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Jackie Ulmer on Insight Timer

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Life really is a journey, isn’t it?


And, the fun and the fear of it is figuring ourselves out along the way.


125 days ago, I discovered the App - Insight Timer


Have you heard of it?


Do you use it?


They title themselves - #1 app for sleep, anxiety and stress.


They are SO much more than that, though.


Insight Timer has guided meditations; live yoga classes; Affirmations and talks, music and more designed to be a boost to your thoughts, feelings and actions.


And, if you know me, you know I am ALL ABOUT:


Thoughts, Feelings and Actions


The first two, thoughts and feelings, drive ALL of human behavior - Actions.


A few weeks ago, while playing around on the Insight Timer App, I found a link to apply to become a “teacher” or a guide on the platform.


This REALLY intrigued me.


It intrigued me because as much as I LOVE coaching on...

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Closing Out 2020, Planning and Choosing A Focus Word


Success Planning 2021

Goals, resolutions and frustration is often what happens at the beginning of the year. This year, let’s get intentional with our planning, choose a focus word and create a REAL breakthrough.

Most often, we are random with the goals we set and then have no real plan to get us there. 

TODAY, that changes!

Get the Success Planning Document and Follow Along



Questions to Prepare for 2021 

Listen in to the video or audio file as I share my answers to these questions, after spending 2 hours intentionally setting up my success for 2021!

Answer these and be very thoughtful and intentional in order to create all that you want!

Describe the person you started this year as, Professionally and Personally?


Describe your experiences in 2020?


How would you describe your “lessons”?


How would you describe yourself now, as 2020 closes?


How would you like to describe yourself at the end of 2021?



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How to Choose a Focus Word



Choosing Your Focus Word Should Be Intentional

More than just a random "Feel good" process.


More than just choosing a word that we think is cool.



Goals, resolutions and frustration is often what happens at the beginning of the year.

This year, let’s get intentional with our planning, choose a focus word and create a REAL breakthrough.

Most often, we are random with the goals we set and then have no real plan to get us there.

Each year, in the last 2 months of the year, I begin to pay attention to words that come to mind for me when I am doing my daily thought download.

I wanted to be very intentional about this process.

So, when a word strikes me, I would add it to the jar.

There are some words in there multiple times, and some just once.

Then, on the 30th or 31st of December, I say a prayer, ask for the right word to find me, and I reach into the jar and grab it!

For 2021 - my word is Resilience.

I also share in the video my other words, for 2018,...

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Gifts of 2020 and Limitless Possibilities


It’s been a “thing”, hasn’t it? And not just one thing, but many many things. Plenty of good, bad and ugly. And, while most of us are ready for the clock to strike midnight on 12/31 and have instant change. Probably not going to happen like that. So,  let’s talk about reframing how we look back and look forward.



On today’s show, let’s reflect on 2020 and I’d like to share what I have come away with so far, as gifts to me, my business and those who I serve, so far.


And, it remains ever evolving!


As with anything, there is 50/50 in all of life. Almost every day. We can wake up feeling fabulous and then quickly, that can be disrupted and we feel frustrated; anxiety; upset over something.


Then, life settles down again and all is groovy.


I’m preparing a goal setting workshop like no other for 12/30, and to do so, I have been sorting through the year for myself.


It started...

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The Power of Your Mind


How Your Mind Works

Your Subconscious mind is powerful. This video shows just how you can easily program it to believe and experience anything you want.


How did you do? Did you imagine yourself feeling the lemon?

Cutting it open?

Could you smell it?

Did you imagine the taste?

Did your mouth water?

Simply brilliant, isn't it?

If you can do this with a lemon, imagine what you might do with the rest of your life!

It's really just as simple

And, like anything, it takes a decision.

What Would You Like to Change?


What would you like more of?

Less of?

I had a real reckoning once, with this process for myself.


I remember it like it was yesterday. Some things, you just never forget.


We had just moved to California, more than doubling every expense we had; and the airline my husband flew for announced 25% pay cuts. The year was 2003.


We sat on the deck of our beautiful dream home, nestled in the mountains, and stared at each other, I’m shock,...

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Network Marketing Daily Mindset Work

Daily Thought Work of Millionaires

Daily Mindset Work is the work that every millionaire and every billionaire I’ve ever heard interviewed practice.


It’s what I shared last week about managing your mind. Doing your thought downloads when you have limiting beliefs.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


I teach my clients how to set an income goal and a date. And then do the work in their minds, on paper each day, to get them to the goal.


Everything is created in the mind first. The device you are listening to this on was first in someone’s mind. They thought about it; probably wrote ideas and plans, tried, tested, failed and feared. And, got up and kept going.


The chair you sit on, your bed, the car you drive, music - everything was created in the mind first.


Your success has to come from your mind first. Connect your thoughts to the right feelings of who you must become in order to have what you want. Then, the ideas...

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Gratitude in Spite of and Because of the Pandemic


Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US, and here’s to a beautiful day if you are not in the US or are listening to this another day.


Let’s talk about gratitude in a new way, given the crazies of 2020, and how to have it in spite of and because of what we have and are experiencing in the world with the Pandemic.

Gratitude is a word that is often and easily bantered around.


"Start with gratitude. Gratitude gives you more of what you want. Do a daily gratitude journal."

Bleh, bleh, bleh....


What is gratitude, really? And how do we manage to feel grateful when we are in a challenging situation?


Life is 50/50. Always. We have joy, love, peace, happiness. We also have, conversely pain, grief, disappointment, frustration. 

We can’t know the bountiful fall harvest without the scorching suns of summer. We can’t know the blooms of spring without the frozen ice of winter. 

It gives us lemons,...

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Morning Routine and Daily Thought Work

My life completely changed when I began a sincere morning routine and daily thought work process.

I have done pieces of it for years, starting as far back as junior high school, with a journal required for my English Creative Writing class. I didn’t totally grasp the benefit back then, but I was aware how much better I felt after getting my thoughts down on paper.




Through the years, I have done a number of things, including journaling, affirmations, visualization, meditation, yoga, and reading plenty of self help and motivational books.

In 1997, I went on a TV, news and negativity fast and have really never picked it back up. I rarely watch the news, and don’t have any shows I binge watch.

After reading Hal Elrod’s book, "The Miracle Morning" and listening to his podcast, I got re-energized to put it all into a formula that works for me.

It’s based loosely on his SAVERS format, and I mix things up some days to fit me:


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Validation is For Parking

Seeking External Validation is a Recipe For Disaster

I don’t know who first said this, or where I heard it, but it is truly a freeing concept when we embody it and take it to heart.


Seeking external validation is always going to lead to some degree of dissatisfaction, and feelings of unworthiness.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

You can be the juices peach in the bunch, and someone doesn’t like peaches. In today’s social media world, they are going to tell you that.


So, if you are seeking the approval or recognition from others to validate your choice es, your worth or your abilities, you miss the potential that you have to grow and empower yourself to be and achieve the best that you can.


Validate yourself, your worthiness and abilities each day with some mirror work. Look yourself in the mirror and state - I am bold, I am sassy, I am worthy, I am the right person to achieve all that I desire and assist my tribe along the way....

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Success and Self Confidence in Business


Does Success Come From Self Confidence?

Most people think that success comes from having self confidence.

But, it’s a funny thing. In most interviews I listen to of successful entrepreneurs, most say the same thing - they struggled terribly with lack of self confidence.

You may know exactly what I am talking about.


I think back on my own journey and struggles with not feeling good enough.

It’s funny though. I have always spoken the words - I am self confident.

Looking back, I’m not sure that this was true. I just used different words. Because I know for sure that “self worth” or being good enough was an ongoing struggle.

I had a lot of “mean girl” issues from 4th grade to 6th grade. A circle of 4 of us and one or two of us - mostly me and one other girl - where always the target of mainly the ring leader, and her side kick.

In 7th grade, when I moved on to Junior High School, I bolted from that group and made...

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