your business, and don’t over analyze it. What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you think about your business?


Your prospect list? Following up? Your company? Your products/services?



When your thoughts are negative, this means your feelings will not align correctly, or as you need them to be to move something forward, it affects your results, right?


Think about the questions I just asked you. What THOUGHTS did you think about your business?


Were they largely positive or negative?


Your thoughts will ultimately drive your actions. Poor thoughts, lackluster feelings, no actions. Excited thoughts, motivated feelings, inspired actions.


Which is going to drive the results you need?



There are a few things that drive our thoughts and feelings and it’s important to note that we must always relate our feelings to a few things in life - What we can’t control and what we can.


Can’t - the past, other people, the environment and world happenings.


CAN - our thoughts, feelings, action, results.  Our decision to no longer be held back by the Past and limiting beliefs!


It’s easy to forget this and think that our thoughts are controlled by outside forces, but we DO control our thoughts.


Our thoughts or beliefs come to us often as a result of our life experiences, starting when we are young children. Good, bad - either way, these will drive our lives.


Master your mindset, or your thinking and you’ll break free of a limiting past.


Let’s chat about some steps you can take to solve any problem or challenge in your network marketing business.




How to Solve Any Problem in Network Marketing

There is no problem you can’t solve, no challenge you can’t overcome. It’s never the problem that is the challenge. It’s how we think about the situation.


People are saying no to your Network Marketing business.

Your network marketing team isn’t growing.


Is this really a problem? Or is it just a situation that we can overcome?

So, let’s pick a problem and think about it. Put it in your mind’s eye, place it in the palm of your hand. And, remember - it’s never the problem that is the real problem - it’s how we think about the problem.


We aren’t focused on thinking about the solution to the problem.  Just the problem.


So let’s shift to the focus of - how do we solve this problem? I like to focus on the solution instead of spending a lot of time explaining the problem and talking about the problem or even making excuses about the problem.

When I do one on one coaching I get those who want to go on and on about the problem instead of giving it to me in one or two short concise sentences and then shifting our focus to the solution.

So, again, think about your problem.  Notice the way you’re thinking about it.  How do you feel? What emotions does it bring up? Is it helpful or is it not helpful?  The second thing is are you focused on the problem over and over and over again or have you put your mind to work on the solution?


Step 1 - determine what is fact and what is fiction.


Example - I haven’t sponsored anyone in my Network Marketing business.


This is a fact, and it’s neutral. Doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong.


Everything in Network Marketing, and life, is figureoutable.


What you want to do is take any issue in your life and separate the facts from the fictions, or made up stories and thoughts. Because there is a difference.


Step 2 - What are your thoughts around not having sponsored anyone?


Something is wrong with you; the company; products, network marketing; the people you talk to?


What feelings do you feel in your body around this? And, how does it cause you to act, or not act? And, what are your business results.


Most often, we feel bad, hopeless, unsure and so we do nothing, and of course, our business results are zero.


This keeps us in a negative cycle.

Step 3 - Figure out what you really want; how you want to think, feel and act -

I can figure this out. If anyone else has ever done it, I can too. This makes me feel empowered, and in search of the solution. Practice is what creates mastery, and talking to people, getting good at Success Language and positioning myself, and offer, to fit their challenge or solution is what works.


No more spray and Pray.

This gets me into action and my results show it. I begin sponsoring people.


We all have a script that we run our own live’s by.


I call this Life’s Playbook - these are those “scripts” we all make up about ourselves and others, and how we relate together.

We have these beliefs around how we run our lives and beliefs around how we think other people should act and relate to us, or run their lives.

The life playbook is basically a mental “how to” book that you have written, at least in your mind, for yourself and those around you. We all tend to have expectations of others and how they should behave and quite frankly, we get a little frustrated when they don’t act according to plan.

Yet, you don’t want to run your life in accordance with someone else’s script for you, right?

Yet, we have often let others write the playbook we are operating under for us. We take our past and experiences we have gone through, and the beliefs and thoughts we made up around these, and inject them into the playbook we operate under today.


Can you relate?


The challenge is, in most cases, we have tied our sense of worthiness; our own opinions of ourselves; our thoughts about what we should and shouldn’t be doing to others, and our script for them and vice versa.


We feel like if they would just do what THEY are supposed to, we would be happy.


Now, you may be thinking - I don’t do this. I know I like to believe I don’t.


Most of us do this subconsciously. We aren’t even aware that we are doing it.



Guess what - everyone has this. So, the life play book you have for your spouse, for instance, may not mesh with his or her own play book. So, how is there ever going to be congruency?


You can’t control another person, really, and most of us have a hard enough time controlling ourselves, for goodness sakes!


The reason we try so hard to change others is because of the way we think it will make us feel about ourselves. We think this means they like us, they respect us, care about us and so on. If they don’t follow our play book, we make up what this must mean and that usually is some negative thinking.


No one is ever going to win in this situation. Can you see that?


So, in your business, you may be racking your brain, trying to figure out why others just don’t see what you SEE in your business, or why they won’t AT LEAST take a look.


And, this leads you to lots of self doubt.


Here is something to remember - no one else’s behavior needs to have any affect on how you think, feel or act. It’s just not about you.


When you believe that the is the case, you’re going to land in a spiral of negativity.


We want to get to the place of taking responsibility for how we feel around any circumstance and any outcome.


You need nothing more than to look around the room at your company convention and KNOW that there are plenty of people out there who see it, get it and act on it, And, they are not all in the room right now! Plenty are out there and waiting!



Setting yourself free from the opinions and actions of others will make your business much more enjoyable and successful. And, much more conflict free, even if the conflict is only in your own mind.



It’s so very important that while you can’t control the past, or another, you can control your own future and your reactions to what goes on.


It’s important to let go of making someone else’s “NO” mean anything more than what it is, which is - not for me at this time.



Honor and respect that. And, then honor and respect yourself for having made a different decision about it and move on to seeing who else might make that same decision.


If you are inclined to prove this to yourself and get really bold, try this - ask the next person who says no - does this mean you think less of me or my decision?


You’ll likely get some raised eyebrows and quizzical looks.



Take some time to write down some of the “plays” from the Life Play Books you have for others, and how it is affecting you and your success.



Most of the time, when people tell me they are stuck, and we begin to look at their calendar, they are feeling stuck and therefore not taking any action.


Everything we do in life is a result of wanting to FEEL a certain way. Either wanting to feel good, or avoid feeling some other way.


The success you desire in your business is no different. You want success because of how it will FEEL. You want to be a top income earner because of how it will FEEL. You want to earn a certain income in order to have certain experiences because of how it will FEEL.



Feelings drive everything in life and so your current inaction is a result of how you are feeling about the possible outcome of taking action.


You are feeling the way you do as a result of how you are thinking.


This makes it critical to know WHY you are thinking what you are thinking and to learn to remain out of judgement about it.


I’ll say it again to drive the point home - Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, actions create results.


Write that down.


You aren’t taking action because of the way you feel, since your feelings drive your actions.


You aren’t making your list, calling your prospects, following up and so on because of how you FEEL around it. Because of what you think the outcome will be, and how you will FEEL about that.


Sounds oversimplified? It’s NOT and that is a true gift to us both, because this means you can easily get unstuck, if that is what you really want.


What determines what you think? And, how do you change it if you are looking for a different outcome?


It starts with becoming aware first, of our thoughts. This means kind of stepping outside of ourselves and watching our mind think.


This is why I start every morning with a thought download. This changed my life, and  certainly my business.


The Daily Thought Download Strategy. You’ll find my video and strategy for this.





Do a Thought Download on where you think other people are the problem in your business.


What’s the fact vs the story you are making up about it?


Think about what Life Play Book Scripts you have made up for yourself and others, and how this is factoring into the equation.


How will you shift those thoughts?


Where do you really want to be?



Your self image and confidence plays a huge role in your feelings and thoughts. I have a complete module on Confidence in Business in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


I talk to people all of the time who do extremely well in their full time careers, and can’t seem to get a handle on the network marketing side of things. And, why is that? It’s REALLY very simple. We have just a few objectives -


Contact and invite, using calm, casual language. Present, using third party tools, and we collect a decision. We work with the willing and follow up later with the nos.


No begging, no bugging, no harassing, right? So what then, is the hang up?


Do a lot, get a lot; do a little, get a little. Do nothing, get nothing.


These are business skills that are developed, learned and perfected - nothing you have to be born with.


I would love to be your mentor to get you there.



Do you have a question for me? DM me on Instagram @jackieulmer


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