Why Now is the Best Time to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing is thriving during the Pandemic. It's a unique time in world history.

Let’s talk about …..

Why Now is the Best Time to Build Your Network Marketing Business



People are scared, jobless, lost wages, health issues, children home, need flexible solutions. Working from home seems obvious. Google Search for home based business are surging.


You need vision, content, marketing strategy and business skills to attract, sponsor people, create success..



I couldn’t be more excited for today’s show, based on my 20+ years building an online business and what I’ve experienced. We will cover:


WHY NOW - We are in a unique time in the world, so why do I believe that now is the perfect time to build?


When was the best time to plant a shade tree? 20 years ago, but when is the second best time? Right now. Another 20 years is going to pass, are you going to have shade at the end?


My story - https://www.streetsmartwealth.com/about


I caught the vision and concept of Leverage.


I breezed right through Y2K, 9/11, 2008 recession and my business never skilled a beat.


What’s Trending Right Now?



Google searches - Home based business, work from home; great home biz - how do I work from home?


Why? Record time in history, globally


people are scared, looking for solutions; struggling, job loss, health concerns, flexibility , kids home


launch or relaunch


3 Cs - get clear in 4 areas - why, for yourself and then create the win win;  what, what do you actually sell; solution, not the product or opportunity; who - who is the ideal client. how - marketing, skills and positioning and how to share, not salesy


sell the solution


commitment - nothing happens - different than decision. Credit card submit is decision; commitment is required every single day


Get up, get it done.


Committed to the 4 areas - why, what, who, how


Every day look yourself in the mirror and say what are you committed to today; what exactly, specifically are you committed to today?





Setting goals challenge, employee mindset - job description


own boss, best or worst


Set intentions first, every day check the box of accomplished; around whatever your commitments were for the day.


Consistency chain - life, health relationships, biz goals, little steps create steady growth and confidence.


more time in schedule and motivation with small successes.



Based on what's going on in the world, how does one begin to incorporate digital and social media into their marketing plan, if they haven't really before?


EVERYONE is learning digital now - zoom, biz meetings, way pst those in network marketing.


Online is no different than offline - relationships; rapport; learn the key skills, if you don’t know


Quarantine scripts -




What do you do offline, or have you been doing? How might you flip that to online?


Zoom gathering for workshops - educate, entertain and inspire.


Blogging, stories, videos, YouTube, FB, instagram. Practice makes perfect. Have fun and be light


Focus on the win win, and how you can benefit them - health, wealth, lifestyle shifts.


This develops your confidence.


Never give a link without permission. Don’t spam your wall.


Tempt people, get them coming to you. Challenge with putting a link out.


Why? What are your challenges?


Coming back to true, meaningful connection with people. That's what people want.


Let go of perfect. Imagine a simple Starbucks conversation with someone.


So, what would be the 3-5 key steps I would recommend to someone who is really ready to get serious and capitalize on the timing right now?


3 Cs - clarity for sure. Why ; What do I sell, Who, How - try, test, tweak


Rememeber - GREATEST time in history


Develop your conversational pieces - success language!


Calendar your intentions and marketing plan!


Go back and talk to everyone. I could not have been less interested at one point; 15 months later, my situation changed…I was ready for network marketing.


Go back to everyone you've talked to in the past, using the scripts I have for you.



Ask for referrals.


People are watching you. Are you out there; consistent ; creating interest?


 If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.

Get it booked today.




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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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