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Building a Social Selling Business With Kids

Are Your Children Your Reason or Excuse


The day I got some "tough love" handed to me about using my children as an excuse for why I was not succeeding, or making them my why and then pulling out all of the stops. 


Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

I remember it like it was yesterday.

My strongest downline team member had called about attending a very exclusive training by my main mentor in Direct Sales. It was in New Orleans.

I was excited to go, and also, it was a hassle, with small kids.

But, I worked it out and went.

As fate would have it, I ended up at breakfast with this icon, alone, before the event.

She asked how my business was going and I went into "Poor me, it's not working because of everyone else" mode.


She looked at me, dead on, and asked the pivotal question -


"Are your children your Excuse or your Reason?"


Women, moms, and dads do amazing things in their lives and for themselves and kids every day, all around the world.


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Your Daily Top 3 Action Steps in Network Marketing

Daily Action Creates Success

Success comes through daily action. And, the right daily actions. A question I am asked by my clients and those interested in working with me to reach the business, and money goals they desire is - what do I need to do each day?



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Great question. Certainly the biggest one I had, when I started my journey. You may have this question.


I’m going to share my top 3 with you, and then you can decide if these resonate with you.


  1. Daily Thought and Mindset Work - how are you feeling? What emotional state are you in? Are you feeling empowered and determined no matter what? Or, are you struggling with limiting beliefs? I have tools I use and coach my clients on to move them out of these doubts.
  2. Share your story - lately, that has been largely done on social media. Do you know how to introduce your story and do so in a way that gets people coming to you? Asking you what you do? Becoming the...
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Finding Your Network Marketing Super Power

Use This Super Power Strength to Your Advantage

We all have a Super Power. Maybe more than one. When you figure out what yours is, then you can use that to your advantage. It’s a strength.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Do a personal inventory to explore what you are really good at.


For me, I am super strong in understanding and mastering my thoughts and mindset. I have tools I use daily and in turn, teach these to my clients so we can work them out of the areas they are stuck - I’m not good enough, who will listen to me; I’m afraid of the camera for social media….and so on.


I am also really good at messaging and story telling, so I use this to create my social media content, and teach the same to my clients.


We all have powerful stories inside of us and from our past. Stories that will resonate deeply and allow us to easily, effortlessly and elegantly attract our tribe to us.


What are those things you are...

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Who Needs My Message Today in Network Marketing

Who is Open to My Network Marketing Offer Today

This is a question I ask myself each morning and then I ask the universe to put those right people in my path.


Chaos brings opportunity - and what I mean by that is this - there are all different points in time when someone is looking for what I offer, and what you offer.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


For me, someone believes deeply in network marketing, social selling and the power in the business system.


But, they are tired of struggling to figure things out. They are missing the key knowledge and business action plan they need for success.


They are told by their upline to just “talk to more people; copy and paste this; get a bigger why.”


I know from personal experience that these are not the problems and the solution won’t be found there.


I’m looking each day for those who are looking for me.


Who is looking for you? What is their challenge...

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The Myth of Duplication in Network Marketing

Only 2 Things Truly Duplicate in Network Marketing

What truly Duplicates in network marketing? There are only 2 things, all the rest are Myths our profession has spoken of, and confused many people with.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


The first and most important thing that duplicates is mindset. Belief, and learning to let go of self limiting, self sabotaging beliefs. PERIOD.


You can’t out earn your limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself. You can, however, overcome them. This does not mean fear and doubt goes away completely. Ever, for anyone.


Once you have the tools and training to push through them, to evaluate them for what they are - just a made up story - then you will see things change. Quickly and dramatically.


The second thing that duplicates, in network marketing, are the systems in place for sharing how the business works. Most companies have these tools in place. Simple, and short is better. People do not need to...

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Answering the Pyramid Scheme Question in Network Marketing

Is This One of Those Pyramid Schemes?

Ever heard that? Or feared hearing it?


Why do people say this, and even more important, why do we fear it?


Run from it?


Tolerate it?



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Do you know what the best response is to that question? There are two, really.


The first is to simply ASK - what do you mean by a pyramid scheme?


Then shut up. I mean it - close your mouth and wait, as long as it takes, for an answer.


If the response is something negative, here are two responses -


First, you could say - do you really think I would get involved with something like that, and then share it with others?


And, again, just listen.


Or, you can SAY - wow, that is way too smart for me to put something like that together.


And, again, wait and see what comes next.


The most important thing you can do is keep your posture. Stay strong and in control.


Pretty soon...

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Reframing Failure in Network Marketing



It’s a word, that usually has a thought or two with it.


What comes to mind for you?



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

That you’ve failed? It’s done? Over? No chance for redemption?


Are there other emotions that come up with that word?


What if we simply reframe the way we see and think about that word.


Common analogy - when a baby learns to walk, or starts to learn, we don’t give up on her when she tries those first steps and falls to her knees. No, we cheer for her, pick her back up and immediately encourage her to try again.


Why is it different in your network marketing business? With a prospect? Someone who says no?


It’s not. You are just choosing to make it mean far more than what it is -


Simply a chance to learn, grow and get better.


You’ve probably heard - Fail your way to success.


You’ve probably heard that from some people who have done just...

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Haters Shamers and Trolls in Network Marketing

On Social Media - Haters Shamers and Trolls 


What you must know and remember! 


Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Haters Shamers and Trolls - bullies, in other words. They’ve always been there, we’ve all had them, and Social Media just gave them enough space to hide, and a space to be loud and proud, and a coward.


My mom used to say - be worried when people aren’t talking about you. I try to fall back ion that during those times I am feeling a bit of comparanoia or self doubt about putting myself on Social Media.


Is my hair ok? Is that a new wrinkle? Are those bags under my eyes? Does this shirt make me look washed out?


I also remind myself that if you ran into me in the store, this is how I would look.


You’ll attract your tribe with your vibe, and they do not want you to be perfect. In fact, far from it. They want to be reminded that you are just like them. And, this means they can do it too.


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Expectations of Other People in Network Marketing


What Happens When We Place Expectations on Others in Network Marketing

"Is it wrong to put a positive expectations on a prospect? Most times when they say no indirectly by avoiding me that's what causes my disappointments.." Asks my client, Kidada from Nigeria.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


There is no "right or wrong" - there are only learning opportunities. EVERYTHING we experience is an opportunity for growth and learning.


It can create major frustration to put an expectation on a prospect of them saying YES, to the product or opportunity, or any of "their" actions.


We can "make up stories" about other people - why they say no; they they ignore us, and so on. But, we don't REALLY know why, unless they tell us.


So, no expectations, and no assumptions.


And, no disappointments (for very long) about another's actions or inactions.


Set an expectation on YOU - what YOU will do, consistently.


How YOU will show...

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Are You Arguing for Your Limitations or Possibilities

We Have 2 things - Limitations and Possibilities

It’s a given, no sense trying to change it.


Here is what we can change though, and must if we want to move forward…to succeed….to master our goals.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

We have to look deeper into both words and sort them out in our own lives, and within our own skill sets.


I hear things like this all of the time:


I’m stuck.


I don’t understand technology.


It’s like a foreign language.


I don’t know how.


I can’t.


Here’s something to ponder -


Whatever it is that has you feeling stuck - do you know anyone anywhere who may have felt this way and then got unstuck?


Anyone anywhere who didn’t understand technology but then figured it out?


Anyone anywhere who learned a foreign language?


Found the answer to “I don’t know?”


Stopped saying I...

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