Network Marketing - My 3 Year Failure in the Business

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Network Marketing - My 3 Year Failure in the Business

My 3 Year “Failure to Learning Experience.”

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to succeed in Network Marketing, if you stay in the game and keep committed to figuring it out, you will accomplish your goals.

My 3 Year “Failure Learning Experience.”

I’ve been a network marketing professional since 1994, when I signed up as a representative in my first network marketing company. I was far from a professional, back then.

I was a slightly burned out stay home mom - loved being home, but was a little bored, to be honest. I wanted more. I wanted to have both a thriving business and a successful family where I was home, raising my children.

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The 3 year failure that I’m talking about today is not the first 3 years. It happened in the last few years, actually.

And, wasn’t actually a failure at all, but it sure felt that way for awhile.

The year was 2016.

Almost 4 years ago, to be exact.

We had decided in August to start looking in Scottsdale, Arizona for a home.

To move back here, from California, after 15 years out there.

I was torn.


I had spent my whole life longing to live in California.

At the beach.

And, I had finally made it.

I really did not want to admit defeat.

I’m not sure why I saw it as a defeat, but at that time, I did.

My husband was really itching to get out of Cali, though.

He was tired of the taxes, the traffic, the crowds, noise, and political unevenness.

We found the perfect home in September and were boxed up and moved by November 15th.

Wam Bam. Whirlwind.

I took that as a great time to take a look at my business and make some decisions about where I wanted to take it.

I had built up a lot of lucrative skill sets.

I could build a network marketing team and take it to top earner status.

I had sold products and services in over 40 countries.

I had coached and trained on stages from 10 people to 4000, from direct sales, party plan, network marketing, real estate, women entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

I had marketed online exclusively for 12 years, and had spent 2 doing some offline networking.

I had built phase 1 of my coaching business.

And, I was back in a city with a lot less traffic than So Cal, and one that I knew and could navigate with ease.

I decided to shift to more of a social media strategist and began to network and meet people, sharing this.

And, slowly convert my messaging online to fit this.

And, that was a CHORE!

I have hundreds of podcasts and blog posts on successful network marketing.

And, it’s a language I can speak with ease, like it’s my native tongue.

I have failed and succeeded in every way you can in the network marketing profession.

I know how to build it offline, online, with small children, with active growing children, as the hockey and tennis mom, and while having fun.

It is as natural to me as breathing.

But, I saw a bigger audience out there with Social Media and the ability to help more people.

Because, marketing is marketing and the same on Social.

So I created workshops for Network Marketing, Real Estate Agents, General Solopreneurs and more.

I learned a ton.

Met a boatload of people.

And, got my name out there in the Phoenix area pretty quickly.

And, built a solid business. And, it was great…mostly.

What I found though, meeting people, when I would tell a little of my background, and I found out they are or were a Network Marketer at some point, I could talk to them all day.

It was second nature. I had tons of questions to ask them and I loved hearing their answers. All of them.

The funny thing is, over time, my new focus brought me back around to what I want to spend my time doing. Coaching on what I REALLY know.

I learned that I have a real passion for working with women.

(Nothing personal dudes!)

And, specifically women in Network Marketing.

Because, I know their struggles.

Juggling kids, family, a business, fears, doubts, being pulled in many directions.

I’ve been there, done that, have the T shirt, fell down, got back up, and I know first hand how wonderful it is…

When, it is done right.

And, it produces.

I can immediately help anyone in any company, with any product, create their content, messaging, success language and content plan.

I can help them create closing language that helps paint the picture for their clients of what is possible.

I call it a failure learning experience because in some ways, I failed.

I didn’t fully serve my MOST ideal client situation.

And, it was a huge success because it broadened my knowledge and experiences.

And, as I watch a large sector of the Real Estate profession turn to a more “Affiliate” or Network Marketing business model, I know just how to support them, too.

Have you ever thought about expanding what you offer your ideal clients?

I love helping those in the health and wellness sector of network marketing grow a coaching business, too, adding more value for their clients and more residual income.

Not to mention a more engaged, happy and solid customer base who gives referrals.

In our business, there is no such thing as failure. Everything is just a learning experience.

Sometimes the lesson comes right away. Sometimes it takes months.

And, sometimes years.

One thing I learned that was helpful is that I confused my audience, to some extent.

Who am I? Who do I serve? And how do I serve them?

This has helped me tremendously, through my own experience, share and assist my clients in not doing the same thing.

How easily can you share and explain what you do in a way that is easily understood?

This is so important.

You may be like me - have lots of passions and have developed many solid business skills along your journey. As a solopreneur, in network marketing or not, there are so many options available to us.

I remember sitting, hunched over a very tiny laptop in 1999, building my website at and by the way, it has changed a LOT; I set a goal to become a top income earner in Network Marketing, get my name out there and teach others how to do the same thing.

I set that goal. I spoke it aloud. I thought about it all of the time. I wrote about it in articles.

And, I just kept failing forward until it became a reality.

Where are you struggling? Where do you feel you are failing? Get out a piece of paper, a notebook, or your thought download journal and write 10 big ideas to get you to the goal you want.

Just write and see what shows up. Every day. Do it for 30 days and then look back. Study it and watch for patterns. What really jumps out at you?

What can and will you start working on today to fail your way to the success you desire in Network Marketing?


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