More Important to Success Than Talent or Knowledge

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What Creates Success More Than Talent or Knowledge?

Last month I recorded an episode called Just Don’t Break the Chain. Go back and revisit it if you haven’t. We talk about the power i simply creating a chain pf consistency.


Over my nearly 25 years online and 30 years owning my own business, that word - consistency - has consistently shown up in every aspect of my business. And, everyone else with a success story who I have spoken with and that number is in the hundreds.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison, or what I like to call, comparanoia. That's when we look at everybody else and their success, and we begin to measure it against our own.


What we seldom do, however, is really look at the backstory behind it to find out what their mindset was, their thoughts and beliefs, that drove the actions that they took on a regular and consistent basis.

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In most cases, if you'll simply sit down and chat with anyone who has the type of success that you desire, and you ask them to get out their calendar, and they do, and you have a look at it, what you'll find is that most often it's full.


Full of success rendering actions and activities. Woven in between the lines, most often in the spaces that you can't see, is the mindset work that they had to do on themselves.


There success does not mean that they were fearless, or never had self-doubt, or wondered if they were doing the right thing. They simply allowed their desire to be more, do more, have more to outweigh those fears of being good enough, or whether or not, they were doing the right thing.


They let their future self image lead the way. Listen to the show on Your Million Dollar Self Image For Success!



When I look back at my own successful times and those times of struggle, I can see very clearly the starts and stops.


This podcast. My Youtube channel.


I was one of the pioneers in podcasting, especially in the Solopreneur, network marketing, coaching space. I started my podcast in 2013, yet when I look back, I can see gaps in my consistency.


I never took off a full year, but close to it in some cases. When I started, I had a very consistent publishing schedule, and my business was thriving. When I stopped and took breaks, business fell off. It makes sense right?


If you're not open for business, traffic can't get in. Customers can't get in and find you. And as someone who relies mostly on the Internet to provide my leads and clients, I've got to be there and show up.


Now, fortunately, with nearly 25 years under my belt, I have lots of funnels in history and Content where you can find me. I was very consistent for the first 15 years of my online phase.


If you search network, marketing coach, or network marketing coach for women, you'll see I consistently have between one and three spots on the first page of Google under those categories, and that's from years of Content and consistency.


So take a look at your own calendar and your own consistency. Dig deep within yourself and decide what it is you really want.


And then use that calendar to detail out exactly what you're going to do weekly on a consistent basis.


I’ve said before we tend to overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in five years. Instead of setting a goal to create five blog posts a week or five YouTube videos or five podcasts or anything beyond one piece of good solid Content weekly might lead you to feel overwhelmed and derail you from your consistency chain.


That does not include social media. That's its own beast and you need to be out there consistency because as we know social media is a “right now” concept.


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    Bonus content includes:

    Taming the Money Monster

    Peak Performance Habits

    Mental Yoga and Thought Download Process




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