Jackie Ulmer on Mindset, Business and Life!

Your Daily Routine for Social Selling Results


No More Spray and Pray On Social Media Content

Creating a consistent Daily Routine for Social Selling Results is one of the best steps you can take to ensure your success, and yet, oddly, it's a place where huge resistance can come up.



We tend to rely on "Spray and Pray" when it comes to those income producing activities that drive our business.

Have a mindset routine. You either run the day or the day runs YOU. Mindset First. I do mine first thing in the morning.

Then, it's GO or ACTION Time!

I know my Peak Performance times and when I am in my Zone of Genius.

I focus my best times on SDAs or single daily actions, or a DMO - daily method of operation; those things we need to be doing to move our business forward.

Active conversations and passive marketing.

Who am I speaking to and what am I putting out in content?

Meet People, Share what you do, invite into the experience.

My content focus is on my 4 Pillars in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.



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Lies We Tell Ourselves About Social Media


Social Selling Myths and Lies


There are a lot of myths out there about what sells, succeeds and gets noticed online, in the Social Platforms.

Let's dive in to the questions that most often come to me and what I really wanted to clarify for you in terms of the lies of social media.




Social Media Platforms Make My Content Available to Everyone

All of My Friends see it

They will let me know if they are interested.

I don't want to bug people.

I have to always create new content.

I don't need a blog, website or email list.


I've been a social seller since October of 1999 before social selling was even a thing before that was even known I took my network marketing business online way back then.


I had no clue what I was doing but I caught the vision of the type of leverage that can be created for me and my team.



By creating content marketing myself out in a way that would create interest with my ideal clients now here's The...

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The Day I Nearly Quit - My Mean Janeen Story


Defining Moments That Make Us

I want to share the story of me and Janeen, my neighbor years ago in Phoenix who literally laughed in my face when I started to talk to her about my network marketing company.


Now all of us are going to experience those times in our business when someone tells us no, we may even experience some ridicule, some feelings where people make it seem that we’re doing something that’s wrong, with our choice to build a network marketing business.


So here’s what happened.



I was already struggling with my negative thoughts around MLM, and doing business with family, friends, etc. I was fairly new in my network marketing career, and I had a terrible negative MLM blueprint. But you’ve probably heard me share and talk about before.


It didn’t come from anything other than some made up stories in my own mind about what network marketing is, and what it isn’t.


And I had very negative thoughts...

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How to Hear Less Nos In Your Business

And Feel Differently About the Word NO



What comes up for you when you hear the word no?


Positive or negative emotion? Does it feel like rejection?


If so, why? What do you really think the other person is rejecting?


You? The products? The potential income?




See if this isn’t true for you - hearing no bothers you because it makes you question you; your decision; your involvement; your interest and ultimately your potential for success.


Am I right, or am I RIGHT?


The best way to get fewer nos is by simply making a few shifts.


First, qualify people for your time. Get very calm, cool and intentional in the way you introduce the business. Use qualifying statements and questions.


How’s life been treating you lately?


Anything new? Exciting vacations?


Anything you are looking forward to?


I’ve come across something that has me excited and looking forward to some new...

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What Do Your Habits Say About You

We Don't Get Our Goals, We Get Our Habits

 Think about that.

Pause and just REALLY think about that.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


In every area of your life.


Are you satisfied with the core areas of life?


Grab a piece of paper and list the 5 top value areas in your life. Under each one, write:


What’s working?


What’s missing?


Now, think about your habits in each one. Think back over the last week.


Just taking my 5 areas, I ask myself, what did I do this past week to show up solid and successful in my faith?


How about with my family and friends? In my relationships? Was I present? Loving? Caring?


How about with my fitness and financial goals? Was I on track?


This is the easiest way to be self accountable and your best coach.


You know what needs to be done to succeed in each area, don’t you? If you are really honest with yourself.


Who do your need to become...

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Everything Works in Business Except This

How to Coach Yourself Through Business Challenges

Some things to ponder if you are struggling in your business.




Quite often, people don’t get results with whatever it is they are pursuing.


Has that ever happened to you?


It can be baffling, because if it works for one person, why would it not work for another? Or everyone?


Here is something worth noting. Most everything out there actually will work.


A diet, joining and sticking with a gym and fitness program, building a network marketing business, building any business.


But, it won’t work for everyone.

The biggest reason is because they quit. But, most QUIT before they actually quit.


In fact, they never start.  So, in fact, they never really do the work.


They measure themselves up against others who ARE doing the work, and are seeing results, but they don’t quite dial in on what the problem was.


It’s kind of like...

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Reframing Rejection in Business

Understand the Business Timeline of Success

How to Reframe the way we see, label and feel about rejection.


To move ahead, we must begin to Reframe Rejection - or how we view and experience it.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


"No" very often just means "Not Right Now…”

People are honoring their own values, interests and what is going on in their lives RIGHT NOW!

They are NOT rejecting You.

Nothing has gone wrong and your decision is not bad.

Your product or offering is not bad or wrong.

Understand the Timeline of Success. Think of your own decision making and buying process. Do you say yes right away, in most cases?

What was your buying process or decision making process with your current business or offer?


Every business has peaks and valleys. ALWAYS. None of us are immune to it.

Understand the power and importance of Follow Up. Plan and get your system in place for it.

Get clarity around your business - the why, what, who,...

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Is There Luck Involved in Business Success

Does Your Business Rely on Luck?

Do we create our own luck, or is success something that only other are predestined for?



I hope this finds you well, and your business thriving.


Like me, you've probably learned a lot during the last year and a half, not the least of which is how rewarding it is to have a business of your own.


One where you call the shots; can set your own hours, and ideally, work from home, online, with a steady stream of leads and clients coming in.



Here is what I have heard a lot of, lately. You may have, as well:


"You're lucky you can work from home."


Actually, luck has absolutely NOTHING to do with me having my own, thriving business, despite a local and world shut down, and the ability to work from home.


Luck has NOTHING to do with leads and clients that come in, almost on autopilot.


I’m grateful, without a doubt. I count my blessings every day. But, Luck had nothing to do with it. ANY...

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Systems for Success in Your Network Marketing Business

Systems Create a Lifestyle Business

So many people struggle when they try to grow a full time income and business while working at another job, with limited time.


Can you relate?



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


The key to making this work, and building your part time business into a full time income and career, without losing your mind is through systems.


Systems equal success.


Systems equal a lifestyle business.


And, isn’t that what we all desire, really? A life we love, with time to enjoy what matters, while building an income and a career that fuels our passion, our fun and our finances?


Here are some examples of systems in your business that will create that, when you understand them, how to use them and commit to it.


Evergreen Content - so you no longer have Stare, Compare and Despair syndrome, wondering what to post on Social.


Calendar - so you always know what you are doing when, and can plug that...

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Is Your Network Marketing Business Taking Advantage of Friendships

Why Network Marketing Continues Having a Bad Reputation With Some

For years, I have heard this complaint from Non Network Marketers and skeptics - Network Marketers take advantage of friendships with their business.


And, I never really got that, until recently, when I felt the sting of it myself…



I love the Internet, as you know, I took my business online in 1999 and that changed the whole trajectory of my business of my life of my family's life, and I really never looked back.

But digital marketing has brought out the worst in people.


Now don't get me wrong, I know that network marketing has had a bad reputation for years, in fact, if you've listened to me, before I talk about my negative mlm blueprint.



And how it went all the way back to the 70 s, when my uncle contacted my mom and their sister my aunt about network marketing and when he left, my family trash talked him, and that what I learned from that and...

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