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Reframing Failure in Network Marketing



It’s a word, that usually has a thought or two with it.


What comes to mind for you?



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

That you’ve failed? It’s done? Over? No chance for redemption?


Are there other emotions that come up with that word?


What if we simply reframe the way we see and think about that word.


Common analogy - when a baby learns to walk, or starts to learn, we don’t give up on her when she tries those first steps and falls to her knees. No, we cheer for her, pick her back up and immediately encourage her to try again.


Why is it different in your network marketing business? With a prospect? Someone who says no?


It’s not. You are just choosing to make it mean far more than what it is -


Simply a chance to learn, grow and get better.


You’ve probably heard - Fail your way to success.


You’ve probably heard that from some people who have done just...

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Making Friends With Fear in Network Marketing

Fear is Normal, And It Doesn't Need to Paralyze Us

Fears, we all have them.

What if we could make friends with and release our fears, in our network marketing business and in life?




Fear is not something we ever eliminate completely from our lives. We simply learn to expect it.

It’s normal.

Accept it. We can’t change it.

And push through those fears.

To push through fears, we must first realize a few key things. Most fear is not real; at least not at this moment; it has no power over us, unless we choose for it to; and it is possible to work with it in our minds to reduce it dramatically.

This guided visualization will provide a tool for you to do this with any fear you have.


Do you have a question for me? DM me on Instagram @jackieulmer


Ready to create more success in your business? Your first step to learn this - SocialSellingMagic.com  - let’s start there.


Hey, if you like what you are hearing and learning on the...

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Having a Strong Relationship With Money

Do You Suffer From Money Scarcity

Ask yourself, "how is my relationship with MONEY?"


What are your "limiting beliefs" about money?

How does "Imposter Syndrome" impact your money story?

When is the right time to stop "investing in yourself"?

When people pay money to invest in YOU- it's time to show UP! And, it's incentivizing, then, for them to show up, too!



I was recently interviewed by Jennifer Hurvitz, on her podcast and thought YOU would benefit, too! It was so much fun and I think it can help anyone, especially women.


Today’s guest, Jackie Ulmer, is one of the leaders in her field and “Helps people make money without annoying their friends”.

She is a business sales and mindset coach, helping Solopreneurs build their business action plan including messaging, marketing, and mindset, so they know what to do, where to do it, how to do it, and most important - who to do it too, each day in their business.

She's sold products...

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Haters Shamers and Trolls in Network Marketing

On Social Media - Haters Shamers and Trolls 


What you must know and remember! 


Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Haters Shamers and Trolls - bullies, in other words. They’ve always been there, we’ve all had them, and Social Media just gave them enough space to hide, and a space to be loud and proud, and a coward.


My mom used to say - be worried when people aren’t talking about you. I try to fall back ion that during those times I am feeling a bit of comparanoia or self doubt about putting myself on Social Media.


Is my hair ok? Is that a new wrinkle? Are those bags under my eyes? Does this shirt make me look washed out?


I also remind myself that if you ran into me in the store, this is how I would look.


You’ll attract your tribe with your vibe, and they do not want you to be perfect. In fact, far from it. They want to be reminded that you are just like them. And, this means they can do it too.


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How to Attract Business Professionals to Network Marketing


Is Your Language Attracting or Repelling Business Pros About Network Marketing

To establish a better understanding and more professional business approach to network marketing, try being intentional with the language that you use to introduce and share your network marketing products and the business opportunity.



Rough Transcript:

Jackie Ulmer Is it possible for us to uplift the profession of network marketing simply by changing the language that we use the way we explain it and speak about it we're going to talk about that with my special guest in today's episode stay tuned.

Jackie Ulmer Welcome and like I mentioned, I have a special guest on for today's show where we're going to talk about the language.

Jackie Ulmer of network marketing and how this might be disruptive to your process of explaining exactly what it is that we do.

Jackie Ulmer What they might be doing to business professionals who come from a different environment and a different...

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Expectations of Other People in Network Marketing


What Happens When We Place Expectations on Others in Network Marketing

"Is it wrong to put a positive expectations on a prospect? Most times when they say no indirectly by avoiding me that's what causes my disappointments.." Asks my client, Kidada from Nigeria.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


There is no "right or wrong" - there are only learning opportunities. EVERYTHING we experience is an opportunity for growth and learning.


It can create major frustration to put an expectation on a prospect of them saying YES, to the product or opportunity, or any of "their" actions.


We can "make up stories" about other people - why they say no; they they ignore us, and so on. But, we don't REALLY know why, unless they tell us.


So, no expectations, and no assumptions.


And, no disappointments (for very long) about another's actions or inactions.


Set an expectation on YOU - what YOU will do, consistently.


How YOU will show...

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Clubhouse for Network Marketers

Clubhouse NOW for Network Marketing is First Mover Advantage

Okay, I confess, I have a new addiction. Yes, it’s clubhouse.


But, it’s more than an addiction because it is already monetizing.


New clients, lots of connections and conversation and I know more conversions are coming,


Better than that - I know more win wins are coming because I know I am able to help these struggling network marketers thrive on social selling without annoying family friends or strangers.


Let’s talk about Best Practices and the BASICS for Clubhouse - for Network Marketers



First, follow me - @jackieulmer

Steps to Stay in Touch and up to date on my Rooms and Trainings


Click my photo, tap follow, tap the bell, and this will make my trainings visible to you and more accessible.


First, let’s talk about Clubhouse overall; why NOW it the sweet spot to be here and build your presence; best practices and then set up your profile...

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Are You Arguing for Your Limitations or Possibilities

We Have 2 things - Limitations and Possibilities

It’s a given, no sense trying to change it.


Here is what we can change though, and must if we want to move forward…to succeed….to master our goals.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

We have to look deeper into both words and sort them out in our own lives, and within our own skill sets.


I hear things like this all of the time:


I’m stuck.


I don’t understand technology.


It’s like a foreign language.


I don’t know how.


I can’t.


Here’s something to ponder -


Whatever it is that has you feeling stuck - do you know anyone anywhere who may have felt this way and then got unstuck?


Anyone anywhere who didn’t understand technology but then figured it out?


Anyone anywhere who learned a foreign language?


Found the answer to “I don’t know?”


Stopped saying I...

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How to Monetize Social Media for Network Marketing


How to Monetize Social Media for Your Network Marketing Business

If you’re struggling to monetize your Social Media efforts, it could be you are missing the whole point of Social Media.


It’s not to SELL, although selling does take place.


It’s to create connection, conversations and then conversions will follow.


Tell, don’t sell.




Share who you are; why you do what you do; what your passions are and how you serve.


If you feel like your story doesn’t matter; that no one will listen; you simply need a mind shift.



Transcript (With Errors)

We're going to talk about how to monetize social media, because of course.


Especially in light of the last year living with the pandemic and quarantines and shutdowns and shelter in place.


People are asking that question, and I know that, while i'm in the US, where things are a little more open in a lot of areas.


I have clients in the UK...

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Sorting vs Selling in Network Marketing

Know How to Sort in Your Network Marketing Business

We have a tendency to think that our goal in our business is to sign up, convince, or convert everyone we know and talk to into our business or products.


Not so.


That is dangerous thinking, honestly and will set you up for quitting.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Here is the reality:


Our goal is to meet people; share what we do, make an offer,


An offer is NOT always buying or trying your product or the business. It could be referrals; support in general.


Sharing what we do means sorting. Not everyone will be right. Could you sell a side of beef to a vegetarian? Not likely.


Would you spend time trying? Not likely.


It is the same in your business.


Sort, don’t sell. Sorting starts with knowing who your ideal client is; what their pain point is; and the solution you provide.


Get very clear on these things. Write them down. Memorize them and...

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