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Are You Arguing for Your Limitations or Possibilities

We Have 2 things - Limitations and Possibilities

It’s a given, no sense trying to change it.


Here is what we can change though, and must if we want to move forward…to succeed….to master our goals.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

We have to look deeper into both words and sort them out in our own lives, and within our own skill sets.


I hear things like this all of the time:


I’m stuck.


I don’t understand technology.


It’s like a foreign language.


I don’t know how.


I can’t.


Here’s something to ponder -


Whatever it is that has you feeling stuck - do you know anyone anywhere who may have felt this way and then got unstuck?


Anyone anywhere who didn’t understand technology but then figured it out?


Anyone anywhere who learned a foreign language?


Found the answer to “I don’t know?”


Stopped saying I...

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How to Monetize Social Media for Network Marketing


How to Monetize Social Media for Your Network Marketing Business

If you’re struggling to monetize your Social Media efforts, it could be you are missing the whole point of Social Media.


It’s not to SELL, although selling does take place.


It’s to create connection, conversations and then conversions will follow.


Tell, don’t sell.




Share who you are; why you do what you do; what your passions are and how you serve.


If you feel like your story doesn’t matter; that no one will listen; you simply need a mind shift.



Transcript (With Errors)

We're going to talk about how to monetize social media, because of course.


Especially in light of the last year living with the pandemic and quarantines and shutdowns and shelter in place.


People are asking that question, and I know that, while i'm in the US, where things are a little more open in a lot of areas.


I have clients in the UK...

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Sorting vs Selling in Network Marketing

Know How to Sort in Your Network Marketing Business

We have a tendency to think that our goal in our business is to sign up, convince, or convert everyone we know and talk to into our business or products.


Not so.


That is dangerous thinking, honestly and will set you up for quitting.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Here is the reality:


Our goal is to meet people; share what we do, make an offer,


An offer is NOT always buying or trying your product or the business. It could be referrals; support in general.


Sharing what we do means sorting. Not everyone will be right. Could you sell a side of beef to a vegetarian? Not likely.


Would you spend time trying? Not likely.


It is the same in your business.


Sort, don’t sell. Sorting starts with knowing who your ideal client is; what their pain point is; and the solution you provide.


Get very clear on these things. Write them down. Memorize them and...

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Interview With Millennial Lexi Ulmer



Building a Network Marketing Business With Children

I'm thrilled to share an interview with my Daughter, Lexi Ulmer, 25, and a millennial entrepreneur after growing up in a Network Marketing and no traditional employment family.

We talk about Balance, Mommy Guilt and her perspective on growing up in a non traditional career home. 



What's It Like Growing Up in a Network Marketing Home

Listen in if you're struggling as a mom or a dad or someone raising a family and struggling with the balance and blending and the Mom guilt and everything that goes into building a business.

I'm here to assure you that you can build a successful Network Marketing business and a successful family.

You may often ask "Should I be spending time with my family? My business? Feeling out of Balance? 

You're going to feel out of balance, regardless of what you are doing  so you might as well push forward.  Do the best that you can and create a life and a...

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Why Does Writing Content Seem Like Such a Struggle

Creating Social Media Content Does Not Need to Be Hard

Has this ever happened to you? You stare at your screen and keyboard for an hour, spinning your wheels, trying to figure out what to write on your social media.


You keep hearing - add value…. what the heck is value, anyway?



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


You think, write, edit, delete, and repeat the process.


You know it’s gotta be done, writing content for social media. but what? What that doesn’t just fill dead space and get nothing back


It seems so overwhelming and time consuming.


Content calendars; prompts - none of that is working and it looks like everyone else’s stuff.


Boring and generic.


Copy and pasting from other company leaders feels awkward, because it doesn’t sound like you, and you feel like a fake.


Writing good content is about selling you…your story…and your value. Not your products or...

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Are you Underestimating Your Potential in Network Marketing


Don't Underestimate Your 5 Year Success Potential

We tend to Overestimate what we can accomplish in 1 year, and WAY underestimate what we will accomplish in 5 years. I believe this is why there is such a high failure rate in Network Marketing.


We don’t get our goals, we get our habits. This has been proven time and time again. Ask anybody who’s ever “made it“ and they’ll tell you that it basically comes down to good habits.


Not always being the best, not always being the smartest, but truly engaging in good habits and actions day in and day out, whether we feel like it or not.


We tend to Overestimate what we can accomplish in 1 year, and WAY underestimate what we will accomplish in 5 years. I believe this is why there is such a high failure rate in Network Marketing.


We launch our business, or think about it, anyway, and we have high hopes and dreams.


We are going to do this…


and this….



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Hustle and Hard Work - Are These Essential to be Successful

Hustle and Hard work, or Ease, Flow, Effortless and Elegant.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:


Which would you prefer to have in your business, or rather which one sounds more fun…like something you would commit to and stick to:


Hustle and Hard work, or Ease,,,,flow….effortless and elegant.


Hustle and hard work are typically how we feel when we are doing something out of synch with our natural rhythm.


Easily, elegantly, and effortlessly, in the flow of life and calm sounds a lot better.


And, as someone who has worked my business from both angles, I can tell you that the latter is much more fun, lucrative and enticing to others.


Hustle and hard work lead to burn out.


Network Marketing is a volunteer business, and no one wants to volunteer for hard.


When you don’t wake up each day with a clear, understandable plan of what you need to do to move your business forward, that leaves most with...

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The Flip Flop CEO Interview Part 2


Sharing Network Marketing With the Skeptics


Welcome to Part 2 of my Interview with Janine Finney, author of "The Flip Flop CEO!

Quote "The person you are talking to has been watching you;  seeing the way you do business. They're evaluating, asking 'do I want to do that. Could I see myself doing that.'  These are my peers and they want a real business."


Many excited new Network Marketing business owners approach people wrong, and don't create the type of interest and education needed.


Listen in as we share tools and resources for professionals.





The Flip Flop CEOs  Yes, I appreciate that. I love that you're i i love that because I think we as a profession need to become more professional and we need to really um



The Flip Flop CEOs  speak differently and approach this differently and show up differently. And I, but I really do think that, personally, I believe that



The Flip Flop CEOs...

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The Social Selling Skills You Must Master

Network Marketing Social Selling Skills for Success

Here are the skills you must master -


Get clear on what you sell, who you sell to, and how to sell to them. Online, these means developing good “success language” that speaks directly to their challenge; and your solution.



Today's Monday Motivation Minute:

 The Social Selling Skills You Must Master

Know how to ask, answer and deliver on their questions and concerns before they even ask.


Know when to take it off the public venue and offline. Don’t try to let a social conversation close your deal.


Be real, be engaged, be interested. Be conversational and don’t “move in for the kill.”


Never share a link without permission. We have a tendency to want to just “spray and pray,” plastering our link everywhere we can, hoping to catch someone and “rope them in.”


The problem is, you are modeling for them what you will...

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Interview With the Flip Flop CEO Part 1


How to Explain Network Marketing to Skeptics

Have you ever wondered how to explain network marketing to someone with a closed mind? Or, how to approach someone you view as already super successful, who might have an interest, but you are unsure, and don’t want to feel silly or stupid when you open the conversation?


Or, perhaps you are struggling with your own MLM blueprint and belief in the profession?




Listen in as I am joined by a former Corporate America executive, six figure earner who was very unhappy in her corporate life, even though everything looked polished and buttoned up on the outside. Yet, she was a complete MLM skeptic.


What opened her mind; how did she hit the top rank in her company in 1 year; and how might this knowledge help you do the same?



Jackie Ulmer: So Janine, welcome. I am so thrilled to have you here and super excited about the conversation. We're going to have



The Flip Flop CEOs:...

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