Everything You Need to Know To Sell on Social

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Everything You Need to Know To Sell on Social

Do You Struggle With Stare, Compare and Despair on Social Media

Are you struggling to monetize your time on Social Media? To sign new clients and team partners? This show is for you!

I’m Jackie Ulmer, a top earning, award winning expert, helping Network Marketers, coaches and mentors make money, without annoying their family, friends or strangers, and build a thriving social selling business.


I’ve sold products and services, and built teams in over 40 countries without leaving my home. If this gal can do it, with no formal training to begin with, so can you.


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Maybe you are like many, suffering from "Stare, Compare and Despair" when you try to figure out what to say or post on Social, or to introduce yourself?


How do you engage people?


How do you know “who” you are speaking to, even?


Why is it so much easier for some people? They seem to sell all day on Social, hitting the leader boards and growing like a weed…


Good Sales...Solid Sales...Ongoing Sales happens through GOOD COMMUNICATION!


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You'll learn Sales Psychology, Emotional Language, Call to Action and how to construct your content to attract and sell! And, create systems and accountability for success!


So, let’s dive into the struggle most have, and the solution.


For starters, most people don’t view their time on social media the same way they go about business offline.


Direct Messages that are spammy, Status updates - stuff you would never do at BBQ


So, why do it on Social?


You’ve heard -  Stories Sell, facts just tell.


People ignore useless information, which is one reason why facts don’t sell.


People buy from emotion. From feeling.


How do you feel about your story? Writing it down? Sharing it? turning it into bits of content that you can use over and over again, and never stutter, stumble or fall because it is your story.


It will become your primary Personal and Marketing Manifesto for social media posts and content, blog posts, email messages, your About pages and profiles - literally everything.


We all have a story.


We all have a story that matters.


I know, I know - you think yours doesn’t matter, it’s too boring or bland. But, it’s not. I promise. Within it contains nuggets of gold that will land on the perfect set of ears at the perfect time - your Ideal Client.


We all have a story that will bond our tribe to us, lead them, and give them permission to believe in themselves.


And, we all have a tribe - someone similar to us.


Even your story of starting your business. You’ve probably heard mine -


My Negative MLM Blueprint.


Lack of belief and self confidence is probably the #1 challenge most people face.


I’ll teach you how to overcome this, and thrive!


How often do you re-use your powerful content online? Introduce yourself?




I help network marketing professionals build a thriving social selling business without annoying family, friends and strangers.


We dive into mindset mastery, busting limiting beliefs, comparanoia and those feelings of unworthiness.


We script out your Story of Impact and build a messaging plan to capture your ideal client, and develop that into a marketing and business action plan that allows you to get up each day and know what to do, when and which social platforms.


You’ll show up and introduce yourself with confidence and authority, creating more sales and conversions because you know how to sell, and how to ASK for the sale, without the Ick Factor.


We do all of this in a way that reduces overwhelm and creates a lifestyle business.



When I chat with people about the "learned business skills" that will create EVERYTHING in life they can imagine, they immediately have some common objections. Their mind defaults to - "Yeah, but….." I’m different, my story isn’t exciting…blah blah blah...


I get it. I shared the same sentiments:

"Who's going to listen to a stay home mom? Without a college degree? Who's also trying to figure this home business success game?"

Heck, I didn't know what I was doing. Do you feel this way?

Once I found the Writing Formula, EVERYTHING changed. 

I used this formula over and over (still do) and created a multi million dollar business around the globe. A true "pinch me" life!

Even better, I perfected it for the Network Marketing Profession, because what we do is different.


I share it in the Killer Content Formula Video series - get it http://KillerContentFormula.com

What I thought would be difficult, became easy as it made so much SENSE! And, it IS difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Do you know what is the BEST thing about this process?

Do you know HOW it creates more sales, more income and more freedom in your business and life?

The best thing is also the HOW - this is an authentic formula that is not about copying someone else's story; success; or way of communicating. It's about a simple process to get your dynamic story on "paper" and then we structure it into simple, powerful, ongoing content that you will use anywhere and everywhere you do business.

A blog, an email series, social media posts, video content, on zoom calls, your "elevator pitch" - WHEREVER and whenever!

Words matter. They spark an interest. Create connection. Grow a tribe of raving fans…clients….and team partners.


Stories Sell. Facts just tell. Heard that before? Think about it - it’s true.


Picture Lexus Cars. 


Take Lexus cars. Picture in your mind the commercials they run. Very often, sunset in California, winding down the Big Sur area of Pacific Coast Highway. A gorgeous car, an attractive couple, the waning rays of the sun shimmering off the ocean in the distance. Cut to the car parked at a scenic pull out area on the side of the road, the couple out of the car, engaged in a warm embrace.


You have a: beautiful road, sunset, ocean, attractive couple embracing….


Do you see that picture in your mind? Do you feel the experience of that in your gut; or heart; or somewhere in your body? Is it possible you might even have the desire to photoshop yourself into that experience?


The final cut in the commercial is the Lexus logo and tagline on the screen. That lasting impression.


Do you know the make or model? The cost? The engine size or other options? Do you need to know any of this to imagine yourself in that experience? To want it, even?


It’s probably a good bet that you have a positive impression of Lexus, without ever owning one, or riding in one. You might even think of Lexus the next time you go car shopping.


THIS is the power of messaging and story telling.


Lexus knows who their ideal client is, and what their desires are. They know the experience their audience wants to have. And, they communicate it often and consistently.


Now, think about your Ideal Client and the experience they want to have.


Do you know their challenges and pain points? What it is they want to experience?


Are you sharing this in your messaging?


There is a psychology behind sales and a proven formula that works, no matter what you are selling.


Let’s take weight loss; a subject area that has remained in the top 3 searches on Google since its inception.


But is it really 30 pounds Suzy Someone wants to lose? No, Suzy wants to walk into her high school reunion and turn every head in the room, as the crowd murmurs to each other how great she looks….


She wants to easily fit into that wedding dress and feel like the beautiful bride she was meant to be.


Which is going to appeal more to Suzy - a photo of  gorgeous bride, looking trim and toned in her wedding dress, or a picture of a bottle of weight loss pills; or a protein shake?


I think you know the answer.


Yet, over and over, I see network marketers posting pictures of their company products; logos and boring details that don’t create that sense of experience that people are looking for.


No one wants to buy a bottle of pills; or a shake; food program or even take a 30 day challenge. In fact, 30 days sounds like hard work, doesn’t it?


So you must begin to sell the transformation that occurs at the end of 30 days.


It’s kind of like employment. Most people show up so they can claim the paycheck at the end of two weeks; not because their job is so inviting.


Think about your company, product or service.


What’s the norm in your profession; or company? What are the things you see most people posting or talking about on social or in person?


Are you doing something similar?


Here is where we are going to be a disrupter. Go against the grain. Break away from what the pack is doing so that you set yourself apart.


So you become the Zebra in a corral of horses.


Look back over your last few social media posts. Are they like everyone else’s?


What type of engagement did you get on these posts? Likes, comments, shares, saves?


Is your messaging clear to your ideal client?


Do you address their challenges, pain points and desires? Concerns?


What is the experience or transformation you provide with your unique solution?


Do you have a product, service or opportunity transformation story?


Do you share it without selling?


Do you know how?

Do you know how to ask them to join you?


I’ll teach you.


We will write and build your story, enhance it and put it into a compelling piece of content that can be used in many different formats.


Do you have a question for me? DM me on Instagram @jackieulmer


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    Bonus content includes:

    Taming the Money Monster

    Peak Performance Habits

    Mental Yoga and Thought Download Process


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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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