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How Do You Measure Success in Your Network Marketing Business

Success Does Not Need to Be Measured By Money or Power

We all have a personal definition of Success. What it means to us.


Quite often, at least in America, that comes down to money. Business, Our career. Our position or title.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Success doesn't need to be measured by money or power.


When you are starting your own journey, as an entrepreneur, it’s more important to use other measuring tools for your success.


Getting things done. Taking action. Being in the arena. Simply showing up for your business.


Income producing activities are what lead to monetary success.


Try setting a goal to meet new people, share what you do, make offers and follow up each day.


Check each day as accomplished in those areas and that is success, which will lead to the monetary success you also, likely desire.


In last week’s Monday Motivation Minute, I mentioned that success is never owned, only...

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Consistency Equals Legendary in Your Network Marketing Business

Talent Will Never Outearn Consistency

Success is never owned. It’s only rented. And the rent is due everyday. Anonymous Quote



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


This is why consistency matters. It allows you to pay the rent.


Strip the term massive action from your brain. Focus instead on manageable,



Small steps daily.


What do you Anchor actions need to be?


Are you doing them?


Are those anchor actions taking you toward your goal and destination.


Talent won’t outperform consistency. EVER.


Set your fears aside and work on the changes you need to make to show up consistently.


Turn the phrase impossible to I’m possible


You have a choice:


Prove yourself right or prove yourself wrong.


Which will you choose?


There is not substitute for hard work. There are no shortcuts.


There is smart work and smart cuts. Know them and do them.


Do you have a...

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How Network Marketing Success Coaching Helps

Do You Need Network Marketing Coaching

I often hear - oh, I don’t need a coach, I can figure this out. Really? then why haven’t you? Today I’m going to share how a coach changed my business, and how it might change yours.



If you’ve heard my story, you may remember -


I’ll never be written up in the Network Marketing Hall of Fame as a Fast Starter.


I could not get out of my own way; could not see past my own blind spots.


We all have them, even you!


Here’s what I know:


  • You don’t need more How To - maybe a little tweaking but you know what to do
  • We do 4 basic things - meet people, share what we do, ask them to try, work with us, or refer, and follow up
  • If you just take the time to build your impact intro, as I teach in the KCF, and SSWA, you can open any conversation and gain interest, without annoying people
  • When you also take the time to put systems in place, you don’t let people fall...
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Overcoming Chaos in Your Network Marketing Business

There Will Be Some Tough Times in Network Marketing

There are going to be times of chaos and overwhelm in your business. In pursuit of your goals and dreams.


This is true for everyone. EVERYONE.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


We only see the filtered, photoshopped version of most people’s success, and I don’t mean because they only show it that way. That’s what our brain tends to dial in on.


We want to pretend it’s somehow easier for others.


You’re going to have some struggle and chaos.


Chaos does not give you permission to quit or ease up.


Remember Sully, the airline pilot of the Landing on the Hudson airline disaster miracle.


He couldn’t quit because the going got tough. That was when he had to draw in deep and internal on skills he was taught, mastered but had never used.


Deep inside, you have some skills and character traits that make you capable of handling chaos;...

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Everything You Need to Know To Sell on Social

Do You Struggle With Stare, Compare and Despair on Social Media

Are you struggling to monetize your time on Social Media? To sign new clients and team partners? This show is for you!

I’m Jackie Ulmer, a top earning, award winning expert, helping Network Marketers, coaches and mentors make money, without annoying their family, friends or strangers, and build a thriving social selling business.


I’ve sold products and services, and built teams in over 40 countries without leaving my home. If this gal can do it, with no formal training to begin with, so can you.


Stop right now and grab my Content Formula - http://KillerContentFormula.com




You’ll have access to my 9 part email series that created a million dollar business, and I’ll walk you right through how to use it to create everything you need on Social Media!


Maybe you are like many, suffering from "Stare, Compare and Despair" when you try to figure out what to say...

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Are Spammy Direct Messages Killing Network Marketing


Is Social Selling Suffering From Bad Direct Message Syndrome?

You’ve probably seen them, maybe even sent them, and they may be killing network marketing and furthering the low opinion some have of our profession.


I’m talking about those spammy DMs and the system being taught by some “leaders” in our profession.




If your upline is telling you to just get more followers, that is NOT the solution.


If your upline is telling you just to copy, paste and DM everyone you know  - that IS a problem.


That’s why we are spending time today on the topic of spammy DMs, and this strategy being taught by some.


Let me start by answering the question - does it work?


The short answer - Yes, sometimes it certainly does. Most times, it does not.


It’s not a long haul best practice strategy. There is a time and place for DMs, and I’ll cover that and the how tos.


Have you ever received...

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Building a Social Selling Business With Kids

Are Your Children Your Reason or Excuse


The day I got some "tough love" handed to me about using my children as an excuse for why I was not succeeding, or making them my why and then pulling out all of the stops. 


Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

I remember it like it was yesterday.

My strongest downline team member had called about attending a very exclusive training by my main mentor in Direct Sales. It was in New Orleans.

I was excited to go, and also, it was a hassle, with small kids.

But, I worked it out and went.

As fate would have it, I ended up at breakfast with this icon, alone, before the event.

She asked how my business was going and I went into "Poor me, it's not working because of everyone else" mode.


She looked at me, dead on, and asked the pivotal question -


"Are your children your Excuse or your Reason?"


Women, moms, and dads do amazing things in their lives and for themselves and kids every day, all around the world.


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Creating Gangster Income in Your Business

Creating Income and Time Freedom

What does it mean and is it possible to create gangster income in a Social Selling Business? YES, I have done it and here is how…



Today’s topic was “re-inspired” by Jason Scott, a listener who emailed me to let me know he enjoyed my Mark Yarnell interview and the phrase I often use - Gangster Income


Here is what he said



Good afternoon.

You don’t know me but I started building online a few years.

Finding your stuff was verification that I’m on the right track as long as I keep creating good content and getting better everyday. 

I just listened to your podcast interview with Mark Yarnell and it was fantastic! So thank you for that interview. 

I listen to a lot of stuff and most of it’s average but that was really, really good!

Also, since I’m reaching out anyway, you might get a kick out of my article that was inspired by you.

You inspired it with a...

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Your Daily Top 3 Action Steps in Network Marketing

Daily Action Creates Success

Success comes through daily action. And, the right daily actions. A question I am asked by my clients and those interested in working with me to reach the business, and money goals they desire is - what do I need to do each day?



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Great question. Certainly the biggest one I had, when I started my journey. You may have this question.


I’m going to share my top 3 with you, and then you can decide if these resonate with you.


  1. Daily Thought and Mindset Work - how are you feeling? What emotional state are you in? Are you feeling empowered and determined no matter what? Or, are you struggling with limiting beliefs? I have tools I use and coach my clients on to move them out of these doubts.
  2. Share your story - lately, that has been largely done on social media. Do you know how to introduce your story and do so in a way that gets people coming to you? Asking you what you do? Becoming the...
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Is Social Selling Hard?

Success is Sexy, the Path to Get There, Not So Much

Is Social Selling Hard?

That’s just a thought, and here is my answer to it after being asked this in my Street Smart Wealth Academy.



How is your social selling?


Do you consider it to be easy, or challenging?


It can be time consuming, for sure. I'm here, 21 years later after taking my business online and it WAS time consuming to learn it. To master it.

And, ALL of that is just a thought. It will be time consuming for some, and snap of the fingers for others. It's a choice, in other words.

I was old school, too, and I was SICK of old school. I made the decision and committed to learning this new skill set and it totally changed my life. It's what I wanted and what I was seeking.

I was tired of:


Family Friends/Warm Market

Mall Walking

Business Cards on Windshields

Talking to “everyone” - waiters and such

Buying leads

Networking groups - small kids


I wanted to become the...

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